Top 5 bachelor party destinations in New York City

Top 5 bachelor party destinations in New York City

New York is the city of iconic attractions that never sleeps. Shopping malls, food, fun, amusement, and much more are offered to you by the great New York City. The city carries life and a wild spirit in it. In addition to all this New York is the best place for bachelor parties. If you are giving a bachelor party to your friend then planning it in New York is the best option, the groom will experience a night that he will never forget.

The greatness of New York City is that it offers every kind of entertainment on a classy level. If you want a different experience at a Bachelor party then New York should be your choice. Wonderful nightlife, award-winning restaurants, and magnificent skyline, New York offer memorable day and nighttime celebrations of bachelorhood. If you are concerned about the pick and drop then don’t worry because NYC limo service is always there for you. You can also have a limo from NJ to New York City. If you are a resident of New Jersey then you can opt for a Party bus rentals jersey shore or any other preferred limo service in NJ. After all these things the major thing of primary importance is the location or destination where you would be planning the bachelor party. So the top five bachelor party destination in New York are

The press lounge

The press lounge in New York City offers some of the City’s wonderful, beautiful and dramatic panoramic views. The place has a nice collection of classic cocktails and a non-ending wine list. Located almost 16 stories above the PRINT restaurant, it is one of the best rooftop destinations in New York that offers a magnificent view of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. The place can accommodate almost a hundred guests at a time, and this makes it one of the largest sky lounges in New York City. The lounge is open all year round but is sometimes booked for some private events so you need to check the availability before coming here to avoid any inconvenience in the future. You can enjoy the best food of your choice in the lounge. And if you ever get a chance to visit in day time then the sunsets are something which you should not miss

The spot karaoke lounge

The spot karaoke lounge is located in the heart of midtown in Manhattan. This is a space for many events and also a karaoke lounge. The place mainly focuses on offering the most brilliant and unique karaoke experience in New York City. The spot karaoke lounge has big private rooms and in addition to this, it also has an open lounge area. Space is often rented for special events and is a popular and well-known spot for shooting during TV and movie production. The spot offers a full bar and on-site catering services. Planning a bachelor party here would give you an unforgettable experience. The main event space over here is for two hundred people and the VIP chamber can accommodate almost 40 people at a time

Spyglass rooftop bar

Spyglass rooftop bar is available any time during the year for events and private functions. It is an ideal place for receptions, launching any brand, a social gathering, or a holiday event. If you book in summers, the season is warm so the windows here retract and hence open the barroom to something like an outdoor terrace. It is located on the 22nd floor of the magnificent Archer hotel and your guests will enjoy the truly mesmerizing and breathtaking views of the Empire State building from the 22nd story building. You can have a variety of food, snacks, and drinks over here. The alcohol is provided free over here. The sitting capacity here is for 15 people while it can accommodate a total of 130 people. It has hosted big events since the year 2014 and consists of indoor and outdoor spaces. If you want to smoke, the areas for that are designated also. In addition to this, street parking is available which will help you to park vehicles in a safe zone without any worries.


Another option for throwing or hosting a bachelor party is the Wolfgang. This well-known restaurant in New York was opened by Chef Wolfgang and is located at the four seasons hotel New York Downtown. It offers a wide range of appetizing meals where the local people come to eat food and drink wine regularly. While the visitors also come here to immerse themselves in the best culinary sense of the restaurant. You can enjoy lunch, dinner, and breakfast in an intimate, cool, and elegant atmosphere. On Sunday the place offers brunches too. It features a bar, lounge, dining room, and wonderful window views overlooking the busy streets of Manhattan. It consists of private dining rooms where there is a space for thirty-two people. The bar also offers a seat for thirty-two people whereas the dining room has a capacity of around eighty-two people. The restaurant serves fresh food cooked at that time and served hot

Strip house

If you think you are the only one to love the strip house then you are wrong. This is the favorite place of local people and visitors for dining, organizing events, and doing parties. A few years back the New York Times gave it two stars. The steaks made over here are mouthwatering. And are surrounded by goose fat potatoes and creamy spinach, to make us happy. Since this is a busy place so you might have to wait to dine over here so it’s a good option to do a booking. The place also contains a full-time bar to serve you the rinks of your choice. You must save room for eating the famous 24-layer chocolate cake served over here. The restaurant is open all weekdays and has the best and professional staff to serve you in the best way possible

Top tips for girls to enjoy a memorable prom night

The prom is something that teenagers wait years for. Some high schools do not throw prom parties but others consider it as a major tradition. It’s a major event in the life of a student because he or she will be remembered with good words by the juniors after that. The trend of prom or promenade began in the late 1880s which was purely intended to give respect and courtesy to the graduating batch or the graduating high school seniors.

Now a day’s prom parties are fancy parties that consist of dances, performances, beautiful fancy dresses, mouthwatering food and so much more. The parties mostly happen during May or June. Planning for prom is very important and if you are a girl then it becomes even more important because you need to look good and different. If your prom is arriving soon then this list contains a few things that you should do to make it a wonderful experience. A good prom will leave many positive memories and a long-lasting impression on your mind.


don’t wait for others to ask you to join their group because at the end you will be left while all others will attend the party. Get your group quickly together and enjoy yourselves. In this way, you people will be very comfortable with each other. You can enjoy and party while going to the party place. You won’t be having any kind of fear that you will be kicked out of the group. Another important thing is booking transportation. It is recommended to book your transport as early as possible because, in the end, you won’t get a vehicle of your choice.

You can get a limo for prom, for instance, you can have a first-class limo service. If you are somewhere around ocean county then it is recommended to book the best limo service in ocean county as soon as possible. Arriving in a prom limousine would make your impression more powerful. How brilliant it sounds that you are noticed by all the people while stepping out of a black first-class prom limousine. This is something that will be discussed among your classmates even after the event ends. In addition to arriving in style hiring a limo for prom makes you stress-free because you have a friendly driver to pick you up and drop you off at the desired location. So you and your parents won’t worry even if you come home late at night. Safety is the primary concern of parents and if you hire a reputable limo for prom then your parents won’t be stressed 

Buy a nice prom dress

This is the part where every girl faces a problem. For a lot of girls who attend the prom, this is a situation of life and death. Dress is the first thing observed by the people when you enter any place and it casts the first impression. To look perfect you need to get a dress that fits you. No matter how expensive the dress is or from what brand it is, if it does not fit you, then there is no point in wearing it.

A loosely fit dress will never. So to get a dress with a perfect fit, get yourself a measuring tape, and first of all measure your bust, shoulder-length, waistline, arm length, and other necessary things needed. To avoid roaming around and getting yourself tired in a shopping mall you may order a dress online too. You can go for a bandage dress or a bodycon, only if it suits your figure, otherwise, long gowns and maxi dresses are the best options. They would give you a regal appeal. Before getting any dress for yourself do consider the shape of your body and then go for the dress selection. A perfect style can save your evening and can make you look beautiful

Get matching shoes

You cannot wear sports shoes with a fancy gown. Or you would never choose to wear long boots with a long maxi if you don’t want to spoil your look. In general pumps or stilettos are considered a good option when it comes to shoes but since you are strong, stylish, young, and energetic so you should go for something trendy and classy. It will enable you to show off your youth and carefreeness not only in the dress but also in the shoes you are wearing. You can go for dotted white sandals, platform sandals, strappy heels, open-toe heels, quirky pumps, or wedge heels also. This will complete your first impression.

Keep the makeup game strong

Many girls watch tons of makeup tutorial videos on YouTube before the prom night is approaching, while others are going crazy and start doing makeup many days before the prom, obviously practice makes a man perfect. While many others save money for the prom night by cutting off all their expenses, to get good makeup from an expensive salon. No doubt that good makeup can make or spoil your look for this reason it needs to be up to the mark.

Make sure that your teeth are white and look shiny and bright, this is of extreme importance especially if you are wearing red lipstick in the evening. In addition to this, you need to glow and shine in the evening, for this purpose apply a little amount of lotion with a shimmery tint. This will make you look gorgeous like a Hollywood superstar arriving at her film premiere. Eyebrows are a prominent feature of our face so make sure that your eyebrows are always on fleek. Apply a good eyeshadow on your eyes and also put some concealer under them to make them stay longer. When it comes to lips, get a classy matte lip in red color or the glossy lips would also look good but again that depends on what you are wearing, match your lipstick with that. Last but not the least, get a perfectly winged eyeliner and slay.

Newark liberty international airport (EWR)

The renowned Newark international airport is lying on the boundary located between Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey. This place belongs to Newark city and all the things and happenings over here are controlled by the port authority of Newark and New Jersey. The airport started operating on 1st October 1928 as a major and most prominent airport in the metropolitan area and within no time it gained the position of the world’s busiest airports operating commercial flights. Sometime earlier during the Second World War, the hold of the field was utilized for logistics operations by the US army. In the year 1970, the airport was named the Newark international airport and in the 1980s the airport had dramatic expansions. In late 1960 a monorail system was developed to join together and interlink all three terminals, the parking lots and rental car facilities. You can go to the airport by hiring different car services for convenience if you don’t have a personal vehicle. You can hire an EWR limo or Newark airport car service. Cheap car service to EWR is also available but if you want a stress-free service then you should go for the best car service around Newark airport, to ensure a safe ride.

Back in the year 2017 Newark airport was considered the sixth busiest airport in the United States, keeping in mind the traffic and arrival of international passengers. In addition to this in the year 2019, the airport bagged the position of being the 43rd busiest airport around the globe, at that time it processed approximately 46.34 million passengers. The world-famous airport provides flights to almost 185 domestic and international destinations, and the list includes Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  The list of some world-famous and major airlines operating at the airport include American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta, Jet Blue, united airlines, and Turkish airlines. The airport serves as a center for united airlines and from this airport, the airlines operate 77 nonstop international flights daily and 330 domestic flights daily

Some facts about the airport

The airport has a colorful history and is a prominent site, as it was used for military operations during World War 2. In the year 1952 on January 22, CV-240 American airlines faced a crash while it was about to reach the runway, and as a result, 23 passengers died who were on board. In addition to this in February 1952 a national DC-6 crashed and in this accident 29 of 63 passengers were killed on board and four on the ground also. Once the airport was given a rank of 20 on the list of the world’s 20 best airports. Once on September 11, 2001, a flight of united airlines was hijacked by some terrorists. It was taken away from the airport and was observed to head towards San- Francisco, but then it was ultimately reported to crash in Pennsylvania in Somerset County. Back in the year 2018, a project of 2.7 billion dollars was started at the airport for making or developing the new terminals

Some tips for airport traveling

You must consider peak hours before traveling anywhere or from any airport, and any airlines. In the case of the Newark airport the peak hours are generally between 5 am and 11 am and between 7 pm and 9 pm. And the busiest airport days are Thursdays and Fridays. In case if you are traveling in peak hours you should take a drop-off on the side of the road that is near to the curbside of the departure terminal. Do not park on the roadways of the airport or the curbside. In case if you have to wait for some reason then you can use the cell phone lot which is just at the distance of five minutes from all the terminals of the airport. As per the airport recommendations, you need to come to the airport two hours before your domestic flights and three hours in case of an international flight. It is important to reach before time otherwise you would miss the flight. Before leaving for the airport don’t forget to have a look at the map of Newark airport terminal map.

Terminals in the airport

The Newark liberty international airport consists of three terminals and a total of one hundred and ten gates are present over there. Arranged in a semi-circular structure the terminals are named A, B, and C. If the passenger wants to go from one terminal to another he or she can use the AirTran which is a free service and available all the time for 24 hours to facilitate the passengers.

Terminal A

Terminal A of the Newark international airport is responsible for handling domestic and regional flights. Terminal A consists of three concourses and is based on four levels. The major airlines operating in this terminal include JetBlue, Air Canada Express, Alaska Airlines, American eagle, and American airlines. All these are specialized for domestic and regional flights.

Terminal B

This terminal is specialized for hosting international flights and also some domestic flights. The terminal is based on three concourses. Some international airlines such as Delta Airlines, spirit airlines, frontier airlines, allegiant airlines, sun country, delta connection, and elite airways operate in the airport to facilitate international passengers

Terminal C

This one is specified to be used by united airlines exclusively and it has three concourses

Parking in the airport

There are several parking options over here. Short-term parking is present in all the terminals at the airport. Parking for 30 minutes over here would cost you approximately 4 dollars. Here you can park a vehicle for more than 24 hours. In the daily parking, you can utilize lot P1/P3 and garage P4. From these lots, you can easily approach AirTran. Parking over here for thirty minutes would cost you 4 dollars. In the case of economy parking you can utilize the P6 lot. For parking a full day it will cost you 18 dollars. It is located at a distance of three miles from the terminal

Booking wedding transport like a pro

Wedding day is a big day for all of us, this day is very important to all of us. Wedding day needs planning and re-planning, organizing different things, and multiple events. We need it to be perfect and enjoyable but at the same time, we are worried to manage and take care of many important things. The dress you would wear, the wedding cake, the wedding destination, the guest list and much more, all these things need to be perfectly planned to avoid any kind of inconvenience later. In addition to this, an important thing is the wedding transportation. We need to take care of the wedding transport and should book it on time. If I was to attend a wedding then I would also book a good limo service near me in advance. You can have different types of wedding transportation for your big day. You can hire a first-class limousine service, a big party bus, or a vintage Rolls Royce. If your wedding venue is near your residence then it’s easy for you and the guests to reach that place. But if it is far away then reaching it would be difficult for the guests to reach the wedding destination, so in this case, it is your responsibility to take them to the wedding venue and that is why you need to hire good wedding transportation. Some tips for booking your wedding transportation are given below

The people who need the wedding transportation

Before hiring a limo for your wedding you must count the people for whom you are hiring the wedding transportation service. First of all the people you should consider are you and your partner, they are the family members like parents and brothers and sisters. In general, a limousine has a space for holding six people, if you hire a stretch limo it can hold about ten people and a wedding van can hold around 20 people. Normally, it is recommended that you must not fill all the space available by filling people in the car, party bus, or van. Instead, leave some space for partying and enjoying. You should leave some room to give space to the wedding gowns and dresses worn by the bride or other female guests. The most important person at a wedding is the photographer so you must carry along the photographer to record precious moments in the camera while you are inside the car. If you can provide transportation to your guests it is really good however this is not necessary. But if your wedding destination is far away from your home then you must give transport to the guests to make them feel convenient

Book early

All the transportation companies have a huge number of customers around the year. The best wedding transportation companies have a long list of bookings also. So in case if you want the best and reliable wedding transport provider then you need to book early. The most ideal case is that you book the service four or six months before the wedding to hire the best car or party bus for the wedding. In addition to this booking early before time can help you to get a first-class limousine service at a much lower cost as compared to the prices that you would have to pay at the last minute. This is especially important if you want to hire an expensive and luxurious vehicle, which is few, so they might be booked by someone else. If you are going to get married in April, May or June then early booking becomes even more important. And also if the wedding is on a big holiday or days like the weekends. In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, if you do an early booking, you can easily choose the vehicle of your choice, early booking makes you more open to all types of vehicle choices including limos or school buses 

Professional drivers

In addition to the quality of the vehicle and the reputation of the wedding transportation service, another important thing you should consider is the driver or chauffeur who is taking you to the desired destination. Just imagine the awkward situation when you have hired an outclass and dashing limousine with an extremely inexperienced and unprofessional chauffeur. It would spoil your big day when the driver is unaware of the routes and roads that lead to your wedding venue. In addition to this, if the driver is unprofessional, you will reach late for your wedding. So it is recommended that whenever you are booking a first-class limousine service for a wedding, do not forget to consider the experience, manners, and dressing of the driver. Doing all these things will make you stress-free

Some other important things

You can have fun on your wedding day while traveling also. But safety must be your primary concern. You need to make sure that your ride is safe and secure and take you and your guests to the wedding destination. If in case you meet an accident on your way then the vehicle must carry certified insurance and proper permissions. You must verify that the limousine or any other vehicles should carry proper documents with it while traveling. Check whether your wedding transportation service has a proper license for providing you alcohol, champagne, and other drinks on board while traveling? If it is not provided then what are the policies for bringing your drinks on board? If such things are not allowed then you need not bring these things inside the car. If your guest is traveling by themselves then it’s fine but if they are using your transport then it’s great to give them all information on the wedding cards. This is important so that they don’t have to book their own or find a driver. In case you are not giving wedding transport services to the guests then it is important to mention the map on your wedding invitations. This will be of immense help to all the people attending the wedding

Traits of a trusted taxi service provider

If you are a car owner then going from one place to another is easy but if you don’t have your own private vehicle then you need to utilize public transport like buses and taxis. Traffic is becoming a global problem nowadays so a huge number of people are getting attracted to the use of public transport like taxis for going from one place to the other. Taxis have been around since the 1880s. But recently due to some incidents involving nasty cab drivers and other cases related to crime taxis are not considered safe. In this whenever we want to utilize a taxi service, a few questions pop up in our minds and the questions are, is the taxi service safe, does it employ professional drivers, is the staff responsible and many more questions like this. If I was to avail the services of a taxi service provider I would look for the reputation of the company of taxi cab near me. If you are living in New Jersey or any area around then you should hire a taxicab in New Jersey which has experienced drivers and professional service. Out of thousand taxi service providers, you will hire someone with good traits and experience so, if you want to hire a taxi service then read this article till the end to know the traits of a trusted taxi service provider

Responsible driver

Whenever you hire a taxi service provider the first thing you should consider is the taxi driver. Make sure the driver is responsible and well experienced. A chauffeur or driver is the one who will be with you in the whole journey so it’s better to hire an experienced person because he knows how to treat the customers and clients in the best way possible. Some very extraordinary taxi services employ the drives who have a grip on more than one language, which can help the customer to communicate easily. Everybody loves a well-mannered and well-maintained person and the same is the case with drivers. The rich people or elite class like to have the drivers who are very well-mannered and well-dressed too, this helps them to put a good impression on other people around them. A well-reputed and trusted taxi service provider will give you a driver with good behavior and friendly nature who will welcome and greet you warmly and can make your journey more enjoyable and convenient. A trusted taxi cab service gives you something more than a ride in some random taxi or public transport. By full-filling all your requirements the taxi service providers give you no chance to question their excellent services

Well-maintained vehicles

No matter whether you hire a luxury car or a simple economy class vehicle, the main thing is the cleanliness of the car. Because nobody would prefer to travel in a stinky car. The trusted taxi service providers know this thing and that is why they provide clean and well-maintained vehicles to the customers. The services should make sure to clean the vehicles after every ride. During the summer season, the vehicles should be fully air-conditioned and during winters the vehicles should have a heating system. The companies make sure that you have the best traveling experience and a comfortable ride in the cab. As you pay a good amount of money for the service so you must keep this thing in mind that the taxi company should have well-maintained vehicles to give you hassle-free journey. You would not face any kind of inconvenience in a well-maintained vehicle while in a taxi service you might face some problems. In addition to convenience traveling in a well-maintained vehicle gives you a feeling of being special. If you want to know how the service serve customers then check out the reviews


Before anything else, the taxi service that you hire should be able to provide you all the services on time. No one likes to get late after paying a good amount of money for booking a ride. The taxi company should make sure that the driver or chauffeur should pick you up from the desired location on time and drop you off at the meeting place or any other destination, exactly on time. The driver should be responsible enough to come to your doorstep to pick you up without any delay. The driver should be able to make his way during heavy traffic hours to take you to your place

Knowledge of the area

The most important factor for building customer trust is the right knowledge and awareness of the roads and area. Your cab driver must have an impeccable knowledge of the local roads and areas. This is of great importance especially if you are visiting any area for the first time, in this case, you are not used to the area and do not know the city roads. He should be well aware of the heavy traffic hours and must be efficient enough to make way through it. Sometimes an emergency like a strike or road accident might occur which may lead to road blockage. The driver should keep himself well informed about such sudden happenings and emergencies. You are relying and entirely dependent on your taxi driver to find the best route to your destination. If he is well aware of the shortest route then it save s the time of both parties by taking you to the mentioned address on time

Fair prices

Besides all the above elements that make a taxi service reliable, charging the customer’s reasonable amount of money is also important. Some taxi service providers charge you a very normal amount for taking you to the airport or any other place, while the other services charge you a very high amount of money. When customers compare the prices they will never hire the expensive car service again. If the company charges you a reasonable price along with providing you other services, this makes your traveling experience an unforgettable one


Why should corporate executives opt for a limo service?

Whenever you want to impress or win over an important client you should not overlook any minor detail. This includes your dressing, your style, and the way you meet them. Travelling has now become a crucial part of the corporate sector. Many businessmen think that it is better to drive on their own to reach any business meetings but they don’t know that hiring a limo service can make their lives much easier and this will add a style in their arrival, which will impress the client or other people. In the modern era of business affairs, style, time and image are very important for success.

If you want a stress-free ride and want to arrive in class then you must hire a limo for your business affairs. I also consider limo service near me for all my business meetings and I recommend it to you too. If you are a resident of New York or New Jersey then you should hire professional services like limo service NJ to New York and limo service in New Jersey for traveling conveniently and easily. Limo transportation makes life easy if you are a busy person, some convincing reasons for corporate executives to opt for limo services are discussed below

Excellent time management

In the business world, time is gold, if you lose time, you lose it all. And this is a fact. When you are organizing a business event, no matter if it has ten people or more than a thousand people, it needs a proper schedule and you need to be there on time. This is where hiring limo transportation for business meetings is important, it takes you to the desired place exactly on time.

Along with the limo, you also get a dedicated, professional, and well-experienced chauffeur. This means that you can seamlessly go from one place to another without waiting for Uber or waving at taxis on the road. The best part is that you do not have to reach a particular stop to sit in the limo, you just have to dress up and get ready, and will find a stylish and extravagant limo waiting for you outside your home or anywhere else you are staying. The professional driver ensures to pick you up and then drop you off exactly on time. When your clients, business partners, guest speakers, and other VIPs see this attitude of yours they will be impressed and will try to reach the destination on time

Wonderful impression

The events of the corporate world are not so long. These events are short and some of them are a few hours long or last a maximum of one day. But these events are very important to form connections and links. These events are no doubt short but they leave a long-lasting impression which is always a hot topic of discussion among people. So if you arrive well-dressed in a first-class limo then it would sound wonderful.

Stepping out of your limo and entering the meeting hall in a style would make you look like a Hollywood superstar. In addition to this if you are hosting a meeting then you should hire the best caterers and lining places for your clients. In addition to these, you must hire a limousine service for your VIP clients. This is how you can impress your client by giving them an extra level of attention and care. This is an unspoken message that you give to your client and it helps a lot in developing a professional bond of trust and high-quality business relationships

Comfortable and luxurious

If you want to travel in your car it’s a good idea, but all the cars in our home are not luxurious or impressive. But when you are hiring a limousine service you have several options to choose cars from, you can have a Mercedes, a BMW, or a Rolls Royce. All the cars are available all the time you just have to book them sometime earlier. No matter if they charge you a little amount of money because they give you amazing services in return for that, the vehicles are so well maintained that you would like to travel all the time in those cars.

While traveling the most important things that clients see are comfort, luxury, and cleanliness. If you hire a random car then be prepared to face the unclean and uncomfortable environment and then travel with it. This is because the random car services are not conscious about hygiene and they don’t bother to clean or maintain the cars between fares. While if you hire a limo service for a business meeting or business trip then you will be traveling in a well-maintained vehicle with luxurious, outclass, and extremely comfortable seats. You can enjoy television, listen to music, read a novel or have a drink while traveling in a limo. It offers you a good amount of space and an entertainment section to keep yourself relaxed

Fair prices

The businessmen or business companies have no problem in shelling out a decent amount of money to make the business trip successful, but the economic challenges are always a part of the discussion. In general, all the limo transportation services are extremely affordable for any kind of business trip because the cars and vehicles have many varieties. You can avail of them according to your budget. All the limo transportation services provide standard economy class cars as well as stylish and dashing limousines, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Rolls Royce, and many more.

A corporate executive deserves a comfortable trip so that he should be fully relaxed to focus on his meeting or any other business deal. Renting a limo would always be the best experience for you. The major thing that you get after paying for the limo is peace of mind. If you are a corporate executive and you have to score a big client then you definitely would not want yourself to be worried or depressed about bad drivers, the city traffics, and the routes. All these duties are fulfilled by a well-experienced driver, and all you have to do is sit at the back and enjoy the smooth ride in the city

How to plan your wedding transportation

On a wedding day, many tasks need to be completed. These tasks include purchasing a dress, ordering and setting up the flowers, hiring a caterer, bringing a cake, booking the venue, hiring a photographer and the most important one is completing the guest list. All these things are important but still, something is missing from this list. Have you arranged the wedding transportation? The wedding transportation does not only give pick and drop to the bride and groom but also some of the family members and guests. And if you want to avoid any kind of awkward situation then you must hire a limo for the wedding and a wedding guest’s shuttle. Hiring a wedding transportation service makes you stress-free and easy. If you are going to get married in April, May or June then you must book your wedding transportation earlier, because in this season the high-class vehicles are high in demand.

Who should use the transportation?

Before hiring a limo for a wedding or a wedding guest shuttle you must count the people for whom you are hiring the service. The first people you should count on are you and your partner, then come the family members like parents and siblings. Typically a limousine can hold six people, a stretch limo can hold about ten people and a van can hold around 20 people. But in general, it is recommended that you should not fill all the available space by filling people in the car or van. Instead, leave some space for partying and enjoying.  The person you must carry along with you is the photographer to record precious moments in the camera while you are inside the car. If you can provide transportation to your guests it is really good however this is not necessary

Car ideas

When it’s your wedding function you need to look prominent and one way of doing this is by making your vehicle look prominent. You can choose a romantic horse and buggy to carry you or any other two-wheel ride. But in addition to all these, you can hire a grand limousine with a sign of “Just Married”. You can add flowers, balloons, or fancy stickers to your car to make it look more luxurious

Some things to remember while hiring wedding transportation:

Always plan ahead

It is recommended that you should book your wedding transportation four to six months earlier. This is especially important if you want to hire an expensive and luxurious vehicle, which is few, so they might be booked by someone else. This kind of advanced booking is more important if your wedding is being planned for April, May or June. And also if the wedding is on a big holiday or weekends. This is only done so that you can easily choose the vehicle of your choice, early booking makes you more open to all types of vehicle choices including limos or school buses


For booking wedding transportation you must keep in mind your budget so while planning things for your wedding keep in mind your financial position. Professional transportation service will try to work closely with you and will try to manage the package according to your budget. In addition to this also confirm that the wedding transportation service charges per hour or day for specific vehicles. This knowledge will prevent you from being hit by any hidden fees on a later basis

Style and comfort:

Before getting inside more details of your wedding day you must plan or choose a limo for the wedding. You must plan your entrance and decoration of the car and also the type of car you would like to have. Many people prefer to keep things simple and they go for a black town car, while more lavish weddings go for a luxury limo or a bus. You must be sure how many members would you like to fit in the wedding transport.  Your vehicle should be big enough to accommodate large gowns and formal wear. This strategy will help to accommodate the bride and the bridesmaid

Know the alcohol policy:

Does your wedding transportation company hold a license for providing you alcohol, champagne, and other drinks on board? If not then what are the policies for bringing your drinks on board? In some vehicles, glass containers are not allowed inside the vehicles and the champagne bottles needs to be opened outside the car

Mention the transportation info on your wedding invitations:

All the guests that will be attending your wedding would want to know about the transportation also, so it’s great to give them all information on the wedding cards. If you are offering a ride to the guest then it’s better to inform them so that they don’t have to book their own or find a driver at the end of the night. And if you are not offering any sort of transport services to the guests then you still must mention the map on your wedding invitations. This will be very helpful to the guests in planning their routes ahead of time. In addition to this if you are offering some kind of beverages like alcohol then you shall do special preparations by hiring car services that would take everyone home safely at the end of the night

Set specific shuttle:

This is a great way to make sure that all your guests are having a great time and have reached safely afterward. Generally, it is recommended that the bride and groom set some specific shuttle pick-up so that all the guests are well aware of the exact time to go meet the bus. Having more than one pickup at a time is a good thing. Not all the guests are going to stay with you till the end of the reception. So due to this reason, you must have multiple pick-up times that will allow the guests to leave whenever they want or bring back anything which they might have forgotten in their rooms at the hotel.

Why should you rent a limo instead of a taxi?

Traveling is something we cannot avoid and if you are a business owner then traveling becomes even more important. You can travel by driving on your own but when you are in no mood to drive your car then you seek alternative travel options. The first thing that hits your mind would be public transport because they are accessible but they tend to be messy and uncomfortable. The second option is a taxi service, which comes with several problems. The third option is a limousine service.

A limo rental service offers the best and professional services at fixed rates. Whether you want to go to the airport, attend a wedding, or any other event, a limousine service like New Jersey limousine rental is a perfect option for you. This service will take you to the place of your choice. The taxi drivers get lost or forget the routes while traveling and this is a common happening nowadays, and as a result, they charge you extra money. If you are tired of dealing with this situation then you must consider hiring a limo for your next business trip. This article will give you some valid reasons for choosing a limousine service over a taxi


No doubt limos are one of the most expensive and luxurious vehicles used by the business class and entrepreneurs. But this does not mean that renting a limo is one of the most expensive things ever. They are just a little more expensive than cabs but in return, the limousine services promise you a comfortable journey. In addition to this, you don’t need to stand at the airport and search for a limo to take you to the destination. Limos are very easy to rent. All you have to do is open the website of a limousine renting service, provide them the information required, and it’s done. You can even book the service in advance. The prices of vehicles vary according to the facilities you would like to have. Limo services have standard economic cars and also extravagant first-class vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. There nothing more wonderful than knowing that a chauffeur is standing to serve you when you arrive at the airport

Comfort and cleanliness

While traveling the most important factors that we consider are comfort and cleanliness. If you want to have a taxi then you must prepare yourself to face the unclean and uncomfortable environment and then travel with it. The major reason behind this is that taxi services are not conscious about hygiene and they don’t clean the cars between fares. While if you hire a limo service then you will be having well-maintained vehicles with luxurious and extremely comfortable seats. In addition to this, you can watch television, listen to music, read a book or have a drink while traveling in a limo. It offers you a comparatively larger space and entertainment section so that you can relax during your ride

Amazing service

Taxi or cab is in a rush every time they just drop you at your location and after getting paid they go away to pick up their next fare. The taxi driver’s focus more on earing in a shift rather than satisfying your needs. So this is the reason that limos are better. If you hire a limousine service then the chauffeurs would greet you at the airport with a smile on their face, carry your luggage to the car, open the door for you, and also offer reading material and beverages while you are in the car. All this is done to give you the best traveling experience and all you have to do is sit at the back and relax. The limo driver makes sure to fulfill all your needs


Traveling can be done with comfort and style too. If you are a businessman and want to create an impression on others when you are arriving, then limousines are the perfect choice for you. Unlike taxis, limos are premium vehicles that enable you to travel with style and elegance. It’s much better than stepping out of a normal taxi. So simply you don’t need a reason for booking a limo service. Everywhere you go by using a taxi, you can also use the limo for that purpose. There are many options in different cities for this purpose, you can hire a good limo service like New Jersey limousine rental

Experienced staff

All the good limo services hire highly experienced drivers to give you the best traveling experience. All the drivers are familiar with the safest and shortest routes in the city that leads to your destination. If the car breaks down in an emergency then the chauffeurs are well trained to fix the car. No need to worry about being in a new place or city. You don’t need to have all the knowledge about the routes or roads because you don’t need to drive. Hence this method saves a lot of money that people always spend to learn new routes and, especially if they are in the city for the first time.

Always on time

If you are a business or entrepreneur then your time is money. Being on time means a lot in the world of business. If you hire a limo service then the driver will drop you at the required destination exactly on time. No matter if you rented the limo for a few days or a few hours, the chauffeur will always be waiting to pick you up without waiting. If you hire a cab then no guarantee will it drop you on time or not. You are also not sure about finding a cab at the airport and if you don’t find it they there are chances of getting late


If you hire a limo service then you’ll notice that the chauffeurs are highly professional people and are great drivers who respect and follow all the traffic regulations. They never display anger while driving. The cars or vehicles used by limo services are regularly updated and maintained and the vehicles are always tested before regular driving

Why use a Taxi service?

For many years, taxi services have been a popular choice for transportation for many different reasons. People have been using taxi services for night outs and traveling to and from. I have been using a taxi near me to go to gatherings and my workplace. There are many great companies like New Jersey taxi service which offer a wonderful taxi service with all the facilities and experienced drivers. If you are living in New Jersey, then hiring the New Jersey taxi service would be the best option because it offers you different taxis like short distance taxi service and long-distance taxi service if your location is far away.

You are required to travel for business and personal reasons so trains and buses may not be a suitable choice for this purpose. Hiring a minicab is however an ideal solution for hassle-free travel. It takes you to a place that might not be convenient for your vehicle. So simply taxicab is a blessing. Some prominent benefits of using a taxi service are

It’s cheap

Traveling by taxi would cost you much less as compared to any other transport. The prices are so reasonable that anyone can afford a taxi. Especially if you are a college student and have to manage your expenses then using a taxi for going to college or university is the best option that suits you. If you are traveling with family or a group of friends then you should hire a taxi because it won’t charge you that much, hence you can easily save your money. Many professional taxi services offer you to travel in the vehicles of your own choice for example standard cars, minicabs or luxurious first-class executive cars. You can also use a taxi service to go to the airport, with minimum charges

A quick method of transport

Taxis are one of the quickest or fastest means of transportation as compared to other public transports. Some private taxi services offer an efficient way of travel with a wonderful touch of comfort and luxury. They are high in demand nowadays because they are hassle-free, efficient and safer than other public transports. Whenever you hire a taxicab, it helps you to save both time and energy. Otherwise, you’ll have to move around in search of a vehicle to take you to the desired destination. It will pick you from your location and this is the major benefit of a taxi that you don’t have to walk for using the taxicab. In addition to this, it does not stop at different locations to pick and drop the passengers, which saves a lot of your time.

Professional drivers

Good taxi companies like New Jersey taxi service employ drivers that are very experienced and professional. The drivers are very familiar with the roads, traffic patterns, and city routes. They are well-aware of the shortest routes that will take you to your destination. So if you hire a taxi service, then no need to worry about being in a new city. You don’t need to know the routes or roads because you don’t need to drive. Hence this saves a lot of money that people spend to learn new routes and roads, especially if they are traveling for the first time in a city. Taxi companies employ professional drivers to give you the best traveling experience.

Always available

This is the best part of a taxi service that they are available 24/7 so you can enjoy a taxi ride anytime. Especially if you have to travel in any emergency then they are available always, all you have to do is make a single call and there you go! The taxi services ensure to drop you at the desired destination on time and safely. No matter if you need to travel at day or night time, taxi services are waiting eagerly to provide their services. If your car has got damaged or you had too many drinks, then driving is not recommended for you, otherwise, you may meet an accident. In this case, you must get a taxi to drop you home


If you are traveling on a bus then you don’t have the option to go to the place of your choice, you are bound to stop at a particular destination. However, unlike other transport services taxis offer a very flexible service and you can travel anywhere you desire. In addition to this flexibility, you don’t have to wait for a specific time to start a journey, and you can travel anytime you want. You can also travel to more than one destination in a taxicab. During the journey, you just have to sit at the back, enjoy the scenes while traveling in comfortable seats with professional drivers.


Taxis take out the stress that people have during traveling from one place to another. The amount of stress is zero because you don’t have to worry about the routes, fees, parking the vehicle, or any other thing. All you have to do is just sit in the backseat of the car. Whether you are traveling for a business meeting or going to a hospital, your driver is responsible for taking you to the desired location. Traveling in a taxi is easier as compared to busses where you have to fix yourself inside many people and when you get in the bus there is no seat. So you have to stand all the way while traveling on a crowded bus. However this is not the case in taxi service, you can enjoy your ride by sitting comfortably in the vehicle

Pick and drop facility

In case of other public transport, you must be at the bus stop or railway station. The journey starts at a fixed time and if you get late then you cannot travel. But this is not the case with taxis. A taxicab will pick you up from your home or any other location at the time you desire and in the same case, it will drop you home when you are done. This is the easiest thing which saves your time and money

Why you should get a chauffeur for your special event

Traveling is a major part of our lives. All of us need to travel internationally or from one city to another for many purposes. If you have your car then you can travel by yourself, but sometimes you have to hire a car from a limo company. Such companies also offer driver services and you should avail of one if you are attending a special event. Hiring a personal chauffeur has been a common thing among businessmen, entrepreneurs, and other elite people. They generally use the driver service for business purposes but now it is becoming very popular on other special events. The chauffeur services that a limo company offers for occasions like weddings, birthday parties, and bachelorette parties are extremely elegant and classy. They are used to arriving at the venue in style or heading straight to the destination in a stress-free manner. No matter if you are going to a large or small event, you will find many benefits of hiring professional chauffeurs. Some of them are given in the list below

No parking difficulties

If you are in a busy city then the simple task of parking can become difficult for you. You are not able to find free space and would have to wait for a free space. However, when you have a private chauffeur, this issue is immediately resolved because you get dropped off and collected right where you want to be. You immediately hop out and focus on your tasks while your driver parks the car and you don’t have to worry. If you are in another city for a business meeting with a chauffeur already booked then you don’t have to waste your time on hiring a car. In addition to this, you don’t have to get used to driving on a different side of the road if you are in a different country. So simply hiring a chauffeur service will let you able to focus entirely on your task

Arrive on time

When you hire a personal chauffeur from a good limo company, he takes you to the desired destination. It is the responsibility of your river to search and plan the most appropriate routes to take you where you need to be, exactly on time. He must study the weather, other potential issues, and the time required to reach the destination. When you already have a professional taking care of these things for you then you can relax thinking that you’ll reach any destination on time. No need to worry about anything because your driver will ensure that you are on time for flights, appointments, and meetings

Travel in style

Traveling or arriving at your destination in style is a nice feature. When you walk out of the arrival’s terminal and find a chauffeur waiting in a suit for you that sounds extremely stylish and amazing. Or simply who does not want to be taken by a driver to a luxury car from top brands such as BMW or Mercedes-Benz. How about being dropped off at an amazing location to see a theater play or simply being dropped off at a hotel where you are staying for a holiday. Yes, it sounds amazing! It’s much better than stepping out of a normal taxi. So simply you don’t need a reason for booking a chauffeur service. Everywhere you go by using a taxi, you can also book your chauffeur. There are many options in different cities for this purpose, you can hire any good driver service


An extremely amazing thing about hiring a chauffeur service is the availability. They are at your door front anytime you need them to be, no matter its day or night. If you are having a meeting or flight, late at night or early in the morning, you can easily travel by hiring a good and professional chauffeur service. If you want to go somewhere which is at a remote location then your chauffeur is always there for you. So in this way, you are not dependent or worried about getting public transport and you don’t have to stop a taxi during the night. If you want a diver service then there is no need to dial a number and call because with the current smartphone revolution and improved technology, nowadays all professional chauffeur services offer a smartphone app for you to have easy access. So this simply means that you can book a ride by sitting on your couch

Enjoy traveling

If it’s difficult for you to concentrate at the wheel and you want your journey to be fun then a chauffeur can help you out in this case, especially if you are on a long journey. Giving the responsibility of driving to a professional enables you to enjoy the scenery and make it memorable. If you are traveling with kids and family then your trip will be far more enjoyable. If it’s your wedding day then spending it by having a professional chauffeur is favored because this is the time that you should spend with your partner instead of driving in the busy city. So the service allows you to put your mind at ease and celebrate most of the time with your new marital vows

Excellent service

If you don’t want to derive or carry your luggage then hire a driver service from a good limo company. Private chauffeur services are very organized, professional, and take away a lot of headaches. The cars that you hire vary from economy class models to the most extravagant first-class models and are driven by well-experienced drivers. Some services offer drivers that are at least bilingual and also know the information inside the city. So simply they are a driving encyclopedia. They would greet you at the airport, carry your luggage to the car, open the door for you, and also offer reading material and beverages while you are in the car. All this is done to give you the best traveling experience and all you have to do is sit at the back and relax