Newark liberty international airport (EWR)

The renowned Newark international airport is lying on the boundary located between Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey. This place belongs to Newark city and all the things and happenings over here are controlled by the port authority of Newark and New Jersey. The airport started operating on 1st October 1928 as a major and most prominent airport in the metropolitan area and within no time it gained the position of the world’s busiest airports operating commercial flights. Sometime earlier during the Second World War, the hold of the field was utilized for logistics operations by the US army. In the year 1970, the airport was named the Newark international airport and in the 1980s the airport had dramatic expansions. In late 1960 a monorail system was developed to join together and interlink all three terminals, the parking lots and rental car facilities. You can go to the airport by hiring different car services for convenience if you don’t have a personal vehicle. You can hire an EWR limo or Newark airport car service. Cheap car service to EWR is also available but if you want a stress-free service then you should go for the best car service around Newark airport, to ensure a safe ride.

Back in the year 2017 Newark airport was considered the sixth busiest airport in the United States, keeping in mind the traffic and arrival of international passengers. In addition to this in the year 2019, the airport bagged the position of being the 43rd busiest airport around the globe, at that time it processed approximately 46.34 million passengers. The world-famous airport provides flights to almost 185 domestic and international destinations, and the list includes Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  The list of some world-famous and major airlines operating at the airport include American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta, Jet Blue, united airlines, and Turkish airlines. The airport serves as a center for united airlines and from this airport, the airlines operate 77 nonstop international flights daily and 330 domestic flights daily

Some facts about the airport

The airport has a colorful history and is a prominent site, as it was used for military operations during World War 2. In the year 1952 on January 22, CV-240 American airlines faced a crash while it was about to reach the runway, and as a result, 23 passengers died who were on board. In addition to this in February 1952 a national DC-6 crashed and in this accident 29 of 63 passengers were killed on board and four on the ground also. Once the airport was given a rank of 20 on the list of the world’s 20 best airports. Once on September 11, 2001, a flight of united airlines was hijacked by some terrorists. It was taken away from the airport and was observed to head towards San- Francisco, but then it was ultimately reported to crash in Pennsylvania in Somerset County. Back in the year 2018, a project of 2.7 billion dollars was started at the airport for making or developing the new terminals

Some tips for airport traveling

You must consider peak hours before traveling anywhere or from any airport, and any airlines. In the case of the Newark airport the peak hours are generally between 5 am and 11 am and between 7 pm and 9 pm. And the busiest airport days are Thursdays and Fridays. In case if you are traveling in peak hours you should take a drop-off on the side of the road that is near to the curbside of the departure terminal. Do not park on the roadways of the airport or the curbside. In case if you have to wait for some reason then you can use the cell phone lot which is just at the distance of five minutes from all the terminals of the airport. As per the airport recommendations, you need to come to the airport two hours before your domestic flights and three hours in case of an international flight. It is important to reach before time otherwise you would miss the flight. Before leaving for the airport don’t forget to have a look at the map of Newark airport terminal map.

Terminals in the airport

The Newark liberty international airport consists of three terminals and a total of one hundred and ten gates are present over there. Arranged in a semi-circular structure the terminals are named A, B, and C. If the passenger wants to go from one terminal to another he or she can use the AirTran which is a free service and available all the time for 24 hours to facilitate the passengers.

Terminal A

Terminal A of the Newark international airport is responsible for handling domestic and regional flights. Terminal A consists of three concourses and is based on four levels. The major airlines operating in this terminal include JetBlue, Air Canada Express, Alaska Airlines, American eagle, and American airlines. All these are specialized for domestic and regional flights.

Terminal B

This terminal is specialized for hosting international flights and also some domestic flights. The terminal is based on three concourses. Some international airlines such as Delta Airlines, spirit airlines, frontier airlines, allegiant airlines, sun country, delta connection, and elite airways operate in the airport to facilitate international passengers

Terminal C

This one is specified to be used by united airlines exclusively and it has three concourses

Parking in the airport

There are several parking options over here. Short-term parking is present in all the terminals at the airport. Parking for 30 minutes over here would cost you approximately 4 dollars. Here you can park a vehicle for more than 24 hours. In the daily parking, you can utilize lot P1/P3 and garage P4. From these lots, you can easily approach AirTran. Parking over here for thirty minutes would cost you 4 dollars. In the case of economy parking you can utilize the P6 lot. For parking a full day it will cost you 18 dollars. It is located at a distance of three miles from the terminal