The Advantages of Hiring Airport Transportation

The Advantages of Hiring Airport Transportation

Whenever you travel, there is lots of stress and anxiety involved. Whether you are scared of flying, or if all the planning and packing is too much, or if you just don’t like leaving your home for long, travelling by air is stressful for most of us. When there are a million things that can stress you out prior to your trip, considering what kind of airport transportation to take is probably not one of the priorities in your head (make sure to bring the passport!).

However, taking the right airport transportation can be a blessing in disguise and a very important decision related to your trip. If you end up having a great airport transportation service prior to your flight, that can start your trip on the right note and result in your mood being much more prepared to deal with all the other stressors of the trip. Similarly, if you end up having a great airport transportation service after your flight, it will end your trip with a positive experience and can form a long-lasting memory of the trip, since it is the last stage of it.

One such company offering these services is located in Toms River, NJ and they offer services to all major airports in the New York Metro area. They offer airport transportation such as limo service, airport shuttle, car service etc. from Ocean Country, NJ. We have researched their services for the purpose of learning about the advantages of hired airport transportation in order to write this article. Now let’s get into all the good things that come from hiring airport transportation.

COVID-19 Measures

Since the appearance of COVID-19 in early 2020, everyone in the world gets worried about coming into contact with an infected person, either through sharing the same air space or through touching an object (or a person directly) that has virus residue. Because of all the new changes related to COVID, using transportation services has become an extremely delicate situation for most of us these days.

Given the current situation with COVID, it is imperative that our airport transportation does not end up with us contracting COVID and ruining our trip. That’s why professional airport transportation services are becoming increasingly popular due to their level of service and standard of quality you can expect.  For example, Excusive Taxi and Car Service has increased their daily vehicle cleaning protocol to include multiple vehicle disinfection throughout the day and always in between customers. Furthermore, they are using ozone machines to disinfect the vehicles and have started offering rides on vehicles with driver/passenger dividers installed. If you need Ocean Country airport shuttle during these unprecedented times, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service can make sure all your COVID-related concerns about the trip will disappear.


Being comfortable while sitting still for a long time is a very important thing for all of us, right? Well since we are about to hop on a 5-hour flight (or if we just got off one) where we will be squeezed like sardines in a giant metal tube going 600 mph at 40,000 feet, why not at least make the ride to the airport enjoyable? Having a comfortable trip to/from the airport can make all the difference in preparation/relaxation that you can experience before or after being seated in a tiny airplane seat.

If you agree with what we just said and you happen to be in Ocean County, NJ make sure to check out and book the limo service for your next trip to the airport.


Price is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about professional airport car service. We would like to offer you a different perspective. Not only are prices very competitive with both traditional services like taxis and modern service like ride-sharing apps, there is also a fixed price per trip. With this feature, you do not have to worry about the price of your ride rising astronomically just because there was an accident on the highway. Book an airport service and travel with style and stress free while getting an amazing price. If you are in the New York Metro area, Ocean County car service is our recommendation.

Safety and Reliability

As we said before, going on a trip that involves a flight is usually a stressful thing. We are usually on that extra edge during the final hours prior to our trip; because many things can happen which cause us to be late or have to cancel our trip, every little detail matters. That is why travelling in a reliable luxurious car, with an experienced driver can make all the difference in the world in terms of your stress levels.

We all want to get to/from the airport and have an uneventful car ride just like we had thousands of times before. Therefore, safety and reliability of our airport transportation needs to definitely be on our minds when catching a flight. For those in Ocean County, NJ, make sure you get the reliable car service and book your trip with Exclusive Car and Taxi Service.

Hospitality and Professionalism

Who doesn’t want to be treated with care and have a sense of importance when going to/from the airport? That’s why hospitality and professionalism is one of the most important benefits you get when booking airport transportation. Due to the type of their business model, professional limo and car services can take hospitality and professionalism to the highest level among its competitors. You will be greeted with a smile by an experienced, well-dressed chauffeur who will help you with your luggage and take you to your destination while making the ride as enjoyable as possible for you.

For all of those located in Ocean County, NJ, airport shuttle or limo service provided by Exclusive Car and Taxi Service is definitely something worth exploring next time you are taking a flight. Use all the advantages of hiring airport transportation and book one today!

Military Airport Transportation to and from Joint Base McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst (JBMDL)

The pandemic has made traveling incredibly hard for people. This is particularly true when it comes to airport transportation and the military. Military personnel are COVID-19 essential personnel that are needed for a variety of different reasons. An airport shuttle or airport car service can be the best approach for the military traveling by the Philadelphia Airport. By reading on, you can learn more about how the pandemic has impacted the military personnel and their traveling as well as the benefits of using a car service during the pandemic.

Why the Military Opted for an Airport Car Service

Rental cars were once a popular option for military people as they travel to the Joint Base McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst (JBMDL). But why has this changed during the pandemic? The military is not allowed to use a rental car to get around due to the potential risks from riding a rental car. This is why many military personnel have decided to start going with an exclusive airport car service rather than renting a car.

One of the biggest concerns here is that the rental cars may not be properly sanitized after each customer, which puts every customer at risk. Just because rental car companies promise that they adequately clean the cars for optimal safety, that doesn’t mean that they actually do. All it takes is one person not doing their job and you risk infection.

These concerns have caused this industry to take a massive hit during the pandemic and the biggest reason why the military is opting for safer options to transport their military personnel.

Benefits of Using a Car Transport Service During the Pandemic

Traveling can cause a lot of anxiety normally, but the need to protect yourself from the coronavirus has made traveling even more anxiety-inducing. The good news is that exclusive airport car and limo services can be one of the safest options to consider for your next trip. This section will take a look at just why this is the best option and why the military traveling to and from Joint Base McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst have taken this approach for their traveling needs.

Plenty of Space

If you are traveling with a lot of luggage, you want to make sure that you have all of the space that you need for yourself and your luggage. You want to have enough space so that you can relax while your driver worries about transporting you to and from the Philadelphia Airport. You have the space for everything that you need while you are traveling. You can contact the car service company to get advice as to which vehicle option works best for your specific needs.

Vehicles are Cleaned and Maintained

The thing about other airport transportation options is that you don’t know how well-maintained the vehicles are nor do you know how clean they are. Car service companies are focused on keep their vehicles well-maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, meaning that these strict standards are kept during this pandemic. These cars are thoroughly cleaned after every client and is regularly inspected to ensure that the car is reliable enough for the client.

No Cross-Contamination

Sanitization is so important, especially during this pandemic. As previously mentioned, these cars are regularly cleaned out after each client. However, these cars aren’t just cleaned so that they look and smell nice; they are thoroughly sanitized too. This gives you peace of mind that you will be safe from any potential cross-contamination when riding around in these cars. Every surface is properly disinfected to the highest standards, ensuring that you and our drivers are safe every time that they get into the vehicles.

Highest Levels of Comfort

When you hire a car service for your next trip to the airport, you are getting a luxury car. These cars offer clients the highest level of comfort as you travel to and from the airport to the JBMDL. This allows you the time that you need to relax or even take a nap in while you are traveling to your destination. This gives you the quiet and comfortable peace that you need.

Reliable and Convenient Transportation

One of the best reasons, aside from the strict standards of cleanliness and sanitization, is that an airport car service is easily the most reliable and convenient transportation option for military personnel. You just have to schedule your car for when you need it and then the car service makes sure that you are picked up on time and get to the airport or the JBMDL on time. You just have to book your car online, making it the most convenient option. Being late is never acceptable, especially as someone in the military. These drivers know the area, so they know the best routes to travel at the various points throughout the day to avoid traffic and get you to where you need to go on time.

The Safest Choice.

An airport car service is easily the safest option for traveling to and from the airport. One reason is because these drivers have decades of experience, giving them the experience necessary for safe defensive driving. Another reason why this is the safest choice is because these drivers are thoroughly vetted, ensuring the safest experience for every client. Between these reasons and the strict adherence to cleaning, sanitation, and inspection of each car, an airport car transportation service is the safest choice for every client.


The military has trusted an airport car service to get their personnel to and from the Philadelphia airport for a reason. There are so many uncertainties when it comes to rental cars as well as the higher risks associated with other options such as an airport shuttle, taxi, or rideshare service. An airport transportation service is the safest choice for traveling, especially during this pandemic. You get the peace of mind that you need to know that you are safe every time that you get into one of these cars.

Car Service NJ to NYC, or vice versa

You finally took the plunge. You booked that visit the Jersey Shore. That 141 mile stretch of pristine sandy beaches, heavenly eateries and crowds of people having a good time. A veritable vacation paradise.

Now you’re set to go back home. Only one problem; your flight departs from New York.

Wide coverage area

No problem. Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is here to provide you with the best car service in New York City. And beyond. Exclusive Taxi and Car Service operates across New York state, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service provides reliable, safe and clean ground transportation between any two points across these three states. Your limo service to NYC is just a few clicks away.

In particular, we serve all of the main airports, including:

  • Atlantic City International (ACY)
  • Newark Liberty International (EWR)
  • Philadelphia International (PHL)
  • John F Kennedy International (JFK)
  • La Guardia International (LGA)

If you’re travelling locally, we also cover most of the smaller, domestic airports in the region.

A vehicle for every occasion

Whatever you need or whatever your wish our fleet has a vehicle for it. We have:

  • Lincoln Continental Luxury Sedan
  • Lincoln MKT Crossover
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Lincoln Continental Stretch Limo
  • Hummer Stretch Limo (in bright pink)
  • Ford Transit 14-seater Van,

Whether you’re a business person travelling alone, a family on vacation, or a group on a team-building adventure, we have you covered.

We value your safety

Your health and safety are paramount; without you we have no business.

Our drivers are carefully screened and trained to the highest standards. They adhere to a neat and clean dress code and a policy of courtesy and compassion.

They are trained in safe driving practices and are familiar with the entire area.

Their mission is to get you safely and comfortably to your destination. Sit back, relax and arrive rested and ready to go.

We have adopted additional COVID-19 sanitization protocols for your protection. Our cars are comprehensively sanitized several times daily and certainly at each passenger change.

We apply hydro-alcohol sanitizer to all surfaces that are exposed to passengers, namely door handles, power switches, and storage areas. Should you request any additional accessories such as booster seats, they will be properly sanitized before they are handed over.

Our vehicles are meticulously maintained. We exceed the minimum service requirements to minimize the possibility of any breakdown.

In the event that such a misfortune should occur, we will mobilize a relief vehicle immediately and get you back on your way with the least possible disruption and inconvenience.

Easy booking

It’s really easy to book your car service from NJ to NYC. You do net even need to do that oh-so-familiar search, “best car service near me”.

You’re already on the website. Select your vehicle, departure point and pick-up time and we will do the rest.

Flight monitoring

When you make your booking, it’s very useful to provide us with your travel itinerary, Your driver will be dispatched well ahead of your requested pick-up time. Our dispatchers are constantly monitoring weather and traffic conditions and we will adjust the schedule if anything unexpected happens.

Rest assured, we will get you there with time to spare. ©

Easy on the pocket

You have always been told that limos are expensive. Take the train or take the bus; it’s so much cheaper. And they run every 10 minutes.

Well, not really. Getting around takes a lot more thought. Most times when you travel, you’ll have luggage to drag around. Getting on and off trains and buses is no fun when you’re weighed down with a couple of bags.

Again, leave that to us. Your driver will stow your things safely and securely. All you need to do is relax and take in the last views of the passing scenery as you cruise towards the airport for your flight back home.

All of this is included at no extra cost. Once you consider all these little extra things, you begin to realize how competitive the cost of a limo can be.

Master of your universe

The flexibility of a limo service cannot be underestimated.

Buses and trains do not come to you. They run on a schedule and they have routes. You need to get there. With all the luggage. And you have to be on time.

Bus and train stations are not the most accessible of places. These places are museums of torture for a stressed traveller with baggage. Train stations are usually multi storey places with staircases that seem to go on forever.

Nowadays, most stations have escalators. While they do take a lot of the effort out of moving between floors, you still have the baggage to deal with.

Bus stations, although usually single-level structures, are still quite difficult to move around in due to the many platforms and raised areas.

You can really save yourself from all of this stress and inconvenience. Log on to the Exclusive Taxi and Car Service website, tap a few keys and, in no time, your limo will be on its way to collect you.

All things considered, you have your personal space in a clean and comfortable environment. You do not have to worry about trying to navigate a strange vehicle through the notorious tangle of New York traffic. You do not have to deal with the hustle and bustle of crowded staircases or platforms. You do not need to be concerned about your personal hygiene and safety.

You’ve looked forward to this for the whole year. You have saved and researched and planned for months to make this a memorable journey. Don’t spoil it right at the end. Rather spoil yourself just that one more time. Get that limo and experience the best car service in New York City. Get back home refreshed and relaxed and full of happy memories.

For once in your life, let someone say to you, “Good morning Sir (or Madam), your chariot awaits”.

Why You Need a Limousine for Your Wedding

As the years go by, one of the days you’ll look back most fondly on is your wedding day. Or at least you should, because everything ought to be perfect. And one of the biggest factors in wedding planning that can impede perfection is the need to secure safe and reliable transportation for you and your wedding party.

Enter: Exclusive Taxi and Car Service’s limousine services.

This article will lay out the benefits of choosing Exclusive Taxi and Car Service limousines for all your wedding transportation needs. These include:

  • Allowing you to arrive in style
  • Allowing your whole party to arrive together
  • Allowing you to ride comfortably
  • Allowing you to save money
  • Allowing you to arrive on time
  • Allowing you to be stress free
  • Offering an unforgettable experience

By the end, you’ll be able to see why there is no greater choice.

Limos Allow You to Arrive in Style

Limousines were first utilized by the wealthy as a status symbol of their wealth to ensure that not only would they be comfortable, but they would get to flaunt how fancy they were. And if there were ever to be a day for you to flaunt your fanciness, it’s on your wedding day.

You’re already guaranteed to be the talk of the day, but if you arrive in one of the sleek, black limousines from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service, everyone is guaranteed to talk just that much louder.

Limos Allow Your Whole Party to Arrive Together

One of the biggest benefits of limousines in general is how spacious they are. And the limos from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service are big enough for your whole squad to fit comfortably. Riding all together allows you all to make more memories together, and having the whole party riding together allows your guests to make better memories because using a limo from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service ensures that they won’t be kept waiting to celebrate for having to wait for everyone to show up.

Limos Allow You to Ride Comfortably

Not only do Exclusive Taxi and Car Service limousines have room enough for your whole wedding party to fit comfortably, but they are also spacious enough to give you more than enough room to keep yourself looking fresh for the day. The maximum elbow room means that you won’t arrive to your wedding or reception in a rumpled dress or tux. Instead, you’ll look crisp and clean and ready to enjoy the day, all because you didn’t spend your ride smooshed in the back seat of your best friend’s hatchback.

Limos Allow You to Save Money

One of the main reasons people tend to balk at the use of limousines for their wedding transportation needs, is that limos are thought to be expensive. Nothing so fancy looking can be cheap, right? Wrong. The use of a limo is actually one of the most economical choices you can make when planning a wedding, simply because of the ability for the entire group to travel all at once and not having to pay for individual methods of transportation, especially if the ceremony location and reception space are a fair distance apart.

The economic sense is also true if you’re looking for transportation for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Having the whole party ride together is cheaper overall than everyone riding separately.

And choosing Exclusive Taxi and Car Service limousines ultimately means that you are choosing a limousine service with competitive rates, no matter how many people end up riding along.

Limos Allow You to Arrive On Time

 When you choose a limousine from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your wedding transportation needs, you’re entrusting your schedule to a fleet of knowledgeable, responsible drivers who not only know their way around the area, but also know the importance of adhering to your strict schedule.

Limos Allow You to be Stress Free

Because you’re ultimately leaving the driving to someone else, your biggest worry only needs to be showing up. The drivers employed by Exclusive Taxi and Car Service are the best at what they do and will certainly make sure you get to the church on time. And afterward, when it’s time to party, you won’t need to worry about driving yourself back to where you’re staying, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy yourself that much more. 

Limos Offer an Unforgettable Experience

On their wedding day, every bride ought to feel like a princess, and limousines allow for that true Cinderella Experience. Allow the crew at Exclusive Taxi and Car Service to whisk you and your own Prince Charming away to the most romantic night of your life and make those fairy tale dreams come true.

COVID-19 Precautions

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits that limousines offer in general, it’s important to mention all of the ways in which the crew at Exclusive Taxi and Car Service are able to ensure that you and your party are kept safe in a coronavirus world.

A regular cleaning and disinfecting regimen is undertaken several times each day, including in between passenger uses. Various parts of each car are cleaned thoroughly, including handles, locks, windows, storage spaces, cup holders, and even seatbelts and car seats. Exclusive Taxi and Car Service has even implemented an ozone machine to further disinfect and clean their vehicles.

And while most limousines have barriers between the driver and passengers, you can ensure that yours will indeed by calling and specifically requesting that feature be present in your car.

A Final Word

Your wedding day ought to be one of the greatest days of your life, and having your transportation sorted will go a long way to making that your reality. And as we’ve seen, choosing a limousine for your wedding day transportation needs is the best option. And to make the best option even better still, you’ll want to go with a limo from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service.

Visit their website for more information and to make a reservation today.

Indulge yourself in a tour of the Cape May, NJ Wineries

An integral part of tourism has always been the food and beverage culture of the traveler’s holiday destination. Who has ever visited Italy and not eaten pizza? Paella in Spain or Moussaka in Greece?

Until the latter part of the 20th Century, gastronomic tourism had the ascendancy. Nowadays enotourism, or vinitourism, is the new “you haven’t lived until you’ve done this” thing. Vinitourism is defined by Wikipedia as “tourism whose purpose is or includes the tasting, consumption, or purchase of wine”.

Vinitourism only really started gaining traction around the world in the early 2000s, with the advent of the artisanal beverage industry. It has, since, burgeoned into a significant revenue generator and an important aspect of peoples’ vacation planning. Winery tours are now as commonplace as restaurant visits.

In recent times, New Jersey, and particularly Cape May, has emerged as a haven of vinitourism. Without a tour of the Cape May, NJ Wineries, no visit to the region is complete.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service has heard and heeded the call. If you’re planning a winery tour or just a night on the town, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will ensure that you and your memories are safe.

Extensive coverage area

Serving all the major airports in the area, namely

  • Atlantic City International (ACY)
  • Newark Liberty International (EWR)
  • Philadelphia International (PHL)
  • John F Kennedy International (JFK)
  • La Guardia International (LGA),

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is perfectly placed to cater to your transportation needs.

Whatever your itinerary, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will have you covered. Be it a one-way pick-up and drop off for a night on the town or a multi-stop winery tour.

Flight monitoring

Provide us with your flight details at booking time and we will ensure that your driver is on hand to meet you right outside the arrival gate. The driver will be dispatched well in advance of the scheduled arrival of your flight to ensure that you don’t have to wait. In case there are unexpected changes to your schedule, we’ll be on top of them.

Wide choice of vehicles

Our comprehensive fleet comprising of

  • Lincoln Continental Luxury Sedan
  • Lincoln MKT Crossover
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Lincoln Continental Stretch Limo
  • Hummer Stretch Limo (in bright pink)
  • And the 14 seater Ford Transit,

has the perfect vehicle for everyone, whether a single traveler, a family, or a large group.

The vehicles are meticulously maintained for your safety and to avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown. Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer such an unlikely event, we will dispatch a relief vehicle to continue your journey with as little delay and inconvenience as possible.

All of our vehicles are Smoke-Free for your health and comfort. We take this very seriously and impose substantial cleaning surcharges in the event of a violation by any passenger.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, vehicle interiors are cleaned and disinfected at the end of every trip. Disinfection protocols include the use of ozone machines.

Some of the vehicles are equipped with a driver compartment screen. This should be requested at booking time as availability is limited.

Experienced drivers

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service’s drivers are screened and rigorously trained. They’re highly experienced and very familiar with the area. They will get you to where you want to be in good time and without undue stress.

They have advanced GPS systems and will navigate the quickest, easiest, and least stress route for your comfort. Kick back and relax. Enjoy your ride, you’re in very good hands.

The Cape May, NJ Wineries

The craft beverage scene has exploded over the last decade or so. Coupled with the established wineries, Cape May boasts what is now fondly known as the Cape May Booze Trail. Featuring no less than 10 world-class wineries, this is a wine lovers’ paradise.

Should your palate lean more towards the malted options, there are now also more than 10 craft breweries along the Cape May trail to tantalize your tastebuds.

To assist you in planning your vinitourism adventure, we will briefly introduce some of the wineries on the Cape May route.

Cape May Winery and Vineyard

Established in 1989 with the planting of the first vines in Cape May County. This family-owned vineyard now cultivates 11 grape varieties and produces more than 20 different wines.

The tasting room is open 7 days a week. Tours are available by prior booking. The kitchen offers a selection of tapas and seasonal brunches.

G&W Winery

This very exclusive winery produces 1,000 bottles of wine annually from only three cultivars;  Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. The wines are available only by direct purchase. The estate was named after the owners’ twin daughters, Grace and Willow.

Hawk Haven Winery & Vineyard

Tucked in between Delaware Bay and the ocean, Hawk Haven produces more than a dozen wines.

True to its name the vineyard is indeed a haven for migrating predatory birds

The winery is open daily for tastings and purchases. Pairing experiences are offered from time to time. Booking is recommended.

Jessie Creek Winery & Vineyard

This boutique winery produces a limited range of wines in small quantities. All done by hand. Right from the cultivation of the vines to the labeling of the corked bottle.

Wine tastings can be enjoyed with the accompaniment of a cheese platter.

Pets welcome.

Natali Winery & Vineyard

This vineyard produces 28 wines. This is also an entirely manual process. To ensure quality wines, they focus on producing the best quality grapes. Wine quality is maintained by limiting production quantities.

Tastings are available on weekends during winter and 7 days a week for the rest of the year.

Guests may bring picnic lunches. Food is, however, not permitted in the tasting room.

Turdo Winery & Vineyard

Turdo Winery was born from the owner’s vision of turning 5 acres of woodland into vineyards. This family-run winery has won many awards and has been featured in several magazines and journals.

Turdo Winery is the first winery in the state of New Jersey to be entirely solar-powered.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Please note that due to the current pandemic, all the wineries have certain restrictions or additional health and safety precautions. Please be sure to enquire before making any reservations.

In a nutshell

In closing, hesitate no more. Embark on that adventure. Book the limo service and indulge yourself in that winery tour experience you’ve always dreamed about.

We at Exclusive Taxi and Car Service are at your service and looking forward to making your tour the ultimate indulgence.

Car Service in Toms River, New Jersey

When travelers step into the terminal at New Jersey’s Newark Airport, one of the first things they may think of is how they are going to get from the airport to their destination. Fortunately for the traveler, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is in the business of providing a clean and comfortable ride all around the Toms River, New Jersey area.

This article will take a closer look at the many amenities that Exclusive Taxi and Car Service offers, including the use of taxis and limousines for service between hotels and airports as well as weddings, special events, and just getting around town. Also included is a look at the fleet employed by Exclusive Taxi and Car Service, as well as the measures they are taking during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure that their clients have a safe and comfortable ride.

Services Offered 

The benefit of choosing Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your Toms River travel needs is that they operate for various special events, including:

  • Weddings
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • Prom
  • Birthday parties

Apart from special occasions, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service offers practical services, as well. These include:

  • Airport transportation
  • Courier services
  • Taxi services (within Ocean County)


The benefit of using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your wedding transportation needs is that all of your party will be able to ride together, thus saving time and effort, allowing you and your party to be able to relax and not worry about meeting up on time.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

The benefit of using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah transportation needs is the assurance that your ceremony will begin on time, as the drivers adhere to strict time schedules. There’s also no worry about getting your friends and relatives to the synagogue, as Exclusive Taxi and Car Service services the Toms River area, so calling a car to collect everyone is a cinch.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

The benefits of using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your bachelor or bachelorette party transportation needs are many, the biggest of which is that allowing Exclusive Taxi and Car Service drivers to handle all of the driving allows you and your friends to enjoy your evening to the fullest extent without having to worry about observing the strict New Jersey rules around drinking and driving. And not only that, using Exclusive Taxi and Car Services allows for your whole squad to meet up at a convenient time and place to really get the party started early, and keep it running late.


The benefit of using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your prom transportation is that not only will you arrive to prom on time, but you’ll arrive in style. Your date will never forget rolling up to prom in one of their limousines. And if you’re going stag, no worries there, either – their cars are spacious enough to fit all of your buddies so that you’ll all be able to make a lasting impression.

Birthday Parties

The benefit of using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your birthday party transportation needs is that you’ll be able to enjoy your special day without the hassle of concerning yourself with getting from point A to point B. Leave the navigating to the team of drivers and let your only worry for the day be how much cake you’ll eat.

Airport Transportation

Perish the thought of how to get from Newark airport to your hotel. A quick call to Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will see you picked up outside the gate and driven to your destination safely and comfortably. Additionally, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service provides shuttles to Atlantic City, Trenton Mercer, and Philadelphia airports, as well. With that wide of a service area, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service should be the only choice you make for your airport transportation needs.

Taxi Services (within Ocean County)

So we’ve talked about how useful Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is getting you from the airport to the hotel and back, but Exclusive Taxi and Car Services are just as useful for getting you around town as long as you’re within the Ocean County area.

Courier Services

If you need to get documents or a parcel from one place to another quickly, it’s good to entrust the delivery to drivers who are familiar with the area and can get the job done efficiently and effectively. Thus, it’s good to entrust your delivery to Exclusive Taxi and Car Service.

The Fleet

The fleet of vehicles used by Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is broad. It ranges from your typical sleek, black limousines, sedans, and yellow taxis to busses, vans, and even a hot pink Hummer. With the choice of vehicles, users of Exclusive Taxi and Car Service are guaranteed to find a stylish ride for any and every occasion.

Coronavirus Precautions

In a COVID-19 world, there may be some hesitancy to utilize a car service, but the crew at Exclusive Taxi and Car Service have gone to great lengths to ensure that their clients are safe and comfortable for each and every ride. A regular cleaning and disinfecting regimen is undertaken several times each day, including in between passenger uses.

Various parts of each car are cleaned thoroughly, including handles, locks, windows, storage spaces, cup holders, and even seatbelts and car seats.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service has even implemented an ozone machine to further disinfect and clean their vehicles. In certain vehicles, barriers between drivers and passengers have been installed, and these are available upon customer request.

A Final Word

As we’ve seen, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is truly a one stop shop for car service in the Toms River, New Jersey area. They offer an impressive array of vehicles for their customer’s use that is only outmatched by the impressive amount of services they offer – everything from special occasions to an average commute.

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Best Reasons to Rent a Limo

Need to get somewhere? Are you tired of driving and want to relax on your journey? Nowadays, due to the increasing connectivity and use of technology, most popular options for short distance road transportation are ride sharing services, taxis and public transportation, due to their unique benefits. Ride sharing services are becoming increasingly popular every day because of their convenience and sharing of trip details with your phone. Taxis are still quite popular due to their efficiency, tradition and reliability. And taking public transportation is sometimes an obvious choice, especially in well connected cities, since it is usually the cheapest option out there. However, we have an amazing alternative to suggest.

Why not hire a limo? Limousine companies around the world are becoming increasingly popular among customers, but not everybody is familiar with the benefits of renting a limo. Here are our top reasons to hire a limousine.


You would not necessarily think of price as a first benefit to hire a limousine. We beg to differ. Although hiring a conventional transportation service like a taxi normally cheaper, it comes with a huge disadvantage: the taximeter keeps rising depending on the duration of your journey, not the distance. If you live in a big city (where limo services are most common), you can often get stuck in traffic which would inevitably prolong your journey. All of this comes back to your pocket if you take a taxi. With a limo service, however, all that inconvenience disappears since you get a fixed price for your destination so you don’t have to keep an eye on the taximeter every 30 seconds.


Let’s be honest with ourselves, we are always worried about cleanliness of the seat we are in, whether we are taking a taxi, a ride sharing service or, the worst of all, public transportation. When hiring a limo, you will never experience such problems. The high-end cars you will be driving in are always in a perfect condition, with much more space than conventional transportation methods. Why worry whether a random piece of gum will get stuck to your pants or if you can touch a certain part of the vehicle without having the urge to immediately disinfect your hands? All of those concerns disappear when you are offered a service with impeccable cleanliness that comes by default with a limousine.


Everybody says, first impressions last forever, right? Imagine you are going to an important business meeting with a huge client or to an event where all of your friends and family will be in attendance. You are probably already worried about the significance of the event itself (whether it is business or personal), so why worry about the first impression as well? Make sure you arrive in style and make a long-lasting impact on people important to you. Hire a limo when going to your next event and see how it changes your odds of success that day.

Special Occasion

This is probably the most convincing reason to hire a limo. When once-in-a-lifetime events occur to you, you would want every single part of it to be amazing, right? What a better opportunity to hire a limo. Marrying the love of your life (or attending a wedding for a close friend/family member) is something you want to remember for the rest of your life. The day before the wedding is also probably something you will always want to remember, as the best party of your life, whether it’s bachelors or bachelorettes. And speaking of parties, some birthdays will always have great significance on your life and you would want them to be memorable all the way to your old age. While we are still on the subject, going to the first party that signifies the transition into an adult, the prom night, is something you never want to forget. All of these events, are perfect examples of once-in-a-lifetime occasions where you would want everything to go perfect, and hiring a limo for the day is guaranteed to only make that experience for the better.

Airport Trips

Taking a flight is quite relaxing, right? For most people, this is rarely the case. Whether it is fear of being 40,000 feet in the air in a huge metal container going 600 miles per hour, or the fact that even the slightest time mismanagement can get you to miss you journey and have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to rebook, not to mention probably miss a few days of your planned trip, everything around going on flights is pretty much stressful. Why would you want your trip to/from the airport to be stressful as well? Take control of the one thing you can pretty much control during that whole painful process and hire a limo, so your journey can have a guaranteed smooth start/end.

Hospitality and Professionalism

If you are looking for an exceptional treatment, then hiring a limo is the right thing for you. From a warm smile just before arriving to the car, through opening and closing the doors for you and helping you with your luggage, the hospitality and professionalism of limo drivers is by far the best in the industry. No need to worry about making awkward small talk with your taxi driver or whether the person taking you to your destination in a ride sharing service can be trusted. Make sure that the entire part of your journey is impeccable and the quality of service you are getting is beyond your expectations.

Experience the VIP Treatment

Ever wanted to feel like a movie star, about to step out on the red carpet in front of hundreds of reporters with the whole world watching? With a limo, you can get at least a part of that experience. Being in a limousine due to any occasion will give you a higher sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and enjoyment. Don’t think about it, hire a limo at the next opportunity and see for yourself.