4 Tips for Planning a Holiday Party


Six Flags Great Adventure is the most popular and the biggest amusement park in New Jersey and even includes a water park. 

It has several attractions, all divided into various sections based on themes and for various ages so that no matter how old you are, you can enjoy all the fun of Six Flags. 

With Halloween just around the corner, creepy vibes are filling the air, and to keep up with the mood of the season, Six Flags is holding its renowned Fright Fest event.  (more…)


Known for its abundance of art, entertainment, and cultural activities, Red Bank is a borough In Monmouth County, NJ, that attracts many visitors throughout the year. 

Being home to several art events, theatre performances and even a vast array of restaurants and eateries, Red Bank, NJ, is the perfect getaway for art enthusiasts or anyone who is looking for new places to grab a bite to eat.

Red Bank sees crowds of people flocking to the well-known retailers who have established their businesses in the borough, while enjoying the cultural vibes around them. Moreover, there are several galleries and antique designer boutiques where one can find unique outfits for all types of occasions. 

Red Bank offers you a long list of fun activities and locations that you can visit; therefore, if you are free over the Halloween weekend and are looking for something exciting to do, then why not head down to Red Bank and take part in all the festivities the borough has to offer. 

Some of the notable things you can do are:  (more…)


Toms River is one of the most highly populated and safest townships in Ocean County, NJ, two attributes that have made it an attractive destination for new residents and visitors alike over the years. 

Most residents own their own homes, making Toms River one of the best places to settle down and grow your roots. The area offers a high standard of living and a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. 

People come together to arrange events and celebrations throughout the year in Toms River, and even public organizations like the fire and police departments take an active role in making these events a success. 

One of the must-attend events taking place this year in Toms River is the Halloween Parade. (more…)

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Why Private Airport Transportation is Better Than Choosing a Ridesharing Service

Oftentimes, transportation is the most stressful part of going to the airport. Rides could show up late, inefficiently navigate traffic, have high prices, or may not be available in your area at all. All of these problems can be avoided by private airport transportation. Exclusive Taxi & Car Service offers professional, safe, and stylish pickup and transportation from Atlantic City Airport to Ocean County, and everywhere in between.  (more…)


Philadelphia is one of the most famous cities in the world. Commonly known by its nickname, Philly, it is a hotbed of US history, in addition to being one of the most densely populated cities in the US. 

Philly is a social and economic hub with plenty of cultural diversity, featuring residents from all backgrounds and walks of life.

It is one of those cities where both the day and nightlife are exciting. One can enjoy their stay in Philadelphia to the fullest by becoming a true party animal, dancing, hopping bars, and letting loose in the music and the electric atmosphere. 

There are a wide variety of bars and clubs throughout the downtown area known as Center City. These hotspots are ready to welcome you with open doors and a free flow of music and drinks. If you are in Philly and looking for some of the most popular and affordable bars and clubs, we have got you covered. 

The following are some bars and nightclubs that are definitely worth your time: (more…)


Woodbridge is a township in Middlesex County, NJ, and it’s a place that is not just aesthetically pleasing but a picturesque Instagram-worthy dream. 

The scenery and the environment in the township are so charming that visitors would be forgiven if they never wanted to leave. 

The community of Woodbridge is very welcoming and family-oriented and that is why there are several things to do if you are visiting the township with your family for a vacation or maybe just a quick trip. 

Woodbridge is the perfect place to take a break from it all and rejuvenate. The township offers historic sites, nature at its best and a variety of diverse cultures coming together.  

If you’re still not convinced to check our the charming township of Woodbridge, allow us to change your mind with this list of fun places to visit.  (more…)