Woodbridge is a township in Middlesex County, NJ, and it’s a place that is not just aesthetically pleasing but a picturesque Instagram-worthy dream. 

The scenery and the environment in the township are so charming that visitors would be forgiven if they never wanted to leave. 

The community of Woodbridge is very welcoming and family-oriented and that is why there are several things to do if you are visiting the township with your family for a vacation or maybe just a quick trip. 

Woodbridge is the perfect place to take a break from it all and rejuvenate. The township offers historic sites, nature at its best and a variety of diverse cultures coming together.  

If you’re still not convinced to check our the charming township of Woodbridge, allow us to change your mind with this list of fun places to visit. 

Check out the Woodbridge Center

Woodbridge Center is the perfect place if you are looking forward to shopping in your days off, with prices that are reasonable and quality that is top-notch. There are several stores you can check out, offering products for all ages, with ample parking and handicapped spaces. Moreover, there are a number of places to grab a bite to eat so that you be won’t hungry while shopping and roaming around. 

Kidz Village 

The name itself suggests that this is the best place to bring your kids to have a fun-filled day. Kidz Village is an indoor play area that is completely safe for your child. It has everything from climbing frames to slides and tunnels for kids under the age of 10. There are various themed rooms and employees all around to help kids and make sure they’re safe. 

Woodbridge Bowling Center 

You know where to go for a family bowling night in Woodbridge! The Woodbridge Bowling Center has plenty of lanes to accommodate groups, with snacks and a variety of traditional bowling lane food to munch on while you show off your skills. 

Heard’s Brook 

One of the most picturesque and serene locations in Woodbridge is Heard’s Brook. The location features a waterway with a grassy bank, which is a perfect spot for a romantic picnic or for a stroll. In the morning, you can see joggers getting their first rays of the morning while starting their day fresh and enjoying a scenic backdrop. 

Oak Tree Road Iselin

To get familiar with the cultural diversity of Woodbridge, you should check out the Pakistani and Indian communities, who come together to live in harmony while celebrating a number of cultural events together and keeping their traditions alive. You can also get your hands on authentic dishes and products, available at the many shops and restaurants in the area. 

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