Philadelphia is one of the most famous cities in the world. Commonly known by its nickname, Philly, it is a hotbed of US history, in addition to being one of the most densely populated cities in the US. 

Philly is a social and economic hub with plenty of cultural diversity, featuring residents from all backgrounds and walks of life.

It is one of those cities where both the day and nightlife are exciting. One can enjoy their stay in Philadelphia to the fullest by becoming a true party animal, dancing, hopping bars, and letting loose in the music and the electric atmosphere. 

There are a wide variety of bars and clubs throughout the downtown area known as Center City. These hotspots are ready to welcome you with open doors and a free flow of music and drinks. If you are in Philly and looking for some of the most popular and affordable bars and clubs, we have got you covered. 

The following are some bars and nightclubs that are definitely worth your time:

Brasil’s Nightclub 

This is one of those clubs where you can let loose and enjoy the upbeat music. If you feel like you do not know how to dance, don’t stress about it, since Brasil’s Nightclub offers a number of dance classes to help you learn how to move to the music. Brasil’s offers inexpensive drink options, and the staff is always friendly.


The Trilogy is one of the premier clubs in Philly with an interior that will blow your mind. It expands over three floors of dancing, cocktails, and people mingling together. Moreover, there are 8 bar and VIP areas to choose from. The music is also very trendy at all times. The star of the Trilogy is the Hookah Bar, which serves 50+ flavors.  

Oddity Bar

For live music performances, this is the bar to visit. With local bands performing on stage over the weekend you are sure to hear something new and worth dancing to. Also, Oddity has an extensive range of beers and many other cocktails, as well.

New Deck Tavern 

With its star high-definition plasma TV screen and special imported beers all the way from Ireland, New Deck Tavern is the place to be if you want to enjoy sports and drinks together. You can have your friends with you, drinks in hand, while you cheer for your favorite team. 

Graffiti Bar 

Food with drinks? It really doesn’t get better than this, with neon lights guiding you from the entrance to the Graffiti Bar and leading you all the way toward a covered outdoor bar. The food and the drinks are very cheap, with amazing Happy Hour deals. Even their menu is pretty diverse for a bar. 

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