Prom night is one of the most hyped events of the senior year of high school, it is the one event which is marked on the calendar of pretty much every single student right from the start. It is the last event where you can be nostalgic about all your high school memories while having fun and letting loose with all your friends that have been there with you through highs and lows.

For such a major event you start preparing beforehand since picking out the perfect dress and suit takes time. Moreover, selecting the perfect transport for prom is another feat that is why many students opt for a limo for prom which comes with all the possible benefits.

Some of the major benefits that you can easily avail if you book limo for prom are:

Your squad can travel with you:

With added space and bigger transportation, you can accommodate your group of friends with you and have a pre-party of your own. You can easily get in the vibes and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. If you don’t plan to travel with a squad but you are looking for a private means of transportation which will you some special time with your prom date then limo for prom is the best option.

No stress on parents:

With so many places to be for prom, parents have their hands full with transporting their children to all the locations they need to be at for their preparations, therefore, they too need to relax at the end of the day and that is where the Limo comes in. When you book a limo for prom you are giving your parents a free night to themselves where they won’t have to worry about picking and dropping you off at the prom location.

Safe and secure:

Hiring a limo comes with bonus safety and security since you have an experienced driver at your expense who will be taking you around and will have the knowledge about the best possible routes. You will surely be safe during your travels which is a top priority for everyone. You can have all your fun in the backseat without worrying about driving and finding the location.

Makes the event more memorable:

Having a limo for your prom will make the event more memorable than it usually would have been since you will have a grand memory of going all out on an event that will mark a major change in your life and will remain in forever with you.

Booking a limo for prom is always a plus point due to all the benefits it comes with, especially when you book it from Exclusive Taxi and Car service you get the most affordable and economical packages with the drivers who are most trained and professionals which will be very careful and make sure that you have the best time with your date and your friends.


Choosing ideal transport is always a tricky business since a lot of thought goes into it. You can never be sure of your choice. When you have a group of people to manage and transport at the same time you have only two options which you can go for and those are a Party Bus and Limousine.

Party Bus and Limousine are two best options for choosing a mode of transport for any special event at which you need to travel with a group. They both come with their own set of pros and cons which can help you decide which is better for you.

Why choose a party bus?

If you are planning to take the party on the road then the party bus is the transport you are looking for. A party bus becomes the ideal moving venue for your party even before you reach the venue where the main party is going to take place.

Some of the party buses have the capacity of up to 50 people making it ideal for a group of friends, bachelor party or even any other major party that you are going to and want to arrive in style. They are relatively cheaper and safer for the environment. Also including services and amenities like the high ceiling, more leg space, TVs, laser lights, mini stocked bars, and much more. With the much larger space, you get a chance to move around even show off some dance moves.

The only con of opting for a Party bus is the added cleaning fee which might be a bit higher due to the much larger space.

Why choose a limousine?

A limo always screams style, elegance, and sophistication. If you have an event to attend which is more towards the formal side or business-related this is the transport that you are looking for. Limos are known for leaving a lasting impression on every onlooker. It is a luxury vehicle for all since it is connected to the rich and famous.

When you choose a limo you are opting for a luxury vibe that allows you bask in the grandeur. You also get privacy during your travels with the tinted windows and a divider from the driver. The limos are considerably cheaper as the transport of you have multiple people traveling with you. If you have a small and intimate party who is traveling with you a Limo will provide the perfect space to accommodate them all.

The cons that come along with a limo are that they are more of a formal vehicle and clash with a relaxed party vibe. Also if you have a bigger party then space might become a problem since it is not as big as a party bus.

With all the pros and cons laid out in front of you choosing a Party Bus and Limousine according to your choice and requirements can be an easy decision. Keep in mind your event and then make the decision.

Exclusive Taxi and Car service have a large range and variety of party buses and limousine to choose from which they offer throughout the year no matter what the occasion you are looking for transport.


been associated with the rich and the famous celebrities and people who have made the name for themselves. It is commonly driven by drivers and chauffeurs which adds to the luxury.

A limousine comes with a partition between the driver and the passenger which makes is a private and intimate vehicle as well which will surely leave an impression. The limousines are usually pre-booked for various events if you don’t own any for yourself. People look for the best options of limos which will suit their needs and requirements of the events they are going to.

There are various types of limousines in the market at the present moment which you can browse and check out when you are in need of one. Some types of limousines that are common nowadays are:

Stretch Limo:

Stretch limo is one of the most sought out limos since it has always been style and chosen for events like weddings, proms and even bachelor night. It comes with a number of amenities like LCD screens, fully air-conditioned, more space to accommodate a group of people along with a sound system and equipped bar.

Stretch SUV:

Stretch SUV is the bigger and better version of Stretch limo since it has more space and more amenities that you can benefit from. Some of the said amenities include a large space that can hold up to 14 people, temperature control, strobe and laser lights, and sound system with woofers, with multiple LCD monitors along with tinted windows for privacy.

Executive SUV Limo:  

The executive SUV limo is very popular among the people nowadays due to its spaciousness and vamped up the interior. It is the choice of vehicle for all those who are business people and looking for fancier transport for their travels and meeting. It can accommodate up to 4-5 people with a trunk that is spacious for luggage which makes it a perfect pick for airport pickups as well.

Luxury Passenger Van:

If you have a bigger party who needs to be picked up from the airport with luggage while traveling in style then a luxury passenger van is the vehicle for you. It can accommodate up to 14 people with wood flooring, leather seats and enough space for luggage.

Limo Bus:

Limo buses are the go-to vehicle for the people who are looking for taking their party on the road. It comes with space for around 30 people with all the luxuries. There is also a partition, tinted windows, sound system, and champagne and ice storage with optic lighting and full-length bar console and CD players, iPod holder as well.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service has all types of limousines that you might be looking for. Maintained and kept in the perfect condition we have a large variety of limos you can take a look at and make your decision according to the type of limousine you are looking for.


Commuting from one place to another is inevitable in the world where we all have places to get to on time. Not everyone has their own cars and that is why they need other means of transportation for traveling whether it be for business or personal reasons, for which we need means of transportation which is reliable and safe.

Public transport can become too crowded and even face delays for various reasons and that is why you need other options to fall back on. One of the most used and preferred options of traveling is taxi service which is hassle-free and affordable while being comfortable as well.

Taxi service comes with numerous advantages when it comes to traveling, some of which are:

Available round the clock:

Finding and catching a Taxi at any time of the day is not difficult at all. Taxi services run around the clock providing service even during the late hours of the night. You can reach out to any taxi service when you need a ride somewhere no matter the time.

Professionals Drivers:

All the drivers of any Taxi services provider are trained and experienced who know the best routes around. They are certified and licensed so you will not have to worry about their driving skills or worry about finding routes and getting lost.


Taxi services are affordable and economical since it offers comfort like no other in the price which is the least as it can get. The prices are flexible and vary according to the distance you are planning to travel along with zero stops during their route.

More Choices:

When opting for Taxi service you are free to choose from the number of cars and types of taxis they offer therefore you have the space to pick what kind of car you want for your travels.

Time management:

Since there are no stops like those in public transportation, hiring a Taxi service saves you a lot of time if you are running late or need to get to your destination on time. Taxi service comes extremely handy if you are looking for a ride to the airport and need to be on time with all your luggage intact.

No worries for a parking spot:

If you opt for a Taxi service you will also save yourself the worry of finding a parking spot that is safe and perfect for your car. With the taxi, you will not have to stress over the fact of how and where your car is parked and you can be on your way with no worries for the day.

Choose Exclusive Taxi and Car service whenever you are in need of a Taxi since we aim to provide the finest taxi services to our clients along with the economical prices.


Is your wedding day around the corner and you have no clue about how to decide which transport you should choose for the momentous day? A day which will be remembered all your life as one of the best memory. You obviously want your big day to run smoothly and for that, you need wedding transportation which will be in all sense perfect like the day you have planned.

If you have no clue what to look for in wedding transportation, do not stress about it since we are here with a complete guide of what to look for in wedding transportation.

Book it in advance:

Make sure to book your wedding transportation in at least a couple of months in advance to avoid any mishaps or an increase in prices. With the added months you will have to take things smoothly and not rush in making a decision about which car you want as your wedding transportation.

Keep your budget in mind:

You always have a budget, even on your big day and you should be conscious of it. Make your decision when it comes to wedding transportation while keeping in mind how much you can spend and what can you afford in the amount you have set for transportation. Choose the best transport in the budget that you have.

Type of transport:

Choose your wedding transport wisely and according to your wedding party along with how many people are planning to travel with you. If you are looking for saving costs and keeping the complete bridal party with you then you should definitely opt for a coach, bus or even a limo if you want to go all out.

Look for comfort:

It’s your day and your comfort comes as the topmost priority, therefore, pick the wedding transportation in which you will be comfortable in with your dress and the number of people that you have with you. Moreover, make sure you have enough space in the car, bus or limo whatever you choose, for your dress so that it does not get spoiled.

Set a vibe:

The wedding transportation you choose can also match the vibe or the theme that you have chosen your big day. If your wedding is all about being glamorous and style then selecting a limo for your day might add a little more extra to it and make your day more special. Your choice of transport can also match your personality or the kind of dynamics you and your significant have.

Follow the timeline:

Make a timeline that you can provide the driver of the wedding transportation so that there are no incidents and everything takes place on time with no hassles.

While keeping all these guidelines in mind Exclusive Taxi and Car service offer various wedding packages for the clients who are looking for the perfect wedding transportation for their day. They have a large variety of cars that you can choose from with no worries at all since their packages are affordable and economical.


Traveling is never an easy task especially if you are traveling to a completely new place with no sense of direction or anyone who will be able to guide you and pick you. You are pretty much on your own and have to guide yourself through the process at the airport and then get yourself to the hotel or any other place that you are staying at.

In such cases, it is always better to book airport transportation in advance to avoid the stress and worry of finding transport to get you to your destination. Here are some reasons which will convince you why you should definitely book airport transportation in advance and what are the benefits that come with it.

Immediate pick up:

Airports are crowded places which for many of us is a major issue since too many people in one place is never a good idea therefore as a traveler you want to leave the airport immediately. This can be made possible with the advance booking of airport transportation since you will already have someone waiting for you to take you away immediately to your destination.


Being in a new place means you have no clue who to trust and it becomes a major concern when you are getting out of the airport since you have no clue which transport is the safest. This problem can be solved with the advance booking of airport transportation since you can do your research and choose the company which is reputable and has amazing reviews. This way you will be in safe hands when you land.

No stress of finding ways around:

You obviously don’t know the routes when you are in a new place, therefore, you need someone who knows their way around and that is where the advance booking comes again since airport transportation comes with a driver who is licensed, trained and knows the best route, they can easily drive you to your destination safely and with no incidents.

No timing issues:

Some flights land very late at night and that is the time when finding transportation becomes a major issue which can be solved through advance airport transportation booking since a driver will be present only for you at no matter what odd time your flight lands to cater to your needs.

Special requests:

When booking airport transportation in advance you can even make any special requests that you want so that the company can easily accommodate you accordingly. You also get the choice of cars to choose from which makes your traveling more comfortable and relaxed.

With so many reasons and benefits of advance airport transportation booking, you can easily deduce how beneficial advance booking is so why not you do it too next time when you are traveling? Exclusive Taxi and Car Service provides round the clock airport transportation services which you can choose and make any requests that you want in advance and they will surely cater to it.



Being driven around sounds like the best idea to many of us since we can relax and be laid back without worrying about finding our ways or getting frustrated in the traffic. Hiring a chauffeur for your special event transportation not only allows you to relax but is also cost-effective and manageable since it minimizes the stress of driving yourself around.

Chauffeur companies are really the best option since they deliver the finest services and takes over worries of clients when it comes to driving around which allows the client to focus on other aspects of the special event that really matter to them.

If you are looking for more reasons to convince you as to why you should hire a chauffeur for your special event transportation then here are some.

Book a chauffeur for all types of events:

Whether your event is for pleasure or for business, a chauffeur is still the best option to drive you around since you can have a pre-party or make sure you have all your files and are ready for your business in the event you are going to is formal.

You can let loose:

With a chauffeur at your beck and call, you can easily let loose and relax to the max without worrying about having a designated driver who is forced to remain out of the party. Also if you are tired after the long meeting that you have had you won’t have to worry about driving anymore but leave that worry to someone else.


Are you worried about reaching your destination on time? Well with a chauffeur it is not your worry anymore since he is now responsible to make sure that you reach your special event or the meeting on time so that there are no issues which will lead to any further problems. You can conveniently stay on a routine without worrying about much.

No stress about parking space:

Another reason to opt for a chauffeur for your special event transportation is that you won’t have to worry about finding a parking space which in turn will save a lot of time. You can easily just walk into the party or the office without stressing about if you have parked right or not.

Alternate routes:

The Chauffeur is bond to know multiple routes when it comes to the destination you need to reach that is why if one route is blocked with traffic he can easily change route without you having to worry about finding your way around.

Arrive in style:

Not driving yourself gives you a sense of luxury and that is why when you arrive with a chauffeur you give off stylish and luxurious vibes that are bound to leave an impression on your coworkers and friends.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service offers its clients the best chauffeur services for their special event transportation. You can check in with us and have a look at the driver who is on board with us. Our chauffeurs are trained and licensed with knowledge of all the traffic rules and regulations.


Prom is one of the major events of our life. It is the ending of our young days, one last formal party before stepping into adulthood and that is why it is important to have fun and be flashy yet glamourous.

Getting to prom is always one of the biggest concerns since not everyone has a car or can drive even. Plus one needs to be safe just in case, that is why several students opt for renting a car or even a limo to get to their destination.

There are certain checkpoints that you need to look into if you are looking for hiring transportation for your prom.

1.Are you traveling with a group?

Most of the times groups of friends want to travel and reach their destination together, therefore, the size of the party who is traveling together matters the most since you need to have a spacey car if multiple people are planning to go together or else they will need more than one car. If you have a big group then you can opt for limos and party buses which are safe and convenient for big groups of people.

2.Vehicle Check:

Make sure to inspect the vehicle beforehand to check if it is in the proper condition or worth the money you are paying for it. You need to look at the exterior as well as the interior to determine its comfortability. Choosing your transportation online is the easy way around but sometimes going yourself to check the transport goes a long way.

3.Market Check:

Always ask for reviews about the company you are planning to go with. People who have already used their services are bound to give honest reviews since reputation matters. Also this way you will be able to get recommendations for other transport services as well. You do not want to spoil your big night with minor inconveniences or issues which could have been avoided only if you had double-checked.

4.Are any extra services or amenities included?

Some companies offer complimentary amenities when you opt for them and that is why you should ask and check if in the package you are choosing is there any extra service included or any plus point that you can be happy about?

5.Make sure it’s safe:

As mentioned, always make sure the company you choose is safe and has drivers you are reputable since you wouldn’t want any accidents. It is important to know that the transport you are traveling in is completely safe and sound that is why check if the company is insured and licensed as well.

No matter which travels the company you go with always make sure that you satisfy yourself before making any decision. We suggest asking people around and doing your research. Exclusive Taxi and Car Service offers its cars and limos to you for your special night of prom with packages that are affordable and pocket-friendly. Make sure to check us out when searching for your perfect transportation for prom.

5 Best Reasons To Rent A Limo

Thanks to modern technology, there are multiple transport options for you to choose from. For example, you can opt to use taxis, rideshare services, or rent a car. Despite this, a limo service remains one of the best ways to travel. Let’s look at the top five reasons people prefer to rent a limo.

1.Experienced Drivers

If you are in an unfamiliar area, navigating can often be a significant challenge. You don’t know where any of the streets lead, or which route you should take. This is especially difficult in bigger cities, as you try to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Thankfully, when you rent a limo, you will be able to get access to a highly experienced driver. The limo company will make sure to put each driver through a rigorous test, making sure that they only hire the best quality drivers. This will provide limo users with a range of benefits. For example, the drivers will be able to use their extensive local knowledge when planning your route. This will ensure that you get to the destination on time. This is very important if you need to attend a business meeting. They will also be able to help make sure that you enjoy the experience. This can include everything from acting in a professional manner to recommending the best local restaurants. There truly is no substitute for this kind of service.

2.Travel In Luxury

One of the best ways to arrive at your destination is style is taking a limo. Everything about these vehicles has been designed to make sure that you feel special. For example, there is plenty of comfortable seating for you to enjoy on the journey. You will also have a lot of space, so you don’t feel cramped. Also, when you rent a limo, you can be assured that it will arrive in excellent condition, so you don’t have to clean up another person’s rubbish. Because of this, limos are suitable for a range of events. For example, you might be on your way to a business trip and need some space to get into the right mindset before a big meeting. Alternatively, you might want to celebrate a special occasion, like graduation. Or you might just want to spend some time with your family in this luxury vehicle. Regardless of why you are taking a limo, you will be guaranteed to turn heads when you arrive in this vehicle. In addition, limos are a great way to get across your important status, so you’ll be treated like a VIP throughout the entire evening.

3.Protected By Insurance

Sadly, not every road user will drive in a safe way. Though limo drivers have been highly trained, there is still the chance that an accident will occur. Thankfully, in this unlikely event, you will be protected. Most limo companies will have extensive insurance policies in place, to make sure that you won’t be expected to pay for any damage that occurs. This is different from other transport options. For example, rental cars will be thoroughly inspected and you will need to pay to repair any damage that occurs. For this reason, you will have more peace of mind when you choose to rent a limo.

4.Known Costs

One of the biggest reasons why people choose not to hire a limo is because they are concerned about the price. However, you might be surprised at how much it costs to rent a limo. Most companies work hard to make their services as affordable as possible. In addition, when you rent a limo, you will be given a clear understanding of the costs involved upfront. This can be compared to the surge pricing system used by rideshare companies. Because prices can suddenly increase, there is a lot of uncertainty about how much the ride will cost. A limo service will give you an accurate quote, which you can use to budget for the service.

5.Reliable And Convenient

Over the years, limo services have shown themselves to be one of the most reliable ways to get to an important event on time. When you call to rent a limo, there are a few questions that you will have to answer. Also, you will have to choose which size you desire. This will ensure that your whole party will be able to travel together. You will also have to specify when you want the car to arrive at your residence.  When you do this, you will have the assurance that the limo will arrive at the correct time. This is perfect for people who are running on a strict schedule. For example, you might have to get to the airport, in order to catch a plane. Alternatively, you might need to get to a meeting on time. This will allow you to focus on more important things, like going over your speech or getting mentally focused.


Also, once you’ve been delivered at your destination, you don’t need to fill out any forms or hand over any money. You will simply be able to get out of the vehicle, and the limo will drive away. In addition, most of the limos will feature a range of technology options. This means that you won’t have to worry about your laptop running out of charge on a long journey. You will also be able to get connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or even watch TV on your trip. This makes a limo service the best choice for people who are looking for a convenient way to travel.


Limos remain one of the most popular transport options on the market. They will get you to your destination on style while making sure that you arrive on-time. We discussed five of the biggest reasons that people choose to use a limo, though there are many more that we could have mentioned. To experience this luxury for yourself, make sure to rent a limo today.


Known as The Mile Square City, Hoboken is a city of Hudson County, New Jersey. It is also renowned for the Hoboken Terminal which is the main and major transportation hub for the region.

Since it is located on the Hudson Waterfront, the city gains more significance than ever due to the fact that it is home to several industries. The city dates back to the early settlement as a colony of the Netherland but was later developed as a resort and later as a neighborhood.

Moreover, Hoboken is the location where the first baseball game was recorded and it also houses the Stevens Institute of Technology which is one of the oldest universities in the USA. Frank Sinatra was also born in Hoboken.

When such a star is born in a city one becomes more curious about what kind of life the said city offers and if one is a night owl or is looking for a night out then the nightlife becomes crucial. Hoboken, NJ is the city which has a long list of locations to check out at night. It has a thriving Nightlife and the spots are cheap rivaling many other spots in the area.

Coco Havana:

Bringing you the Latin twist in Hoboken, Coco Havana is a unique café and a lounge. Located on Newark Street, it offers you dinner, drinks and dancing as well. At one location you have it all making it an ideal place for a night out.

Wicked Wolf Tavern:

Located on the Sinatra Drive, Wicked Wolf Tavern is a super casual sports bar perfect for a boy’s night out or anyone who is a sports junkie. It offers dinner, extensive appetizer menus, a number of TV screens, a DJ and even a live band along with outdoor seating as well where you can enjoy beautiful sights of the river.

Teak on Hudson:

Looking for a lavish club? Teak on Hudson is the right place to be at since it a club with multiple levels. It offers live music with food and drinks. Teak on Hudson has outdoor seating as well which becomes the main spot during the summer nights.

The Shannon:

One of the most popular bars to be in Hoboken is The Shannon which is an Irish bar with a live mic and happy hour drinks. It is also a sports bar having a widescreen TV with a young crowd hanging out there. It is most upbeat during the night and people flock with their friends to The Shannon.

Room 84:

If you want a VIP treatment head down to Room 84 which has a luxurious, posh and fun vibe along with living DJ music. It has a premium bottle service and is a perfect spot for parties and large groups.

With so many places to check out in Hoboken, NJ you have got your hands full and after having a night filled with fun instead of worrying about choosing a designated driver or catching a taxi later at night why not order a taxi ahead from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service?

Order a taxi from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service to get to your desired location at back safely!