Top 5 Reasons To Use A Limo Service This Summer

Top 5 Reasons To Use A Limo Service This Summer

What typically takes place during the summer? Concerts, sports games, visits to the big city, trips to wineries, weekend getaways, weddings… You name it! Aside from summer, what do these events have in common? Each and every one of them should be enjoyed to the fullest. What can put a damper on your enjoyment? How about the following:

  • Trying to find a parking spot
  • Arguing about who’s going to be the designated driver
  • Getting stuck in traffic
  • And other hassles encountered when trying to get from point A to point B

All of those can be eliminated, allowing you a better opportunity for enjoyment, by hiring a limo service. Not convinced? Here is a handful of reasons why hiring a limo service this summer could make this one of the best summers ever.

Make Traveling Fun Again

Few things say “fun” like riding and being seen in a limo! Summer is all about enjoying yourself and making memories. Take full advantage of summer by getting outside, enjoying the nice weather, and having a blast. Get a group of your friends together and split the cost if you like, but don’t let summer go by without enjoying an outing from beginning to end with a ride in a limo.

Limos Aren’t As Expensive As You May Think

As soon as they hear the word “limousine”, people automatically think of spending lots of money. But consider this: the value of your time, the cost of car rentals, public transportation, gas, tolls, and parking all can factor in to make a trip a pricey endeavor. But with a car service or limousine service, what once seemed out of reach can appear far more affordable. It just makes good sense to take a limo.

Travel Stress Free

New York City is a great place to live and visit. But the traffic… not so much. It can be stressful to try to make your way around not only the city but the surrounding areas as well. Even New Jersey is no walk in the park where traffic is concerned. Let someone else deal with the traffic and be in charge of stress. You enjoy the journey.

Enjoy The Scenery More

New York City has many sites to offer which cannot be fully appreciated if you’re concentrating on traffic, the hunt for parking, etc. Whether you’re just visiting the city, catching a Broadway show, heading out to watch a game, or visiting a winery, a limo ride is the best way to go. Sit back, take in the scenery, and enjoy the ride.

Convenience and Limos Go Hand-In-Hand

Planning on a summer vacation? The very second you walk out that door, you can start relaxing if all your driving needs are attended to by a limo chauffeur. From the moment the limousine pulls up in front of your door, you can drop into vacation mode. Who wants to pay for airport parking, convince someone to drive you to the airport, take public transportation, or rent a car when you can be chauffeur-driven to catch your flight?

Where’s The Best Place to Rent a Limo?

Rely on Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for this summer’s limousine needs. For pricing and vehicle options in the New York/New Jersey area, contact us today. Summer isn’t getting any longer. Book your limousine before the weather turns cold for the rest of the year.


Weddings are the event that needs to go smoothly without any hassles. There is already too much going on at the day of the wedding that you do not afford anything going down the wrong path that is why it is crucial to plan and make sure everything is on track.

One of the major things that play an important role in the wedding is the transportation for your wedding which you need to take care of. Since you need a way to get to and from the location as well as make sure all the guests reach on time. Wedding parties need transportation for the wedding as well.

To keep everything going smoothly here is a list of things which you should stay clear of when planning the transportation for your wedding.

Last-minute bookings:

Since you have been planning your wedding for a while then why do you want to leave transportation for your wedding for the last minute? Make sure that you book your choice of transportation well before the event so that you can browse through the options that you have and check out some of the service providers before making a decision.

Not make a list of requirements:

It is always helpful to make a list of everything that you need that is why do not just think that you will remember it all at the top of your mind but make a proper list of everything that you require in your transportation for your wedding so that when you select a means of transport you can make sure if it checks all your boxes. You will also be able to make sure that you are getting what you need and not making the wrong choice.

Hasty decisions:

Do not make hasty decisions since they never seem to be the right one. Make sure to plan extensively and choose wisely when wedding transportation which suits you the best. You also need to make sure that the service you are selecting is compatible with everything that you require. You should do your research and even check online reviews before you make a final decision.

Spend more:

Not necessarily if a service is expensive it will be the best sometimes companies charging you much less will give you the finest services  Do not be a fool and end up spending money where it is not worth it. Make sure to select a service that is worthy of the money you are willing to spend and if they are providing everything perfectly in the money they have promised you.

Keep all the things that you should not do in your mind and make your decision accordingly. Exclusive Taxi and Car service is one of the travel services that have an extensive range of cars and limos that you can choose as transportation for your wedding. They have various wedding packages which you can select from according to your requirements and make sure that you have what you need in your wedding transportation.


It is a dream of a number of people to travel in a limo at least once in their lifetime. The experience of traveling in a limo is an adventure and a tale to tell since it makes you feel special and luxurious. Since Limos are commonly only rented by the rich and the celebrities it has become a symbol of elites but now the times have changed.

Anyone can rent a limo through a limo service provider for their special occasions or if they want to ride in a limo. With numerous limo services and companies it has become easier to rent a limo at economical and affordable prices so why not rent a limo for the next upcoming event?

Here is a list of occasions you can rent a limo service for:

For a Fancy Evening:

Taking your significant other out for a fancy date? Why not hire a limo service as transport? Not only that will blow away your date but it will also leave them completely awestruck. A limo would add the oomph to your special night and you won’t have to worry about driving as well. This way you both will have the whole time to yourselves.

For Business:

Want to leave an impression on your colleagues? Hire a limo service to take you the big meeting that has lined up. Not only will this leave an impression but will also you to take your team with you while having any remaining discussion and a final go through for the meeting. In a limo, you will be able to have privacy as well the comfort so that you won’t be stressed out before the meeting.

For Weddings:

A wedding is a major event of your life and that is why you should go the extra mile and rent a limo for your big day. This will save you the hassle and worry of getting to the destination on time along with the worry of the wedding party since you can just take them with you. You can even leave for the reception with not worrying about driving and stressing about parking places.

For Prom:

To make prom more memorable rent a limo service so that you and your friends can travel in style and in a safe way. It is a once in a lifetime experience you don’t want to miss out on. Some of the limo service companies even offer discounted prices for the students so that they can enjoy their night without any reservations.

With so many events that are limo worthy you are bound to get a limo experience once in your life so why not contact Exclusive Taxi and Limo Service for your next limo worthy occasion and get the most affordable and economical prices while getting an opportunity of a lifetime.


Getting to church and all the places that you need to be for your wedding is extremely crucial since you cannot afford running late on your very own special day which is your wedding. When it comes to weddings each and every single detail matters since it all has to be perfect and on point. This brings us to choosing wedding transportation which plays a significant part in bringing everything together.

Making sure all the guests and the wedding party reach the venue on time and in the right place without worrying about parking spaces and traffic is a major feat to accomplish that is why you need the perfect wedding transportation which will allow you to make your wedding a dream come true.

To have your day run smoothly depends on the wedding transportation you choose therefore here are some tips for you.

Early bookings:

One of the most significant tips when it comes to booking wedding transportation is that you book it beforehand at your earliest convenience. If you book closer to the event you may face issues like higher prices, lack of transportation options, limited choice of transport companies which provide wedding transportations etc. That is why plan ahead and book your transportation as early as possible.

Make plans:

A wedding is not an easy event to pull off, therefore, plan ahead and keep in mind what kind of transportation and cars you would want for who. Make a list of which car will go with you and if you want to rent a limo for the bride and the groom. You will also have to take into consideration how guests are getting to the venue and if they will reach on time.

Do your research:

Look in your area for the best wedding transportation provider who offers the finest quality service within your price range and budget. Some companies tend to charge a very high price while not giving you the services they promised you which can cost you your very special event therefore always ask around, check the cars and the drivers and if you have finally booked the wedding transport then make sure to get driver’s information as well.

Timing is the key:

Its all a game of time on the wedding day that is why make sure you and your wedding party along with guests have a detailed outline of the timing of when to leave and when will the ceremony start. Make a strict timeline so that you and others are able to follow it this, in turn, will help your driver as well.

We agree that choosing wedding transportation is not an easy task and that is why Exclusive Taxi and Car Service provides the bride and groom with the best possible transportation service, having a vast range of cars to choose from as well as packages to select if they want any added service. We believe in cooperation and communication which will make your day more special.


Is your wedding day around the corner and you have no clue about how to decide which transport you should choose for the momentous day? A day which will be remembered all your life as one of the best memory. You obviously want your big day to run smoothly and for that, you need wedding transportation which will be in all sense perfect like the day you have planned.

If you have no clue what to look for in wedding transportation, do not stress about it since we are here with a complete guide of what to look for in wedding transportation.

Book it in advance:

Make sure to book your wedding transportation in at least a couple of months in advance to avoid any mishaps or an increase in prices. With the added months you will have to take things smoothly and not rush in making a decision about which car you want as your wedding transportation.

Keep your budget in mind:

You always have a budget, even on your big day and you should be conscious of it. Make your decision when it comes to wedding transportation while keeping in mind how much you can spend and what can you afford in the amount you have set for transportation. Choose the best transport in the budget that you have.

Type of transport:

Choose your wedding transport wisely and according to your wedding party along with how many people are planning to travel with you. If you are looking for saving costs and keeping the complete bridal party with you then you should definitely opt for a coach, bus or even a limo if you want to go all out.

Look for comfort:

It’s your day and your comfort comes as the topmost priority, therefore, pick the wedding transportation in which you will be comfortable in with your dress and the number of people that you have with you. Moreover, make sure you have enough space in the car, bus or limo whatever you choose, for your dress so that it does not get spoiled.

Set a vibe:

The wedding transportation you choose can also match the vibe or the theme that you have chosen your big day. If your wedding is all about being glamorous and style then selecting a limo for your day might add a little more extra to it and make your day more special. Your choice of transport can also match your personality or the kind of dynamics you and your significant have.

Follow the timeline:

Make a timeline that you can provide the driver of the wedding transportation so that there are no incidents and everything takes place on time with no hassles.

While keeping all these guidelines in mind Exclusive Taxi and Car service offer various wedding packages for the clients who are looking for the perfect wedding transportation for their day. They have a large variety of cars that you can choose from with no worries at all since their packages are affordable and economical.


Planning a perfect wedding is a tricky job. You have to take care of a long list of things without messing up any of them since your wedding day is one of the most significant and memorable days of your life which will surely remain with you all your life.

Getting married itself is a major milestone that deserves to be celebrated with everything that is the best. You want everything to be perfect and glamourous for your wedding so why not order a limo while you are at it.

The limo might seem like going the extra mile and adding to your expenses and budget but you only marry once so why not go all out and indulge a little in an extravagant ride all the while spoiling your significant other with the style, comfort, and luxury they deserve.

Hiring a limo for your wedding not only makes your day glamourous and memorable but it also adds sophistication, style and an awe element that you want for your wedding. If you are looking for more reasons as to why you should hire a Limo for your wedding then here are some:

No driving hassle:

If you opt for a limo on your wedding day then you will not have to worry about driving right after your big day or after your party. The limo will take you to your destination after the wedding without any problems and you will not have to drive at all.


A limo for your wedding ensures that you get to travel safely to all your locations without worrying about a thing. In a limo, you are sure not to get lost or worry about reaching your wedding on time since your limo driver will take care of all that for you.


Having a limo driving you around is extremely convenient since it can house more people and has more space for that wonderful bridal dress. You can have your groomsmen and bridesmaids with you in your limo and have a private party for yourself.


By hiring a limo for your wedding you will be able to have a set schedule and maintain it since the limo driver will make sure that you reach all your destinations on time ensuring that you do not miss out on anything at all.


The limo might sound expensive but in reality, they are cost-effective due to the large space it offers which can accommodate up to 12 people making it environment-friendly as well.


For a comfortable ride, Limo is the best option for the bridal party since with its spacey interior the bride’s dress can easily be accommodated without any issues or damages.

If you are now convinced that you need a limo for your wedding then reach out to Exclusive Taxi and Car service which has a fleet of limos you can choose from for your big day with reasonable prices and well-maintained cars.