When going on a vacation with friends or family, you need to think about the place you’re going to stay over the period of time.

Hotels can get expensive especially if you plan to stay for a long period of time. So what to do in that case? You book a rental, and you book it soon.

On Jersey Shore,  you will not find any problem while booking the rentals.

There is a range of rentals ready for your use, with fully furnished apartments or houses as per your needs.

Except for being inexpensive, rentals come with other pros as well. By booking a rental you get:

Privacy and Personal Space

You don’t have to feel confined or suffocated in just a couple of rooms. If you are vacationing with a group of people rentals are the best choice you can make. You are not annoyed by various noises and can do whatever you want without worrying about other people complaining.

You Vacation Like You Want To

When having a rental you do not have to worry about timings and schedule or waking up with someone knocking. You can easily move around at your own pace and enjoy whenever and however you want.

You Can Pack Less

Since you are practically renting a house for yourself which comes with laundry equipment, you can easily pack less and wear the outfits again. You won’t have to carry heavy luggage around.

Save on food

The best part? You can even save on food. Since you have a kitchen at hand, you don’t have to spend extra money on food but rather cook by yourself while having fun and dancing around the kitchen.

Scenic Views

The Jersey Shore has rentals that offer you an aesthetic view while you stay at home. All you would have to do is to step onto the patio or look outside your window. Our rentals that are right on the beach offer beautiful and refreshing sunrises and calm sunsets.

A Number of Facilities

Since the rental market is competitive, owners are always trying to outdo each other with the facilities they provide you with. You can easily end up having free Wi-Fi, a gaming set-up along, and big-screen TVs and gifts baskets or complimentary meals.

Now if you are wondering which rentals are the best in the area, then we have some suggestions for you. You can check out:

Willowtree’s Beach Cottage

It is close to the beach, and you can walk right on the sand. You have easy and quick access to the beach with the lowest possible price.

Summer Sands

If you prefer a condo rather than a house, then this is the perfect option for you. It is spacious and fully renovated with views of the beach and with fresh air flow.

Central Air

It is cozy yet spacious with multiple bedrooms. It has a boardwalk and amusement park right at a walking distance. You get free access to Wi-Fi, laundry equipment and even a grill. It can’t get better than this.

You can get more rentals at locations like Loveladies, Ocean City, North Beach Haven, Ship Bottom, North Wildwood and many others.

Get There With Exclusive Taxi and Car Service

So what are you waiting for? Book your Rentals now and get prepared for a fun filled vacation.

If you are worried about how will you get to your rental don’t worry about that.

Just book a ride from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service and forget about all your transport needs. You can add the pickup point and a drop off even from the airport and Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will be there to assist you. Contact Exclusive Taxi and Car Service today!

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