Weddings are the event that needs to go smoothly without any hassles. There is already too much going on at the day of the wedding that you do not afford anything going down the wrong path that is why it is crucial to plan and make sure everything is on track.

One of the major things that play an important role in the wedding is the transportation for your wedding which you need to take care of. Since you need a way to get to and from the location as well as make sure all the guests reach on time. Wedding parties need transportation for the wedding as well.

To keep everything going smoothly here is a list of things which you should stay clear of when planning the transportation for your wedding.

Last-minute bookings:

Since you have been planning your wedding for a while then why do you want to leave transportation for your wedding for the last minute? Make sure that you book your choice of transportation well before the event so that you can browse through the options that you have and check out some of the service providers before making a decision.

Not make a list of requirements:

It is always helpful to make a list of everything that you need that is why do not just think that you will remember it all at the top of your mind but make a proper list of everything that you require in your transportation for your wedding so that when you select a means of transport you can make sure if it checks all your boxes. You will also be able to make sure that you are getting what you need and not making the wrong choice.

Hasty decisions:

Do not make hasty decisions since they never seem to be the right one. Make sure to plan extensively and choose wisely when wedding transportation which suits you the best. You also need to make sure that the service you are selecting is compatible with everything that you require. You should do your research and even check online reviews before you make a final decision.

Spend more:

Not necessarily if a service is expensive it will be the best sometimes companies charging you much less will give you the finest services  Do not be a fool and end up spending money where it is not worth it. Make sure to select a service that is worthy of the money you are willing to spend and if they are providing everything perfectly in the money they have promised you.

Keep all the things that you should not do in your mind and make your decision accordingly. Exclusive Taxi and Car service is one of the travel services that have an extensive range of cars and limos that you can choose as transportation for your wedding. They have various wedding packages which you can select from according to your requirements and make sure that you have what you need in your wedding transportation.


Are you a first-timer in choosing a limo rental and you looking for a Limo Rental company which is licensed, reputable as well as pocket-friendly? Also, are you confused about what to look for in a Limo rental before choosing the service for your event? If that is the case then we have some suggestions and tips for you which can help you find the perfect limo rental for you.

The type:

Since limos come in several types you need to know beforehand which limo do you want for yourself, therefore, it is necessary to do your research about which limo brand or company do you prefer. Also if it will accommodate the number of people you are planning to travel with.

The reputation:

Ever heard of a background check? Of course, you have. Do a background on any limo rental that you are looking forward to choosing since this way you will be able to check out their reputation and if it is recommended by others. Look at the reviews which are posted online by the previous clients to get to know more about the company.

The three W’s:

Before finalizing the limo rental know what, when and where. You need to know what are you looking for in a limo and the services that come with it, when do you want the limo to be at the place you have in mind and where do you want to travel to and from in the limo. All these are necessary to keep in mind before choosing a limo rental.

Price and Packages:

Many of the Limo rentals have various prices and packages for a variety of events and even for students as well. Make sure you ask for them all and ask the right question. Be specific with the details you are providing them with so that none of you are confused. Also, ask about any extra services they provide or what is included in the packages they are offering.

The Chauffeur:

You should also meet your chauffeur a few days before so that you can know how he is in person and how experienced he is. You can even ask the limo rental for his credentials and if he has driven for similar events to yours before.

Write it down:

Writing make things concrete and that is why you should put down all the details on paper too. You can even have a proper contract made and signed as proof as well as to make sure no issues related to money or the limo arise on the day of your event.

With all the pointers in mind check out Exclusive Taxi and Car service. They are a limo rental that has a large variety of limos at various price points that you can choose from. The quality of their service is one of the finest in the area which they can provide in the budget-friendly prices.


NYC is a big city which is always hustling and bustling with people who are in a rush to get to places. Everyone is rushing to public transports or driving their cars crazily. Half of the time people are stuck in the traffic which makes them get later than usual. Even the subways are bustling and overflowing with crowds of people and the rush hours are the worse.

If you are in NYC and need to get to various places we suggest that you get yourself a taxi whenever you are planning to travel. Rent a taxi in NYC and you will be giving away half of your travel worries. When you rent a taxi in NYC you will be getting many benefits some of which are as follow and they might convince you to get yourself a taxi next time you think of traveling.


The first and foremost thing in NYC is finding parking. Parking in NYC is on the expensive side which can become a hassle for you and even if you do manage to find a parking place it will cost you a lot. Even the parking is so far away from the places that you have to go that you end up walking for a while to get to your location. Therefore, it is best to rent a taxi in NYC whenever you are out and about.


Subways may be cheaper and accessible but they surely are not comfortable at all. With people being crowded in a subway you are bound to get all cramped up and not even find a place to sit that is why it is better to rent a taxi in NYC since this way you will e able to travel comfortably with no problem at all. You can even have a seat all to yourself and travel without any hassle.


If you are to travel at night some places in NYC can be a dangerous place since you can get mugged or even harmed. To keep yourself safe you should rent a taxi and be on your way. In a taxi, you can be sure of your safety and travel easily with no fear of getting harmed.


If you are renting a taxi in NYC you will not have to worry about finding your way in the city since your driver will be able to take you any location that you need to get to. The drivers of taxis know the fastest and most reliable routes as well as which road will be blocked with traffic at a certain point of the say.

With so many reasons as to why you should rent a taxi in NYC you are sure to be on a lookout for a taxi service by now. Exclusive Taxi and Car service are one of the most reliable and budget-friendly taxi services in NYC which is available round the clock so that is why whenever you need a taxi be sure to reach out to them.


If you are the one who has to travel on a regular basis or even weekly basis for business or for any other reasons then you can understand how much of a handful getting to and from the airport can be. It is a nerve-wracking experience of how to get the transportation plus someone who is trustworthy and get you from the airport to your destination without any stress.

In this scenario, it is best to book Airport Luxury Transportation beforehand, since not only will you have a car for yourself waiting when you land but also a peaceful comfortable ride to your destination but what to note before you book an airport luxury transportation?

Here are some pointers which can be of your help:

Book in advance:

Last-minute booking is always a hassle since you don’t always get the transport or the car you want due to lack of availability and you are left with very little choices. With booking in advance you get to choose whichever luxury will be the best for you and you can even work around various price points.

Time the journey:

Make sure to make an estimate of the time it will take travelling and then add half an hour or even an hour to the journey to keep some extra time for traffic or any other problem that may come. It is always better to reach a little early than reaching late and rushing through every single process.

Always read reviews:

Before selecting a luxury airport transportation service make sure you read what the other people who have used the services have to say about them. Reviews and word of mouth can give you an insight which you should always know when selecting any luxury airport transportation.

Space for luggage:

During travelling, you are bound to have luggage with you even if you are travelling light. Make sure to choose a car which not only has enough seating space but enough space for your luggage as well, therefore, get a car which can accommodate everything.


Ask about various discounted price packages which might be offered by the company that you are selecting since it can cost a lot less money. If you travel a lot and need to book cars again and again then book them altogether since this way you can save on bulk bookings.

Call to confirm:

Sometimes miscommunication might happen and schedules can get mixed therefore it is helpful if you call for confirmation and for the purpose of double-checking with the company to ensure that you get the car that you booked on time. You should also call a few days ahead to confirm the reservation itself.

With all these tips you can be in safe hands if you plan ahead and plan well. If you are in search of luxury airport transportation you can definitely give Exclusive Taxi and Car Service a call since they are one of the finest companies offering an extensive range of car to choose from with reasonable prices.


Various special events keep taking place all year round and as hosts or organizers, you need to make sure that the guests reach the venue on date and time. If you have guests flying from somewhere then you need to have them picked up and accommodated for which you need to be booking transportation.

With an event coming up you need to make transportation arrangements by booking transportation which can be accessible to guests for which you need to keep certain pointers in mind so that you have a successful and smooth event.

The pointers that you need to check off are:

Plan ahead:

Before booking transportation for your event, make a plan. Note down about traffic, think about the best possible routes along with keeping in mind the timings of the event and how much traffic is at that time. Make sure that you plan accordingly to avoid any timing mishaps. This will also enable you to make the best selection of car or any other transport which will be the most suitable for your guest.


For an event, you are given a pre-decided budget within which you have to arrange each and everything therefore when it comes to booking transportation make sure to check and compare the prices offered by various car and travel companies so that you can select the one with the best possible packages.

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Know your guests:

Since guests are the top priority for any event, therefore, it is necessary to make sure that how many guests do you have coming and what are there likes and dislikes or would they be needing any specific type of transportation. Also, keep in mind how many guests are there so that you make bookings accordingly.


It is essential to confirm and double-check with your guests about their presence to ensure that every guest that you have invited will be present so that the arrangements that you have made will not go to waste. With double-checking and confirmation, you will be sure about the number of transports that you have booked is enough or not.

Quality check:

Be sure to personally check the transport you have selected beforehand to ensure the quality standards and if they meet your high standards. Before finalizing your booking personally check all the cars that you are planning to book so that your guests can travel in comfort and style without any issues or worries.

If you are looking for transportation for your event you can check out what Exclusive Taxi and Car Service have to offer since they are the expert in providing transportation for various events throughout the year. With having the finest quality and a wide range of cars to budget-friendly price packages they have it all therefore whenever you are in need of event transportation you can give them a call or visit them for your own satisfaction.


As a student the one event that you look forward to the most is prom and you prepare for it throughout the year. Every student is super excited about it and plans and even dreams about attending it. It is a night filled with entertainment, fun, memories and a night of celebration as prom marks a milestone of a student’s life.
To get to the location of your prom you need to have a form of transportation. If you have your own car or your parents are driving you then you are in the safe but if you don’t then you need to get yourself prom transportation. To get the perfect prom transportation you need to be careful about certain things and those certain things are:

A budget:

As a student, you are always on a budget and you have to stay within it whenever you are planning anything that is why make sure to keep in mind your limitations and choose prom transportation accordingly so that you don’t end up overspending.

Know how many people are going:

If it is just you and your date, you can pretty much choose any car or prom transportation but if you are traveling with your squad then make sure to get a car that can accommodate each and every one of your friends. You need a car with enough space and services that you are looking for.
Search the market:
Knowing various companies which offer prom transportation is a benefit since then you can compare the prices and select the one which has the best price packages. This would also give you a chance to hunt for which company has a car which is in the finest condition and will be a comfortable ride.

Quality check:

Do a quality check in person before you book your prom transport. Do not depend on what you see in pictures or on the social platform, go to the company yourself and check if the car that you have booked is in prim and proper condition and if your money is going to waste.

Advance bookings:

Since prom is an event which everyone wants to go to and number of people hire various transportation as well which leads to lack of prom transportation available that is why you should plan ahead and book your transport in advance so that you have a wide range to choose from and select any car that you like and suits your needs.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is one of the travel companies which keeps the guide in mind and design various prom transport packages which are student pocket-friendly and reasonable. The cars are always well-maintained for a smooth running so that students do not face any issue when it comes to their very special event of the year. For bookings, you can visit them or even give them a call and they will be right with you.