Make Your First Date Special with Exclusive Taxi and Car Services

You live in New Jersey and have a first date but your car broke down?

You don’t have a car now and it will be too awkward to ask somebody to drive you? None of your friends are willing to let you borrow a car as well?

Well not to worry. Exclusive Taxi and Car Services have got your back.

We are here to solve this issue for you. All you have to do is book a ride from Exclusive Taxi and Car Services. We have taxis, cars and even a limo if you want to go all out on your first date.

We know how crucial it is to treat a girl like the queen she is!

That’s one thing down for you. But…

Are you now thinking about what to do on your first date?

In that case, we got you as well. We have compiled some ideas for what you can do on your very first a date and secure yourself a second one as well.

Here are some ideas that might help you out.

1. The Local Zoo

Are you both an animal lover? If yes then it doesn’t get better than going to the zoo. You can simply hold hands, talk about stuff, actually have a conversation or just look around the zoo. You can even talk about various animals if you run out of things to talk. Not only that you can even get food from the food stalls and make it an enjoyable day.

Pick any zoo you’d like as your date location and book yourself a car from Exclusive Taxi and Car Services to make your life easier.

Some of the best zoos you can visit are:

Cohanzick Zoo, Popcorn Park Zoo and Turtle Back Zoo.


2. Walk on the Boardwalk

There are not only a couple of Boardwalk but a variety of them all over New Jersey. You can pick any of the ones that you think is the coolest and Exclusive taxi and car services will take you there.

At any Boardwalk of New Jersey, you will find numerous things to try out. The best of them being amusement parks and diversity of places to grab a bite.

If that gets boring you can always have a romantic stroll down the beach, hand in hand while having a wholesome conversation.


3. Food Festival

It is one of the cheapest yet the most fun place to hang out at if you both enjoy food. ‘Project Eats’ has a huge and yummy-licious variety of food. There are food trucks which will leave you craving for more along with bars and cooling drinks.

You can also look up for any other food festivals and Exclusive Taxi and Car Services will surely assist you in your travels.


4. Park Picnic

New Jersey has parks at a number of locations and they are one of the most comfortable places to be at for a first date. Grab a blanket and customize a picnic basket with all your favorite food to munch on. You can even skate in the rink or walk around. Throw around a Frisbee together or just sit and have a conversation.

Just choose any park and order a ride from Exclusive Taxi and Car Services for a comfortable drive to the park.