A Safer Option for Transportation

The Problem with Uber

There are so many reasons as to why a person would want to use a transportation service like Uber. Maybe they don’t drive or can’t afford a car. Maybe you and your friends went out drinking and it’s unsafe to drive. Whatever the reason is, transportation services are a convenient option for people who need to get around. Uber has become a major player in the transportation industry, but the problem is that Uber and other similar ride-sharing apps just do not do enough to protect the safety of their passengers. Using a service like Uber can be dangerous, which is why you need an alternative to this option.

Just by looking at the news, you can see so many reasons why Uber is a risky choice. In South Carolina, a girl made the mistake of getting into the wrong Uber and was killed for her mistake. Then there was the incident where an Uber driver took the customer to the airport as the customer requested. Unfortunately, the driver took it upon himself to then rob her house immediately afterwards. These are just a few of the numerous stories that you can find about the dangers of Uber. There are plenty of other stories with other rideshare apps as well, all of which should make you hesitant to trust these services.

This recent incident in South Carolina was just one of the incidences that have caused a lawsuit against Uber. The complaint against the rideshare company says that the company simply doesn’t do enough to protect the passengers. All someone needs to do is to print out an easily accessed emblem and put it on their car to pose as a driver, allowing predators to roam around for their next victim. Whether it is physical harm or harm as a result of being scammed, Uber just isn’t a great option.

The Advantage of Exclusive Taxi & Car Service

What makes Exclusive Taxi & Car Service a better choice than Uber? First of all, the drivers for these companies are held to a much higher standard than that of an Uber driver. In some areas, drivers must have proof of residency and have a clean criminal record. They must also complete specialized driving classes. Even more importantly, there are some locations where a simple background check isn’t good enough. In these areas, drivers are expected to pass an FBI criminal background check. The cars are also inspected on a regular basis, whereas you don’t get this level of inspection with rideshare services.

The reality is that you are going to be a lot safer when you use taxis or car services for your transportation needs. Unfortunately, it can be a dangerous world out there. You may think that you are safe when you trust a rideshare service like Uber, but these numerous stories of tragedy and danger makes you wonder if this is a service that you can really trust. Since there are more regulations in the taxi and car service industry, you can trust that you are going to be a lot safer with this option.