Known as The Mile Square City, Hoboken is a city of Hudson County, New Jersey. It is also renowned for the Hoboken Terminal which is the main and major transportation hub for the region.

Since it is located on the Hudson Waterfront, the city gains more significance than ever due to the fact that it is home to several industries. The city dates back to the early settlement as a colony of the Netherland but was later developed as a resort and later as a neighborhood.

Moreover, Hoboken is the location where the first baseball game was recorded and it also houses the Stevens Institute of Technology which is one of the oldest universities in the USA. Frank Sinatra was also born in Hoboken.

When such a star is born in a city one becomes more curious about what kind of life the said city offers and if one is a night owl or is looking for a night out then the nightlife becomes crucial. Hoboken, NJ is the city which has a long list of locations to check out at night. It has a thriving Nightlife and the spots are cheap rivaling many other spots in the area.

Coco Havana:

Bringing you the Latin twist in Hoboken, Coco Havana is a unique café and a lounge. Located on Newark Street, it offers you dinner, drinks and dancing as well. At one location you have it all making it an ideal place for a night out.

Wicked Wolf Tavern:

Located on the Sinatra Drive, Wicked Wolf Tavern is a super casual sports bar perfect for a boy’s night out or anyone who is a sports junkie. It offers dinner, extensive appetizer menus, a number of TV screens, a DJ and even a live band along with outdoor seating as well where you can enjoy beautiful sights of the river.

Teak on Hudson:

Looking for a lavish club? Teak on Hudson is the right place to be at since it a club with multiple levels. It offers live music with food and drinks. Teak on Hudson has outdoor seating as well which becomes the main spot during the summer nights.

The Shannon:

One of the most popular bars to be in Hoboken is The Shannon which is an Irish bar with a live mic and happy hour drinks. It is also a sports bar having a widescreen TV with a young crowd hanging out there. It is most upbeat during the night and people flock with their friends to The Shannon.

Room 84:

If you want a VIP treatment head down to Room 84 which has a luxurious, posh and fun vibe along with living DJ music. It has a premium bottle service and is a perfect spot for parties and large groups.

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