Six Flags Great Adventure is the most popular and the biggest amusement park in New Jersey and even includes a water park. 

It has several attractions, all divided into various sections based on themes and for various ages so that no matter how old you are, you can enjoy all the fun of Six Flags. 

With Halloween just around the corner, creepy vibes are filling the air, and to keep up with the mood of the season, Six Flags is holding its renowned Fright Fest event. 


If you love Halloween and feeling spooky, Six Flags’ Fright Fest is the place you want to be!

Presented by Snickers, Fright Fest is an event where all your worst nightmares come to life. From all sorts of creepy creatures lurking around the park to crazy and thrilling rides, the whole amusement park will be bustling with Halloween vibes. 

One never knows when they will end up coming across a zombie, a witch or a headless man. The park will be taken over by satanic beings and all that is gruesome and hellish. Be prepared to be spooked or scared out of your wits; Fright Fest is not for the faint of heart. 

Fright Fest takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Nov. 3, 2019. During the festival, Six Flags will be operated as usual throughout the day, but as soon as the sun sets, the darkness is sure to take over — not only the sky, but the whole park. 

Six Flags has introduced new rides and attractions for this year to attract a larger crowd and to make Fright Fest a complete package that scares every visitor out of their wits. 

There are haunted mazes, scare zones and other gore attractions waiting for you at Fright Fest. The rides have been revamped to match the theme, therefore, beware! 

As for taking care of the kids, Six Flags has organized “Scary-oke,” where children can show off their singing talent while the adults enjoy the rest of the scary attractions. 

To be the part of Fright Fest, it is best if you are a member or have a season pass. This way, you will have more access throughout the park and a chance to come back again another day. You can even get your hands on the Haunted House Wristband, which allows you entrance to all the haunted houses that are spread over the park. 

So many scares await you, you are sure to leave with a sore throat due to all the screaming. No doubt you will also be very tired after all the fun you’ve had. Instead of driving, why not order a cab so that you can rest on the way home and get there safely?

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