Toms River is one of the most highly populated and safest townships in Ocean County, NJ, two attributes that have made it an attractive destination for new residents and visitors alike over the years. 

Most residents own their own homes, making Toms River one of the best places to settle down and grow your roots. The area offers a high standard of living and a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. 

People come together to arrange events and celebrations throughout the year in Toms River, and even public organizations like the fire and police departments take an active role in making these events a success. 

One of the must-attend events taking place this year in Toms River is the Halloween Parade.

Check out the Annual Halloween Parade in Toms River!

Halloween is one event that is looked forward to all year by people of all ages. Everyone is itching to put up Halloween decorations, dress up in their favorite costumes, attend parties and, best of all, go Trick-or-Treating. 

To celebrate the occasion, Toms River’s Volunteer Fire Co. No.1 has organized its 81st Annual Halloween Parade on Thursday, Oct 31, 2019, from 7-9 p.m. 

The annual parade is known as the second-largest parade in the world. Roads are closed down especially for the occasion and lined with chairs for people attending the parade. 

The starting point of the Annual Halloween Parade is the Toms River Shopping Center. The parade will travel down to Main Street and end on Washington Street. All the aforementioned roads will be closed down for the procession. 

The parade will include more than 2,500 marchers and bands, as well. There will be people decked out in various costumes, fire-breathing monsters and balloon floats up in the sky. 

Registration to participate in the parade is free of cost, but each individual has to go down to the firehouse on Robbins St. to get themselves registered. 

Parade organizers are also accepting donations for the parade and will be happy if you contributed even a little to make the event successful.  

Because of the size of the parade, parking will be at a premium for those who plan to drive into town to attend. Everyone is encouraged to park their cars far away and not on the parade route —a hassle for those who don’t want to walk that far or search for a proper parking space. 

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