Booking wedding transport like a pro

Wedding day is a big day for all of us, this day is very important to all of us. Wedding day needs planning and re-planning, organizing different things, and multiple events. We need it to be perfect and enjoyable but at the same time, we are worried to manage and take care of many important things. The dress you would wear, the wedding cake, the wedding destination, the guest list and much more, all these things need to be perfectly planned to avoid any kind of inconvenience later. In addition to this, an important thing is the wedding transportation. We need to take care of the wedding transport and should book it on time. If I was to attend a wedding then I would also book a good limo service near me in advance. You can have different types of wedding transportation for your big day. You can hire a first-class limousine service, a big party bus, or a vintage Rolls Royce. If your wedding venue is near your residence then it’s easy for you and the guests to reach that place. But if it is far away then reaching it would be difficult for the guests to reach the wedding destination, so in this case, it is your responsibility to take them to the wedding venue and that is why you need to hire good wedding transportation. Some tips for booking your wedding transportation are given below

The people who need the wedding transportation

Before hiring a limo for your wedding you must count the people for whom you are hiring the wedding transportation service. First of all the people you should consider are you and your partner, they are the family members like parents and brothers and sisters. In general, a limousine has a space for holding six people, if you hire a stretch limo it can hold about ten people and a wedding van can hold around 20 people. Normally, it is recommended that you must not fill all the space available by filling people in the car, party bus, or van. Instead, leave some space for partying and enjoying. You should leave some room to give space to the wedding gowns and dresses worn by the bride or other female guests. The most important person at a wedding is the photographer so you must carry along the photographer to record precious moments in the camera while you are inside the car. If you can provide transportation to your guests it is really good however this is not necessary. But if your wedding destination is far away from your home then you must give transport to the guests to make them feel convenient

Book early

All the transportation companies have a huge number of customers around the year. The best wedding transportation companies have a long list of bookings also. So in case if you want the best and reliable wedding transport provider then you need to book early. The most ideal case is that you book the service four or six months before the wedding to hire the best car or party bus for the wedding. In addition to this booking early before time can help you to get a first-class limousine service at a much lower cost as compared to the prices that you would have to pay at the last minute. This is especially important if you want to hire an expensive and luxurious vehicle, which is few, so they might be booked by someone else. If you are going to get married in April, May or June then early booking becomes even more important. And also if the wedding is on a big holiday or days like the weekends. In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, if you do an early booking, you can easily choose the vehicle of your choice, early booking makes you more open to all types of vehicle choices including limos or school buses 

Professional drivers

In addition to the quality of the vehicle and the reputation of the wedding transportation service, another important thing you should consider is the driver or chauffeur who is taking you to the desired destination. Just imagine the awkward situation when you have hired an outclass and dashing limousine with an extremely inexperienced and unprofessional chauffeur. It would spoil your big day when the driver is unaware of the routes and roads that lead to your wedding venue. In addition to this, if the driver is unprofessional, you will reach late for your wedding. So it is recommended that whenever you are booking a first-class limousine service for a wedding, do not forget to consider the experience, manners, and dressing of the driver. Doing all these things will make you stress-free

Some other important things

You can have fun on your wedding day while traveling also. But safety must be your primary concern. You need to make sure that your ride is safe and secure and take you and your guests to the wedding destination. If in case you meet an accident on your way then the vehicle must carry certified insurance and proper permissions. You must verify that the limousine or any other vehicles should carry proper documents with it while traveling. Check whether your wedding transportation service has a proper license for providing you alcohol, champagne, and other drinks on board while traveling? If it is not provided then what are the policies for bringing your drinks on board? If such things are not allowed then you need not bring these things inside the car. If your guest is traveling by themselves then it’s fine but if they are using your transport then it’s great to give them all information on the wedding cards. This is important so that they don’t have to book their own or find a driver. In case you are not giving wedding transport services to the guests then it is important to mention the map on your wedding invitations. This will be of immense help to all the people attending the wedding