Top tips for girls to enjoy a memorable prom night

The prom is something that teenagers wait years for. Some high schools do not throw prom parties but others consider it as a major tradition. It’s a major event in the life of a student because he or she will be remembered with good words by the juniors after that. The trend of prom or promenade began in the late 1880s which was purely intended to give respect and courtesy to the graduating batch or the graduating high school seniors.

Now a day’s prom parties are fancy parties that consist of dances, performances, beautiful fancy dresses, mouthwatering food and so much more. The parties mostly happen during May or June. Planning for prom is very important and if you are a girl then it becomes even more important because you need to look good and different. If your prom is arriving soon then this list contains a few things that you should do to make it a wonderful experience. A good prom will leave many positive memories and a long-lasting impression on your mind.


don’t wait for others to ask you to join their group because at the end you will be left while all others will attend the party. Get your group quickly together and enjoy yourselves. In this way, you people will be very comfortable with each other. You can enjoy and party while going to the party place. You won’t be having any kind of fear that you will be kicked out of the group. Another important thing is booking transportation. It is recommended to book your transport as early as possible because, in the end, you won’t get a vehicle of your choice.

You can get a limo for prom, for instance, you can have a first-class limo service. If you are somewhere around ocean county then it is recommended to book the best limo service in ocean county as soon as possible. Arriving in a prom limousine would make your impression more powerful. How brilliant it sounds that you are noticed by all the people while stepping out of a black first-class prom limousine. This is something that will be discussed among your classmates even after the event ends. In addition to arriving in style hiring a limo for prom makes you stress-free because you have a friendly driver to pick you up and drop you off at the desired location. So you and your parents won’t worry even if you come home late at night. Safety is the primary concern of parents and if you hire a reputable limo for prom then your parents won’t be stressed 

Buy a nice prom dress

This is the part where every girl faces a problem. For a lot of girls who attend the prom, this is a situation of life and death. Dress is the first thing observed by the people when you enter any place and it casts the first impression. To look perfect you need to get a dress that fits you. No matter how expensive the dress is or from what brand it is, if it does not fit you, then there is no point in wearing it.

A loosely fit dress will never. So to get a dress with a perfect fit, get yourself a measuring tape, and first of all measure your bust, shoulder-length, waistline, arm length, and other necessary things needed. To avoid roaming around and getting yourself tired in a shopping mall you may order a dress online too. You can go for a bandage dress or a bodycon, only if it suits your figure, otherwise, long gowns and maxi dresses are the best options. They would give you a regal appeal. Before getting any dress for yourself do consider the shape of your body and then go for the dress selection. A perfect style can save your evening and can make you look beautiful

Get matching shoes

You cannot wear sports shoes with a fancy gown. Or you would never choose to wear long boots with a long maxi if you don’t want to spoil your look. In general pumps or stilettos are considered a good option when it comes to shoes but since you are strong, stylish, young, and energetic so you should go for something trendy and classy. It will enable you to show off your youth and carefreeness not only in the dress but also in the shoes you are wearing. You can go for dotted white sandals, platform sandals, strappy heels, open-toe heels, quirky pumps, or wedge heels also. This will complete your first impression.

Keep the makeup game strong

Many girls watch tons of makeup tutorial videos on YouTube before the prom night is approaching, while others are going crazy and start doing makeup many days before the prom, obviously practice makes a man perfect. While many others save money for the prom night by cutting off all their expenses, to get good makeup from an expensive salon. No doubt that good makeup can make or spoil your look for this reason it needs to be up to the mark.

Make sure that your teeth are white and look shiny and bright, this is of extreme importance especially if you are wearing red lipstick in the evening. In addition to this, you need to glow and shine in the evening, for this purpose apply a little amount of lotion with a shimmery tint. This will make you look gorgeous like a Hollywood superstar arriving at her film premiere. Eyebrows are a prominent feature of our face so make sure that your eyebrows are always on fleek. Apply a good eyeshadow on your eyes and also put some concealer under them to make them stay longer. When it comes to lips, get a classy matte lip in red color or the glossy lips would also look good but again that depends on what you are wearing, match your lipstick with that. Last but not the least, get a perfectly winged eyeliner and slay.