Top 5 bachelor party destinations in New York City

New York is the city of iconic attractions that never sleeps. Shopping malls, food, fun, amusement, and much more are offered to you by the great New York City. The city carries life and a wild spirit in it. In addition to all this New York is the best place for bachelor parties. If you are giving a bachelor party to your friend then planning it in New York is the best option, the groom will experience a night that he will never forget.

The greatness of New York City is that it offers every kind of entertainment on a classy level. If you want a different experience at a Bachelor party then New York should be your choice. Wonderful nightlife, award-winning restaurants, and magnificent skyline, New York offer memorable day and nighttime celebrations of bachelorhood. If you are concerned about the pick and drop then don’t worry because NYC limo service is always there for you. You can also have a limo from NJ to New York City. If you are a resident of New Jersey then you can opt for a Party bus rentals jersey shore or any other preferred limo service in NJ. After all these things the major thing of primary importance is the location or destination where you would be planning the bachelor party. So the top five bachelor party destination in New York are

The press lounge

The press lounge in New York City offers some of the City’s wonderful, beautiful and dramatic panoramic views. The place has a nice collection of classic cocktails and a non-ending wine list. Located almost 16 stories above the PRINT restaurant, it is one of the best rooftop destinations in New York that offers a magnificent view of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. The place can accommodate almost a hundred guests at a time, and this makes it one of the largest sky lounges in New York City. The lounge is open all year round but is sometimes booked for some private events so you need to check the availability before coming here to avoid any inconvenience in the future. You can enjoy the best food of your choice in the lounge. And if you ever get a chance to visit in day time then the sunsets are something which you should not miss

The spot karaoke lounge

The spot karaoke lounge is located in the heart of midtown in Manhattan. This is a space for many events and also a karaoke lounge. The place mainly focuses on offering the most brilliant and unique karaoke experience in New York City. The spot karaoke lounge has big private rooms and in addition to this, it also has an open lounge area. Space is often rented for special events and is a popular and well-known spot for shooting during TV and movie production. The spot offers a full bar and on-site catering services. Planning a bachelor party here would give you an unforgettable experience. The main event space over here is for two hundred people and the VIP chamber can accommodate almost 40 people at a time

Spyglass rooftop bar

Spyglass rooftop bar is available any time during the year for events and private functions. It is an ideal place for receptions, launching any brand, a social gathering, or a holiday event. If you book in summers, the season is warm so the windows here retract and hence open the barroom to something like an outdoor terrace. It is located on the 22nd floor of the magnificent Archer hotel and your guests will enjoy the truly mesmerizing and breathtaking views of the Empire State building from the 22nd story building. You can have a variety of food, snacks, and drinks over here. The alcohol is provided free over here. The sitting capacity here is for 15 people while it can accommodate a total of 130 people. It has hosted big events since the year 2014 and consists of indoor and outdoor spaces. If you want to smoke, the areas for that are designated also. In addition to this, street parking is available which will help you to park vehicles in a safe zone without any worries.


Another option for throwing or hosting a bachelor party is the Wolfgang. This well-known restaurant in New York was opened by Chef Wolfgang and is located at the four seasons hotel New York Downtown. It offers a wide range of appetizing meals where the local people come to eat food and drink wine regularly. While the visitors also come here to immerse themselves in the best culinary sense of the restaurant. You can enjoy lunch, dinner, and breakfast in an intimate, cool, and elegant atmosphere. On Sunday the place offers brunches too. It features a bar, lounge, dining room, and wonderful window views overlooking the busy streets of Manhattan. It consists of private dining rooms where there is a space for thirty-two people. The bar also offers a seat for thirty-two people whereas the dining room has a capacity of around eighty-two people. The restaurant serves fresh food cooked at that time and served hot

Strip house

If you think you are the only one to love the strip house then you are wrong. This is the favorite place of local people and visitors for dining, organizing events, and doing parties. A few years back the New York Times gave it two stars. The steaks made over here are mouthwatering. And are surrounded by goose fat potatoes and creamy spinach, to make us happy. Since this is a busy place so you might have to wait to dine over here so it’s a good option to do a booking. The place also contains a full-time bar to serve you the rinks of your choice. You must save room for eating the famous 24-layer chocolate cake served over here. The restaurant is open all weekdays and has the best and professional staff to serve you in the best way possible