How to plan your wedding transportation

On a wedding day, many tasks need to be completed. These tasks include purchasing a dress, ordering and setting up the flowers, hiring a caterer, bringing a cake, booking the venue, hiring a photographer and the most important one is completing the guest list. All these things are important but still, something is missing from this list. Have you arranged the wedding transportation? The wedding transportation does not only give pick and drop to the bride and groom but also some of the family members and guests. And if you want to avoid any kind of awkward situation then you must hire a limo for the wedding and a wedding guest’s shuttle. Hiring a wedding transportation service makes you stress-free and easy. If you are going to get married in April, May or June then you must book your wedding transportation earlier, because in this season the high-class vehicles are high in demand.

Who should use the transportation?

Before hiring a limo for a wedding or a wedding guest shuttle you must count the people for whom you are hiring the service. The first people you should count on are you and your partner, then come the family members like parents and siblings. Typically a limousine can hold six people, a stretch limo can hold about ten people and a van can hold around 20 people. But in general, it is recommended that you should not fill all the available space by filling people in the car or van. Instead, leave some space for partying and enjoying.  The person you must carry along with you is the photographer to record precious moments in the camera while you are inside the car. If you can provide transportation to your guests it is really good however this is not necessary

Car ideas

When it’s your wedding function you need to look prominent and one way of doing this is by making your vehicle look prominent. You can choose a romantic horse and buggy to carry you or any other two-wheel ride. But in addition to all these, you can hire a grand limousine with a sign of “Just Married”. You can add flowers, balloons, or fancy stickers to your car to make it look more luxurious

Some things to remember while hiring wedding transportation:

Always plan ahead

It is recommended that you should book your wedding transportation four to six months earlier. This is especially important if you want to hire an expensive and luxurious vehicle, which is few, so they might be booked by someone else. This kind of advanced booking is more important if your wedding is being planned for April, May or June. And also if the wedding is on a big holiday or weekends. This is only done so that you can easily choose the vehicle of your choice, early booking makes you more open to all types of vehicle choices including limos or school buses


For booking wedding transportation you must keep in mind your budget so while planning things for your wedding keep in mind your financial position. Professional transportation service will try to work closely with you and will try to manage the package according to your budget. In addition to this also confirm that the wedding transportation service charges per hour or day for specific vehicles. This knowledge will prevent you from being hit by any hidden fees on a later basis

Style and comfort:

Before getting inside more details of your wedding day you must plan or choose a limo for the wedding. You must plan your entrance and decoration of the car and also the type of car you would like to have. Many people prefer to keep things simple and they go for a black town car, while more lavish weddings go for a luxury limo or a bus. You must be sure how many members would you like to fit in the wedding transport.  Your vehicle should be big enough to accommodate large gowns and formal wear. This strategy will help to accommodate the bride and the bridesmaid

Know the alcohol policy:

Does your wedding transportation company hold a license for providing you alcohol, champagne, and other drinks on board? If not then what are the policies for bringing your drinks on board? In some vehicles, glass containers are not allowed inside the vehicles and the champagne bottles needs to be opened outside the car

Mention the transportation info on your wedding invitations:

All the guests that will be attending your wedding would want to know about the transportation also, so it’s great to give them all information on the wedding cards. If you are offering a ride to the guest then it’s better to inform them so that they don’t have to book their own or find a driver at the end of the night. And if you are not offering any sort of transport services to the guests then you still must mention the map on your wedding invitations. This will be very helpful to the guests in planning their routes ahead of time. In addition to this if you are offering some kind of beverages like alcohol then you shall do special preparations by hiring car services that would take everyone home safely at the end of the night

Set specific shuttle:

This is a great way to make sure that all your guests are having a great time and have reached safely afterward. Generally, it is recommended that the bride and groom set some specific shuttle pick-up so that all the guests are well aware of the exact time to go meet the bus. Having more than one pickup at a time is a good thing. Not all the guests are going to stay with you till the end of the reception. So due to this reason, you must have multiple pick-up times that will allow the guests to leave whenever they want or bring back anything which they might have forgotten in their rooms at the hotel.