Getting to Long Beach Island (LBI) New Jersey

Getting to Long Beach Island (LBI) New Jersey

Planning a visit to LBI? Long Beach Island, so named because it is an island; with a long beach. In fact, almost the entire 18-mile length of the island is a continuous white sandy beach.

At around 100 miles from New York City and 60 miles from Philadelphia, the island is a vacation paradise for the wealthy. The year-round population of LBI is around 10,000 but in the season this increases 10-fold.

How to get to LBI

Getting to the island will be your biggest challenge. Access by road is limited to a single causeway, Route 72, crossing Manahawkin Bay just south of Tom’s River, NJ. The only other way is by boat. This is a luxury not available to the average holidaymaker.

A further challenge is that once on the island, you will have great difficulty getting around. There is no public transport to or on the island. During the season, which runs from the latter half of May to the Chowderfest in early October, some ride services may be available intermittently. It is, however, not advisable to rely on this.

This is where Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is your ally and the solution to your LBI transportation problems. Worry no longer about how to get to LBI. A key offering by Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is an LBI airport shuttle or even an LBI car service.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service operates from a base in Tom’s River, NJ. We are ideally placed to service an area bound by New York City in the north to Cape May in the south and as far west as Philadelphia.

LBI Airport Shuttle

If you’re flying in for your Long Beach Island adventure, we cover all the international airports in the area as well as several of the smaller, regional airports.

Specifically, the following international airports are included in the coverage area:

John F Kennedy International (JFK)

Newark Liberty International (EWR)

La Guardia International (LGA)

Atlantic City International (ACY)

Philadelphia International (PHL)

We also service the regional and municipal airports within the area.

When reserving your limo, please provide us with your flight details. We will ensure that your limo is at the airport in good time. We monitor flight status as well as weather and traffic conditions to ensure that unexpected changes do not result in any delay. Your driver will meet you at the arrival gate on your arrival.

LBI Transportation

As mentioned earlier, there are no taxi or rideshare services on Long Beach Island. During your stay on the island, you would need transport. At 18 miles long, the island is not suited to walking everywhere.

Keep in mind that your visit is likely to be in the summer. Granted, a stroll around the neighborhood in the sunshine is a fabulous way to pass some time. However, walking these long distances will become rather uncomfortable after a while. And with so much to see and do along the length of the island, you really do want to be able to get around easily.

The other major benefit of having the limo on the island is that you can move around spontaneously. When hailing a taxi or rideshare, you usually have to wait for the car to find its way to you. Often this could be as much as 15 to 20 minutes. On LBI, this wait is likely to be even longer as the car will probably have to come from somewhere on the mainland and cross the extremely congested causeway.

Your limo is at your beck and call. When you want to go somewhere your driver will be with you within a couple of minutes. Meaning, you have more time to do the things you want. After all, life is too short to stand around waiting for a ride.

Health and Safety

Executive Taxi and Car Service have implemented special precautionary measures to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19. All our vehicles are sanitized every time there is a change of passengers.  All surfaces that passengers are exposed to are treated. This includes door handles, window winding mechanisms, seat belts and clasps, cup holders, and storage areas.

Some of the vehicles have a screen between the driver and the passenger compartment for additional protection. If you would like to select one of these vehicles, please request it when making your reservation. This feature is not installed in all of the vehicles and may be unavailable when you are scheduled to be picked up.

Peace of Mind

All the vehicles in the fleet are maintained to the highest standards according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. Safety checks are conducted regularly to ensure your safety and peace of mind. We aim to ensure that you arrive at your destination as safely and as quickly as conditions allow.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, we will immediately deploy alternative transportation to complete your journey.

Our drivers are carefully screened and highly trained in defensive driving. Whilst accidents can happen and, usually in the blink of an eye, your driver has all the necessary skills to take evasive action.

Our drivers also know the area very well. They plan the best route for your journey before they pick you up. In the event of any traffic disruption or restrictions, they will be able to quickly and easily work out the best alternative route to minimize delays and inconvenience.


You may believe that a limo is a luxury that is only within the reach of the wealthy. Think again. A limo service is usually based on a fixed hourly rate. We have enormous experience in operating limo services in the area. We are, therefore. Able to accurately forecast the cost of any itinerary. We also work on a fixed point-to-point quote for simple one-way pick-up and drop-off trips.

Our quotes are all-inclusive based on the requested itinerary. Any additional waiting time or stops that were not specified in the original itinerary will, however, incur supplemental charges.

By comparison, the original estimated charge for a taxi is a basic charge that is subject to change for any number of reasons. And considering that every trip you take would incur a separate flag-fall charge and other potential fixed costs, the limo becomes very competitive.

Choosing the Best Airport Transportation In Monmouth County

When travelling, there are several considerations that you have to make beyond what you’ll be doing for your vacation. One particular decision is what sort of airport transportation will you consider once you land.

We know that booking airport transportation can be difficult, especially since most people make this the last thing to mark off their to-do list. However, to make this tedious task easier for you, we decided to provide you this guide. This guide should aid you in picking out the best airport transportation in not just Monmouth County, but in other locations too.

So, what sort of options do you have?

Shared Shuttles

Otherwise known as rideshare services, these are available in every sort of airport out there. Shuttle service to Newark airport from Monmouth County is a sensible option for those who are on a budget.

The idea behind this type of airport transportation is that the shuttle picks up a number of random passengers and drops them off at a certain location. Think of it like a public bus system. Cheap in almost every possible way.

To travelers this can be a good – and bad – thing. It’s cheap in the way of pricing, but you’ve got to deal with multiple stops, being around a bunch of strangers, and sitting in not the most comfortable seating for longer periods of time compared to the alternatives.

This is also on top of the fact that if you’re landing in the early mornings, these kinds of services are highly unreliable. When dealing with rideshare services such as this, they’re going to be based on strict schedules and could be gone before you even land.

That aside, if you can tolerate the bad effects and booked a flight to land in the daytime, afternoon, or evening then this can be a good option.

Private Transfers (Corporate Car Service)

Another alternative to consider is getting a private transfer or corporate car service. This sort of airport shuttle will cost more but we consider this the better option over rideshare services. The difference in cost is little and the return is well worth it.

Getting your own corporate car service allows you to quickly get to your destination without any issue. Spotting your own driver is also easier than taking a shared airport shuttle service too ensuring you’re not stuck in the airport for very long. This is even better if you’ve got children in tow or you have lined up specific times for events.

Beyond that, these vehicles are typically comfier – and aren’t as cramped – and allow for extra baggage or large luggage. You can also receive complimentary gifts and insider tips on the area.

Another consideration going for private transfers is the journey back. If you’ve booked private transfers, you’ll also be booking a time to be transferred back, allowing you to avoid any long trip to and from the airport.

Taxis/Ubers Or Other Ride Shares

But what about getting an uber or calling for a taxi? On the surface, these can seem like you’re getting the best of both worlds. Taxis and Ubers or other ride share options will be cheaper. Not only that but you’ll often have that vehicle all to yourself and get comfy seating to boot.

While there is some shred of truth to that, there are still risks to it. We all want a pleasant, safe, and straightforward experience from these transfers. Going for this option doesn’t give you a guarantee it’ll happen for three reasons.

First of all, a lack of ground transfer plans can leave you vulnerable to hiked taxi rates. You’ll have no option but to accept a taxi at whatever rate and drivers can be demanding higher prices for such short notice.

The second is communication. Taxis may not be around your area or could mishear you due to you being in an airport. The same can be said for Uber drivers.

Lastly is the competition. Because many people often forget to make these sorts of plans, taxis and Ubers amongst other rideshare services will get an influx of callers in that area hoping to score last-minute transportation. You can easily be overwhelmed by others and left without any option.

What about booking a taxi or Uber in advance though? It’s a smart decision, but it also doesn’t guarantee you a spot. Reading Uber’s fine print you’ll notice Uber rides are subject to last-minute surge charges. Lyft is another option amongst others but they offer these types of reservations to specific regions.

And even getting past all of that, there are several other wrinkles. If you’ve got extra luggage or large items, you might not be able to store them properly in these vehicles. You’re also subject to the condition of the driver too. That’s not to say the driver is unable to drive or anything, but the car may not be as clean or as fresh as the vehicles from corporate car services.

Luxury Vehicle

Want to be riding in style? Consider a luxury vehicle. Of course, this service isn’t for everyone on every trip. This is ideal for those celebrating special occasions (honeymoons, wedding anniversaries, etc.) or have the financial stability to afford this service when they travel.

To ensure you get the most out of this option, look for these nine things:

  • High quality – A good limo company to deal with will have fleets offering consistent high-quality and reliability. You should never worry about getting a bad limo as the best companies will never have any.
  • Transportation options – Limos are obvious, but there are also shuttles and executive vans for even larger groups.
  • Baggage Handling – You shouldn’t be penalized for bringing a reasonable amount of baggage.
  • Meet and Greet – Your driver should be at the airport with a sign with your name on it.
  • Parcel transport – Even if you don’t need it, if the company offers this it’s still a tell that they care about their customers.
  • Online booking – At this point, this is expected.
  • Hat & Glove services – it’s a necessary part of a visually impressive driver.
  • Unmarked vehicles – You’re paying top dollar, people shouldn’t know you’re spending that kind of money.
  • Flexibility – If you need to make a change for whatever reason, the company should be able to adapt quickly and not hike the price as a result.

14 Towns to Visit In Jersey Shore This Summer

Even though the pandemic has wrinkled plenty of travel plans, it shouldn’t stop you from dreaming or planning out your next adventure. Today, we want to be highlighting Jersey Shore. Even though it’s portrayed as some gaudy Atlantic city with nothing but poolside fist pumps, it’s actually an ideal place to be taking a vacation. Below, we picked out some of the most charming coastal communities for you to check out.

Asbury Park

The town that has immortalized Bruce Springsteen has been revitalized to attract a more diverse crowd over the years. That much makes sense since Asbury is home to the most LGBTQ-friendly beaches and still offers plenty of good people-watching. And if you’re looking for a night on the town, The Asbury – the drive-in-style rooftop movie theater – is a good option.

Spring Lake

What once was a resort for the wealthiest of New Yorkers, the years have made it more affordable for people to get a glimpse at the upper-class life. It’s 60 miles away from downtown NYC making it easy for someone to take on party bus rentals or a jersey shore limo service.

Spring Lake offers million-dollar Victorian homes, long non-commercial boardwalks, two miles of pristine sand and peaceful vibes.

Point Pleasant Beach

As the name implies, this is a place built for families. You are one black car service or airport transportation away from good old-fashion fun. The town offers aquariums, arcades, an amusement park, three mini-golf courses, and a 4,000-square-foot fun house.

Other considerations is the Point Pavilion Antique Center, housing about 50 sellers of furniture, toys, old records, and jewelry. Paired with the Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey gives it some nostalgic air.

Sandy Hook

The closest beach to NYC is Sandy Hook, the no-fuss journey from Manhattan. A ferry drive away can bring you to this sprawling area where beaches (where you can kitesurf or kayak), campgrounds and cycling trails are your options. The only thing to keep in mind is Gunnison Beach is a nude beach.

Seaside Heights

When you think of Jersey Shore, the first place to come to mind is this place. After all, this was the location for the Jersey Shore show. But despite what that show has painted this location, a lot has changed since that show. After Hurricane Sandy went through the place, the boardwalk was rebuilt and the town went to being more family-focused in its tourism.

These days you can find movie nights with family, or go to concerts for a night on the town. There is also a new roller coaster called the Hydrus along with the rebuilt boardwalk and the Island State Beach Park – a 10-mile stretch of unmarred and undeveloped beach.

Ocean Grove

This place is unlike any other location on this list or in Jersey Shore. Most of these locations focus on the boardwalk, while this town prioritizes “relief from the crowds, commercialism, and noise noise of other New Jersey beaches.”

It lives up to this by attracting people to Tent City, the Great Auditorium, and the Historical Society of Ocean Grove.

Long Beach Island

Otherwise known as LBI, this place is the place for surfers. The beach is the main focus of course, but it offers ample of space for you to relax or to catch waves. The other place to note is Holyoke Avenue in Beach Haven.

Long Branch

For a less-crowded beach, Long Branch’s beach is a good option. It’s easy access via the Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park – a park that has a playground, skate park, and maintained dunes.

For those with money to burn, their boardwalk and the Pier Village shopping plaza offers plenty. The area is clearly ritzy and offers high-end products. There’s even an arcade that features virtual-reality games.


Fortunately – or unfortunately – Belmar is the place for parties. So leverage party bus rentals and head over there. This spot offers the largest party boat fleet around. That being said, the town is still making efforts to move away from its party antics. The renovated boardwalk – previously destroyed by Hurricane Sandy – is more relaxed. The beaches are also cleaned every morning making them pristine for a period of time.

Ocean City

The ultimate family destination is this place. You have all kinds of attractions like the Giant Wheel and the GaleForce roller coaster. You’ve also got the Ocean City Coffee Company which offers a variety of roasts from all over the world.


Home to the north end of the Seven-Mile Beach, this spot is pretty secluded from other towns. That doesn’t mean this is a place for everyone. It seems to attract the wealthier crowd than others, making it an ideal spot to go if you can afford a jersey shore limo service. For the average person, the most appealing thing here is probably the mini golf. Their particular course offers golf with waterfalls, suspension bridges and a massive pirate ship.

Stone Harbor

Right next to Avalon is Stone Harbor, an ideal spot for family look to have a more quiet time and lounge alongside dunes. The area is ideal for flying kites or renting a kayak. You can also consider biking around the island too, eventually getting to a eco-cruise and checking out the local wildlife.


Home of the doo wop – both the music and the architecture style – is all you need to know about this place. Everything about this town oozes the ‘50s and ‘60s due to the retro architecture and attractions. Check it out if you love this architecture or want to see amusement parks of this style.

Cape May

The final location is Cape May. Like Wildwood, it’ll feel like you’ve entered a time warp when you get to this town. Horse-drawn carriages and trolleys fill the streets, the paved streets are made of brick, and the town offers a historic ghost tour. These aspects scream old-fashion but also stately. It’s a place you don’t want to pass up.

Car Service Around Newark Airport

When travelers step into the terminal at New Jersey’s Newark Airport, one of the first things they may think of is how they are going to get from the airport to their destination. Fortunately for the traveler, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is in the business of providing a clean and comfortable ride all around the areas surrounding Newark Airport.

This article will take a closer look at the many amenities that Exclusive Taxi and Car Service offers, including the use of taxis and limousines for service between hotels and airports as well as weddings, special events, and just getting around town. Also included is a look at the fleet employed by Exclusive Taxi and Car Service, as well as the measures they are taking during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure that their clients have a safe and comfortable ride.

Services Offered

The benefit of choosing Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your Toms River travel needs is that they operate for various special events, including:

  • Weddings
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • Prom
  • Birthday parties

Apart from special occasions, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service offers practical services, as well. These include:

  • Airport transportation
  • Courier services
  • Taxi services (within Ocean County)


The benefit of using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your wedding transportation needs is that all of your party will be able to ride together, thus saving time and effort, allowing you and your party to be able to relax and not worry about meeting up on time.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

The benefit of using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah transportation needs is the assurance that your ceremony will begin on time, as the drivers adhere to strict time schedules. There’s also no worry about getting your friends and relatives to the synagogue, as Exclusive Taxi and Car Service services the Toms River area, so calling a car to collect everyone is a cinch.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties 

The benefits of using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your bachelor or bachelorette party transportation needs are many, the biggest of which is that allowing Exclusive Taxi and Car Service drivers to handle all of the driving allows you and your friends to enjoy your evening to the fullest extent without having to worry about observing the strict New Jersey rules around drinking and driving. And not only that, using Exclusive Taxi and Car Services allows for your whole squad to meet up at a convenient time and place to really get the party started early, and keep it running late.


The benefit of using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your prom transportation is that not only will you arrive to prom on time, but you’ll arrive in style. Your date will never forget rolling up to prom in one of their limousines. And if you’re going stag, no worries there, either – their cars are spacious enough to fit all of your buddies so that you’ll all be able to make a lasting impression.

Birthday Parties 

The benefit of using Exclusive Taxi and Car Service for your birthday party transportation needs is that you’ll be able to enjoy your special day without the hassle of concerning yourself with getting from point A to point B. Leave the navigating to the team of drivers and let your only worry for the day be how much cake you’ll eat.

Airport Transportation 

Perish the thought of how to get from Newark airport to your hotel. A quick call to Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will see you picked up outside the gate and driven to your destination safely and comfortably. Additionally, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service provides shuttles to Atlantic City, Trenton Mercer, and Philadelphia airports, as well. With that wide of a service area, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service should be the only choice you make for your airport transportation needs.

Taxi Services (within Ocean County) 

So we’ve talked about how useful Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is getting you from the airport to the hotel and back, but Exclusive Taxi and Car Services are just as useful for getting you around town as long as you’re within the Ocean County area. 

Courier Services 

If you need to get documents or a parcel from one place to another quickly, it’s good to entrust the delivery to drivers who are familiar with the area and can get the job done efficiently and effectively. Thus, it’s good to entrust your delivery to Exclusive Taxi and Car Service.

The Fleet

The fleet of vehicles used by Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is broad. It ranges from your typical sleek, black limousines, sedans, and yellow taxis to busses, vans, and even a hot pink Hummer. With the choice of vehicles, users of Exclusive Taxi and Car Service are guaranteed to find a stylish ride for any and every occasion.

Coronavirus Precautions 

In a COVID-19 world, there may be some hesitancy to utilize a car service, but the crew at Exclusive Taxi and Car Service have gone to great lengths to ensure that their clients are safe and comfortable for each and every ride. A regular cleaning and disinfecting regimen is undertaken several times each day, including in between passenger uses.

Various parts of each car are cleaned thoroughly, including handles, locks, windows, storage spaces, cup holders, and even seatbelts and car seats.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service has even implemented an ozone machine to further disinfect and clean their vehicles. In certain vehicles, barriers between drivers and passengers have been installed, and these are available upon customer request.

A Final Word

As we’ve seen, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is truly a one stop shop for car service in the area surrounding Newark Airport. They offer an impressive array of vehicles for their customer’s use that is only outmatched by the impressive amount of services they offer – everything from special occasions to an average commute.

If you are in need of the services that Exclusive Taxi and Car Services specializes in, visit their website for more information and to make a reservation today.