Getting to Long Beach Island (LBI) New Jersey

Planning a visit to LBI? Long Beach Island, so named because it is an island; with a long beach. In fact, almost the entire 18-mile length of the island is a continuous white sandy beach.

At around 100 miles from New York City and 60 miles from Philadelphia, the island is a vacation paradise for the wealthy. The year-round population of LBI is around 10,000 but in the season this increases 10-fold.

How to get to LBI

Getting to the island will be your biggest challenge. Access by road is limited to a single causeway, Route 72, crossing Manahawkin Bay just south of Tom’s River, NJ. The only other way is by boat. This is a luxury not available to the average holidaymaker.

A further challenge is that once on the island, you will have great difficulty getting around. There is no public transport to or on the island. During the season, which runs from the latter half of May to the Chowderfest in early October, some ride services may be available intermittently. It is, however, not advisable to rely on this.

This is where Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is your ally and the solution to your LBI transportation problems. Worry no longer about how to get to LBI. A key offering by Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is an LBI airport shuttle or even an LBI car service.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service operates from a base in Tom’s River, NJ. We are ideally placed to service an area bound by New York City in the north to Cape May in the south and as far west as Philadelphia.

LBI Airport Shuttle

If you’re flying in for your Long Beach Island adventure, we cover all the international airports in the area as well as several of the smaller, regional airports.

Specifically, the following international airports are included in the coverage area:

John F Kennedy International (JFK)

Newark Liberty International (EWR)

La Guardia International (LGA)

Atlantic City International (ACY)

Philadelphia International (PHL)

We also service the regional and municipal airports within the area.

When reserving your limo, please provide us with your flight details. We will ensure that your limo is at the airport in good time. We monitor flight status as well as weather and traffic conditions to ensure that unexpected changes do not result in any delay. Your driver will meet you at the arrival gate on your arrival.

LBI Transportation

As mentioned earlier, there are no taxi or rideshare services on Long Beach Island. During your stay on the island, you would need transport. At 18 miles long, the island is not suited to walking everywhere.

Keep in mind that your visit is likely to be in the summer. Granted, a stroll around the neighborhood in the sunshine is a fabulous way to pass some time. However, walking these long distances will become rather uncomfortable after a while. And with so much to see and do along the length of the island, you really do want to be able to get around easily.

The other major benefit of having the limo on the island is that you can move around spontaneously. When hailing a taxi or rideshare, you usually have to wait for the car to find its way to you. Often this could be as much as 15 to 20 minutes. On LBI, this wait is likely to be even longer as the car will probably have to come from somewhere on the mainland and cross the extremely congested causeway.

Your limo is at your beck and call. When you want to go somewhere your driver will be with you within a couple of minutes. Meaning, you have more time to do the things you want. After all, life is too short to stand around waiting for a ride.

Health and Safety

Executive Taxi and Car Service have implemented special precautionary measures to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19. All our vehicles are sanitized every time there is a change of passengers.  All surfaces that passengers are exposed to are treated. This includes door handles, window winding mechanisms, seat belts and clasps, cup holders, and storage areas.

Some of the vehicles have a screen between the driver and the passenger compartment for additional protection. If you would like to select one of these vehicles, please request it when making your reservation. This feature is not installed in all of the vehicles and may be unavailable when you are scheduled to be picked up.

Peace of Mind

All the vehicles in the fleet are maintained to the highest standards according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. Safety checks are conducted regularly to ensure your safety and peace of mind. We aim to ensure that you arrive at your destination as safely and as quickly as conditions allow.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, we will immediately deploy alternative transportation to complete your journey.

Our drivers are carefully screened and highly trained in defensive driving. Whilst accidents can happen and, usually in the blink of an eye, your driver has all the necessary skills to take evasive action.

Our drivers also know the area very well. They plan the best route for your journey before they pick you up. In the event of any traffic disruption or restrictions, they will be able to quickly and easily work out the best alternative route to minimize delays and inconvenience.


You may believe that a limo is a luxury that is only within the reach of the wealthy. Think again. A limo service is usually based on a fixed hourly rate. We have enormous experience in operating limo services in the area. We are, therefore. Able to accurately forecast the cost of any itinerary. We also work on a fixed point-to-point quote for simple one-way pick-up and drop-off trips.

Our quotes are all-inclusive based on the requested itinerary. Any additional waiting time or stops that were not specified in the original itinerary will, however, incur supplemental charges.

By comparison, the original estimated charge for a taxi is a basic charge that is subject to change for any number of reasons. And considering that every trip you take would incur a separate flag-fall charge and other potential fixed costs, the limo becomes very competitive.