14 Towns to Visit In Jersey Shore This Summer

Even though the pandemic has wrinkled plenty of travel plans, it shouldn’t stop you from dreaming or planning out your next adventure. Today, we want to be highlighting Jersey Shore. Even though it’s portrayed as some gaudy Atlantic city with nothing but poolside fist pumps, it’s actually an ideal place to be taking a vacation. Below, we picked out some of the most charming coastal communities for you to check out.

Asbury Park

The town that has immortalized Bruce Springsteen has been revitalized to attract a more diverse crowd over the years. That much makes sense since Asbury is home to the most LGBTQ-friendly beaches and still offers plenty of good people-watching. And if you’re looking for a night on the town, The Asbury – the drive-in-style rooftop movie theater – is a good option.

Spring Lake

What once was a resort for the wealthiest of New Yorkers, the years have made it more affordable for people to get a glimpse at the upper-class life. It’s 60 miles away from downtown NYC making it easy for someone to take on party bus rentals or a jersey shore limo service.

Spring Lake offers million-dollar Victorian homes, long non-commercial boardwalks, two miles of pristine sand and peaceful vibes.

Point Pleasant Beach

As the name implies, this is a place built for families. You are one black car service or airport transportation away from good old-fashion fun. The town offers aquariums, arcades, an amusement park, three mini-golf courses, and a 4,000-square-foot fun house.

Other considerations is the Point Pavilion Antique Center, housing about 50 sellers of furniture, toys, old records, and jewelry. Paired with the Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey gives it some nostalgic air.

Sandy Hook

The closest beach to NYC is Sandy Hook, the no-fuss journey from Manhattan. A ferry drive away can bring you to this sprawling area where beaches (where you can kitesurf or kayak), campgrounds and cycling trails are your options. The only thing to keep in mind is Gunnison Beach is a nude beach.

Seaside Heights

When you think of Jersey Shore, the first place to come to mind is this place. After all, this was the location for the Jersey Shore show. But despite what that show has painted this location, a lot has changed since that show. After Hurricane Sandy went through the place, the boardwalk was rebuilt and the town went to being more family-focused in its tourism.

These days you can find movie nights with family, or go to concerts for a night on the town. There is also a new roller coaster called the Hydrus along with the rebuilt boardwalk and the Island State Beach Park – a 10-mile stretch of unmarred and undeveloped beach.

Ocean Grove

This place is unlike any other location on this list or in Jersey Shore. Most of these locations focus on the boardwalk, while this town prioritizes “relief from the crowds, commercialism, and noise noise of other New Jersey beaches.”

It lives up to this by attracting people to Tent City, the Great Auditorium, and the Historical Society of Ocean Grove.

Long Beach Island

Otherwise known as LBI, this place is the place for surfers. The beach is the main focus of course, but it offers ample of space for you to relax or to catch waves. The other place to note is Holyoke Avenue in Beach Haven.

Long Branch

For a less-crowded beach, Long Branch’s beach is a good option. It’s easy access via the Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park – a park that has a playground, skate park, and maintained dunes.

For those with money to burn, their boardwalk and the Pier Village shopping plaza offers plenty. The area is clearly ritzy and offers high-end products. There’s even an arcade that features virtual-reality games.


Fortunately – or unfortunately – Belmar is the place for parties. So leverage party bus rentals and head over there. This spot offers the largest party boat fleet around. That being said, the town is still making efforts to move away from its party antics. The renovated boardwalk – previously destroyed by Hurricane Sandy – is more relaxed. The beaches are also cleaned every morning making them pristine for a period of time.

Ocean City

The ultimate family destination is this place. You have all kinds of attractions like the Giant Wheel and the GaleForce roller coaster. You’ve also got the Ocean City Coffee Company which offers a variety of roasts from all over the world.


Home to the north end of the Seven-Mile Beach, this spot is pretty secluded from other towns. That doesn’t mean this is a place for everyone. It seems to attract the wealthier crowd than others, making it an ideal spot to go if you can afford a jersey shore limo service. For the average person, the most appealing thing here is probably the mini golf. Their particular course offers golf with waterfalls, suspension bridges and a massive pirate ship.

Stone Harbor

Right next to Avalon is Stone Harbor, an ideal spot for family look to have a more quiet time and lounge alongside dunes. The area is ideal for flying kites or renting a kayak. You can also consider biking around the island too, eventually getting to a eco-cruise and checking out the local wildlife.


Home of the doo wop – both the music and the architecture style – is all you need to know about this place. Everything about this town oozes the ‘50s and ‘60s due to the retro architecture and attractions. Check it out if you love this architecture or want to see amusement parks of this style.

Cape May

The final location is Cape May. Like Wildwood, it’ll feel like you’ve entered a time warp when you get to this town. Horse-drawn carriages and trolleys fill the streets, the paved streets are made of brick, and the town offers a historic ghost tour. These aspects scream old-fashion but also stately. It’s a place you don’t want to pass up.