Concerts to Look Forward to This Summer at PNC Arts Center

Fun Activities to Do In Brigantine, New Jersey

Away from the hustle and bustle lies one of the most peaceful, charming and scenic island city of Brigantine, New Jersey. It is a part of Atlantic County. It has a more serene environment since it is disconnected from all the other popular cities of New Jersey, taking you away from the crazy lifestyle. Being […]


Are you visiting Point Pleasant, New Jersey and looking forward to checking the town out? Wait, you are without a car? Well, stress not. Just book a rental from Exclusive Taxi and Car Services’ wide range of rentals and do away with your worries. Rentals are always a safer and more comfortable option. Most people […]

What to do when in Cape May, New Jersey

You will not find a more happening town than Cape May in all of New Jersey even if you searched. One thing or another is on a schedule in Cape May and you can be a part of it all. Something is always happening in Cape May, especially the tourist months: June, July, and August. […]

Top Restaurants to Visit in New Jersey

Traveling isn’t complete if you don’t jot down important places to eat at and the most popular foods to try. Like any other place in the world, the state of New Jersey adds its own little street food stalls, drive-throughs, and restaurants to the culinary finds which make exploring worth it for travelers and foodies. […]

Dogs, Taxis and Traffic- 3 things that should not put you off NJ

New Jersey is a fantastic state to live in and with New York just across the bridge, people prefer to live in New Jersey and work in New York. The cost of living in New York is too high according to some individuals and this habit has made New Jersey one of the most heavily […]