Dogs, Taxis and Traffic- 3 things that should not put you off NJ

New Jersey is a fantastic state to live in and with New York just across the bridge, people prefer to live in New Jersey and work in New York. The cost of living in New York is too high according to some individuals and this habit has made New Jersey one of the most heavily populated ranked 11th among the most populated states. New Jersey offers comfort, and more value for money in the real estate market compared to New York. Moving to such a state would normally be a no brainer, but there are certain factor which make people reluctant to make the move. Some of these factors are:

  • Dogs: Man’s best friend seems to go wherever people go, since there is a rather large population of people, the dog population in the state is also large. Loud barking as well as the smell of dog dropping sometimes occupy the environment, making it a rather terrible experience for some. People tend to take their pets with them where they go, this means even luxury location like beaches are not exempted from this. Not the sort of thing you expect when moving away from the chaos of busy areas like New York. Thinking of moving here, no worries. Recent developments have seen no barking laws implemented during certain times. Furthermore, only non-aggressive, trained dogs are allowed into public areas like beaches. Restaurants and other business establishment have no animal policies, meaning you can have your peace and quiet, even when you are out for a night on the town.
  • Taxis: The taxi system of New Jersey seems to enrage visitors. With a large population and a lot of people, the system seems to favor cab owners and cab companies. Passengers are made to pay two way taxes on one way journeys, and there have even been reports of Taxi drivers, extorting customers. There are now strict rules that Taxi drivers must obey, and every Taxi has a number that you can call to make complains. The rise of Uber also helps reduce the risk of extortion, the Taxi system seems to be improving.
  • Traffic: In a place as populated as New Jersey, there is bound to be traffic issues. The entire Tri-State area is noted for its notorious traffic jams. Traffic jams are very common and in an attempt to avoid traffic, drivers use residential roads and sometimes create a jam in residential neighborhood. The state seems to have solved the problem however, by banning commuters. The roads are no longer accessible to outsiders, reducing the number of road users and in turn, traffic. Among the three states in the Tri-State area, New Jersey has the lowest traffic jam situation.

Judging from way the authorities seem to address every problem that arises, it’s fair to say that all these issues will soon be a thing of the past. New Jersey is as viable a living option as it has always been, maybe even better than before.