Spotting Celebrities On The Jersey Shore During The Summer Months

Seeing your favourite celebrity is thrilling and can make a holiday even better. While there are many places to spot celebrities, you might have the best chance of seeing one at the Jersey Shore this summer. From Anne Hathaway to Opera Winfrey, many celebrities own property in the area and enjoy using the Jersey Shore to relax. So, let’s look at some of the best places to catch a famous face.

One of the first places to check is Cape May. This is where Academy Award winning actress Anne Hathaway has been known to spend her summers. In fact, at a screening of her film, The Princess Diaries, Hathaway was in the crowd. Comedian and actress Tina Fey has also been known to stay in the area. Another area where you might see some celebrities is Wildwood Boardwalk.

Wildwood is a great location that many people like to visit and to enjoy the scenery. The town has an old-fashioned boardwalk, which includes multiple rides. Oprah Winfrey is known to visit the area and has been seen on the boardwalk. You might also see former football players in the areas. Ron Jaworski, Mike Quick and Harold Carmichael, who all used to play for the Eagles, have been known to spend time in Wildwood. You can also notice the Wildwood area appearing as the backdrop to some of your favourite films. For example, Wetlands, a film which starred Heather Graham, was shot in the area. You might also be able to spot some celebrities at The Reeds, a hotel in Stone Harbor.

One of the most popular hotels for visiting celebrities is The Reeds, with many staying in the Skye Suite. This room has views overlooking the harbor, a living room, dining room and a full industrial kitchen. While the hotel won’t discuss which guests have stayed there, it has been rumoured that Oprah Winfrey has spent the night. Finally, you might want to try and spot some celebrities on Long Beach Island.

With a beach stretching for around 18 miles, Long Beach Island is routinely attracting celebrities. You can catch everyone from football stars to famous actors walking along the beach. In fact, both comedians Jon Stewart and Ray Romano have owned property in the area. The property has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, cabana, fireplace, office and Jacuzzi. With Jon reported renting it for $30,000 a week anyone staying there must be highly successful.

The Jersey Shore is one of the most popular places in the world, attracting thousands of tourists each year. We’ve discussed some of the best places for you to spot a famous face. Just remember that celebrities generally head to the Shore to get away from the press. Many of them tend to be quite private. If you do spot someone you know, try to respect their privacy and avoid aggressively asking for signatures and autographs. So, head to the Jersey Shore for your holidays this year, and you might just spot a celebrity.