Will High Gas Prices Affect Summer Tourism at the Jersey Shore?

When we think of summertime, travel and the beach usually come to mind. Warm weather, sand, an umbrella, and a boardwalk with great food and fun are what we seek. Beaches with boardwalks can be explored in many different places but no place in the tri-state area holds as much excitement and enjoyment as the Jersey Shore.

Whether it’s a quick day-trip, weekend getaway, or extended stay of two weeks, the Jersey Shore is close by and offers many amenities to those traveling in the area.

As we head into this upcoming season, as usual we notice that fuel prices go up or down. Fuel pricing can always affect travel plans if you’re on a budget.

When fuel prices increase, you will usually see people cut costs on their vacations, opting for a location that’s enjoyable but close to home. Some people might even give up a vacation altogether to save the extra cost of rising fuel. Most people will just cut corners on the hotel they choose, shorten their stay, or use other creative methods to allow themselves to travel and have some fun this summer.

The Jersey Shore has always been one of those places that is close by and fun, and for the most part, high gas prices are not going to affect it any differently this year than any previous years. When people want to take a break and travel, especially to the beach, they will find a way to do it.

Another added bonus to the Jersey Shore that makes it a winner is that Atlantic City isn’t very far away for those seeking a diversion of gambling and fun of a different sort.

Every year this region is almost booked solid early in the year, sometimes even the previous year, depending on the hotel or motel. (This doesn’t include vacation rentals and other properties that might be available to people looking to visit this area.)

While high fuel prices can and do affect travel globally, people still need a break and take vacations when they are able. The beach is usually a hot spot for vacationers and tourists due to the warm sand, bright sunshine, cool flowing waters and variety of entertainment and food.

With a large portion of the U.S. population living in or around the Tri-State area, beaches in this region are unlikely to notice a downward shift in travel due to an increase in fuel prices. They may see a change in how and when the travel is done, but otherwise it may go unnoticed.

Summertime and vacations go hand and hand, what better way to enjoy this time of relaxation and restoration before returning to the daily grind of our busy lives than to visit the beach and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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