Are you visiting Point Pleasant, New Jersey and looking forward to checking the town out?

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When you have your very own rental, from Exclusive Taxi and Car Services, at all times you will be able to visit:


Point Pleasant is best known for its public and private beaches with clear blue waters and a perfect place to spend a fun-filled day at. You can spend your day in sunbathing or taking a dip in the sea.

Lifeguards are there for your protection 9-5 each day.

There are bars and places to grab a bite to keep you refreshed and recharged.

Not just that – you can even surf at Point Pleasant Beaches since surfing is permitted here, with the perfect waves to break with your surfboards, with other water sports like Kayaking and Jet Skiing.

Along with that there are multiple fishing spots as well, so don’t forget to bring your fishing pole and miss out the chance.


When there is a beach, there is sure to be a boardwalk. Point Pleasant has few of the best boardwalks. At night time and especially in summers, boardwalk comes alive that its brightness can be seen from miles away. There are arcades, gifts shops, multiple rides, games, and eateries which have a diverse menu.

You can even find an Aquarium if you head down to Jenkinson boardwalk along with a funhouse that is right in the middle. Not only that – if you are an adult then you can head over to the Tiki Bar and the Night Club.

Yes, we agree that the summer nights are the most happening ones, but the best time to visit boardwalks is in winter when it’s not too crowded. You get the best views and really nice weather.


Every year in September you can be the part of the most important festival of Point Pleasant, The Festival of Sea. This event is looked forward by the locals as well as the tourists. The catch is always fresh, and you can get your hands on the delicacies that you have never ever tried.

There is crab cakes, shrimp skewers, paella, bisques, lobster, and many other seafood items on the tables for you.

If you are not a seafood person, there are vendors selling other kinds of meats as well, which makes it a festival that should be attended by all.

There is a number of live performances happening as well to keep the public entertained.


Like we mentioned that Point Pleasant due to its central location is the hub of the party at all times. From here you can visit nearby cities, take cruises out, or even just drive around exploring the area. Wouldn’t a rental be perfect of it all?

Also, you can go to Six Flags, which is known as the second largest theme park to have an entertaining day. You can even head down to Casinos and enjoy the nightlife of it all since we assure you that it is one of the best nightlife you’ll ever experience.  

To get to all these places wouldn’t it be convenient to have your own rental?

You will have privacy, comfortability, and the luxury of pulling out your car at any time of the day.

We hope that you are convinced by now and will be more inclined to rent yourself a car from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service whenever you are in Point pleasant the next time.