Are you looking to have an entertaining day while visiting Jackson, New Jersey then why not visit the world’s second largest theme park? A park which has it all from thrilling rides to safari. Not just that but restaurants to grab a bite and souvenir shops?

Six Flags; Great adventure and Safari in Jackson, New Jersey is the place which has it all, divided into 11 diverse sections all having their own separate theme. Along with a Wild Safari animal park.

It has a grand total of 58 attraction all waiting for you to be checked out. Along with that 14 thrilling roller coasters which will leave your tummy in knots and your throat sore from all the screaming.

That’s not all, the park complex also incorporates a Water park!

The 11 said sections are named as Main Street, Fantasy Forest, Movie Town, Frontier Adventures, The Golden Kingdom, Boardwalk and so many more.

All year round there are numerous events taking place at Six Flags; Great adventure and Safari, from concerts to entertaining events Six Flags carter to it all. On all occasions, they make their top priority to plan something big for its customers like planning a Comic-con, Summerfest and even a Car show.

Since Six Flags have multiple group events taking place like educational, religious and even just for fun, you can plan group trips for a much-needed break or just a fun-filled day with your friends. They even help you plan your trip, helping you in creating a day according to your favorites.

You can even contact them for any further queries you might have and they will guide you through.

As for the tickets, you can get a single day ticket or a seasonal pass if you are going to be visiting Six Flags multiple times a year. On a single day ticket, you get access to over 45 Rides, shows and attractions.

Seasonal passes have more features you can avail like admission to all theme parks and even free tickets for friends.

If you enjoy Six Flags as much as we do then they offer you to get their membership passes which comes with numerous benefits, discounts and even parking space.

What are you waiting for now?

Plan your trip to Six Flags; Great adventure and Safari, book your ride from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service and be on your way to have a fun filled day!

Just to be on a safe side always check their Park Operation Schedule present on their website to make sure they are open or not and what times are they opening at.

To escape from all the rides you can try the safari tour which takes you on an Off-Road Safari Adventure which makes a stop for feeding the Giraffes! Along with that, there is a diversity of animals, land, and sea, which you can check out. Six Flags plans educations programs and even arrange themed Birthday parties. You can even camp out and spend the night at the Safari.

Make sure to head to Safari in Daylight to get the best experience also since it closes down earlier than the theme park itself.


Are you feeling overwhelmed? As always Exclusive Taxi and Car Services have compiled a list of our favorite attractions which you can enjoy.

For Thrill Rides Lover:

  • El Toro
  • Nitro
  • Slingshot
  • Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom


Rides for all:

  • Big Wheel
  • Tango
  • Jolly Roger
  • Bugs Bunny Barnstormer
  • Road Runner Railway
  • Carousel


Activities to take part in:

  • Wild Walkway
  • Dance Party
  • Characters Meet and Greet


Indulge in Cuisine at:

  • Granny’s Country Kitchen
  • Chop Six
  • Best of the West
  • Primo’s
  • Macho Nacho


We hope this helps since that’s the aim of Exclusive Taxi and Car Service. We look forward to you choosing our services and making us a part of your memorable and fun-filled day at Six Flags.