Concerts to Look Forward to This Summer at PNC Arts Center

Who doesn’t love music? Who doesn’t enjoy grooving to a beat and feeling that bass surging through you?

In our opinion, the best way to experience music is by attending a concert. You must be wondering why?

Well, when you are present in a concert and are a part of a huge crowd all grooving and jamming to one single song, it’s altogether a different kind of feeling. Not only that the surge of energy that you feel going through your body is a whole other thing. Also, you can scream your heart out also belt out lyrics no matter how you sound.

Since concerts are a social gathering of the sort for which you can easily grab all your friends, book a ride from Exclusive Taxi and Car Services and attend a concert of someone you all admire or obsess over. How fun would it be to be able to fangirl over your favorite band with the whole of your squad?

Concerts are also a good idea for a date. You bond over music and you can really let go, be free and yourself.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service have compiled a list of some of the concerts happening at PNC Arts Center which you might be interested in, have a look.

For Country Music Fans:

Rascal Flatts: If you are a country music fan then this is the concert you need to be present at! Rascal Flatts will be performing at PNC Arts Center on 9 June 2019 where you can be a part of the crowd and join in on the most amazing country music to ever please your ears. You can easily get your tickets online from various websites.

Bryan Adam and Billy Idol: These two have the most pleasurable voice when it comes to singing. You are sure to be singing along and grooving to the beats. Also, Bryan Adam always has a vast playlist ready for his fans which blows them away. These two will be performing at PNC Arts Center on 10 August 2019.

Zac Brown Band: The Owl Tour: Zac Brown band is an American band based in Atlanta has been performing since 2002. They not only perform country but rock and a bit of hip hop as well. They will be performing at PNC Arts Center for not only one but two days! Mark your calendars for 22 and 23 June 2019. Get your tickets already so that you get the best seats in the house.

For Hip-Hop Fans:

Wiz Khalifa and French Montana: Two of the most popular singers will be performing at the PNC Arts Center and you are still thinking about attending their concerts? We suggest that you get your hands on the tickets right away since they will be performing on 12 July 2019 right in your town.

For Rock Music Fans:

Train and Goo Goo Dolls: Train is making a comeback at PNC Arts Center on 16 August 2019 and you will be crazy to miss out on seeing them perform live. They have had some major hits in their times, the songs are still popular among the generations and people love to listen to them. There are numerous early bird offers and discounts which you can avail so head on to various ticket websites and book your place as soon as possible.

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band: Being one of the oldest singers and performers in the history Bob and the band has a long list of songs to perform for his fan and all his fans love him for that. There are numerous albums and on the top numerous singles. They are performing at PNC Arts Center on 1 June 2019. So get your hands on the tickets and enjoy the classic yet the rocking songs.

For all concerts, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service offer their assistance to you. Just book your ride and our people will be there to make sure that you reach your destination on time and safely.