What to do when in Cape May, New Jersey

You will not find a more happening town than Cape May in all of New Jersey even if you searched. One thing or another is on a schedule in Cape May and you can be a part of it all.

Something is always happening in Cape May, especially the tourist months: June, July, and August.  Adults and children alike can enjoy fun activities to the fullest.

All you have to do is to visit Cape May at any time of the year and let loose.

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You are still undecided as to what to do in Cape May exactly? Well, we have some ideas for you.


Naval Air Station, Wildwood

If you are into airplanes, what is a better place to be at than the NASW?

You can view and be amidst historic airplanes, be amazed by their marvel and even get in-depth details about them.

This museum is a converted Hangar of the Cape May airport which was an active facility in WWII.

It has numerous engines of various planes along with aircraft and interactive displays as well. It even has a control tower which you can climb up to and try out simulator games and get the feel of being in a cockpit.

Children are sure to enjoy these interactions!

Other historic sites include:


  • Emlen Physick Estate

  • Fire Control Tower No.23

  • The Museum of Cape May County

  • and many more!


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Cape May is known for its abundance of beaches and each is better than the last. The beaches are all a piece of paradise here on earth. You can relax, chill out, go out for a swim, and do it all when at any of the Cape May Beaches. Not only there are fun activities, but there is also a diversity of food stalls and places to grab a bite at. There are bars present as well where you can grab drinks to cool off. Also, you are allowed to fish and get access to Volleyball nets.

Some beaches to definitely visit are:

o   Higbee Beach

o   Steger Beach

o   Poverty Beach

o   Sunset Beach

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Who doesn’t love cute animals and watching them around yourself? Children definitely do.

Then why not take your little ones to the Cape May County Zoo?

You can explore the wildlife to the fullest since Cape May County Zoo has a wide range of animals including giraffes and zebras, also there are also pink flamingos to look at.

You can even let your kids run wild in the playground and on the swings.

After visiting the zoo you can hit the South Cape May Meadows, the place where numerous birds rest while migrating. There are ponds, dunes, wetlands, freshwater bodies, and even a beach to appreciate.

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