Car Service Long Beach Island NJ

Car Service Long Beach Island NJ

Visiting LBI NJ for Summer 2023 

Summers are arriving, and there is no better way to beat the heat than to spend time at the mesmerizing Long Beach Island. Located on the Atlantic Ocean Coast of New Jersey, it’s the perfect destination for you and your loved ones. The total number of visitors to the State was 92.3 million in 2021. Surely, quality limousine service is essential to your trip so that you enjoy it thoroughly. Exclusive car service Long Beach Island NJ is here to help you with it.

Stay at Luxurious Hotels

One of the best things about your trip will be the Long Beach Island NJ, hotels. From cozy beds to delicious breakfasts, they have everything to make your trip truly memorable. Moreover, when you wake up, you’ll have scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean while you swim in the outdoor pools.

Whether you want traditional decor or modern, these hotels have all options on the table. Since you’re on a trip, you’d like to move out of the hotel occasionally. And for that, you need quality car service Long Beach Island NJ, ready to take you wherever you want.

When planning the trip, contact our car service Long Beach Island NJ, to book your vehicle. You can also book a party bus if you’re taking family or friends with you. We’ll ensure that your travel to and from the hotel is well-managed and doesn’t disturb your schedule.

Mouth-watering Restaurants

Since you’re on vacation, you wouldn’t want to stay at your hotel all day. Luckily, Long Beach Island NJ restaurants are exceptional and cater to all types of people, from meat lovers to vegetarians and seafood enthusiasts. They remain open both day and night, so whenever you have a craving for delicious food, just leave your hotel room and munch on it.

From delicious pastries and coffee to local seafood, everything is available. In fact, seafood is a quintessential offering of the Island, with exceptional quality and unmatched freshness. You can visit multiple pizzerias, coffee shops, and burger joints to satisfy your taste buds.

With our exceptional car service Long Beach Island NJ, you can go to any restaurant in Long Beach Island whenever you want. Our chauffeurs are well aware of all the routes and know how to navigate traffic congestion.

Enjoy Bars & Nightlife 

Restaurants aren’t the only places to visit in Long Beach Island, as it also has a lively night scene. You can choose from various bars and enjoy pints with your friends while socializing with other visitors. From a beachfront bar with live music to the classic cocktail lounge, there is nothing that you won’t find here.

Long Beach Island has a thriving nightlife that mesmerizes visitors. For instance, the Long Beach Waterfront is a favorite spot for visitors, having a thrilling entertainment scene and some popular restaurants. You can come before sunset, grab an ice cream, and watch the sun go down.

Once the night strikes, you have an abundance of activities. Nightclubs are lined where you can mingle with other adults. You can also experience dance clubs and cocktail lounges to fulfill your after-dinner cravings. If you have kids with you, the Aquarium of the Pacific isn’t very far from the City Center, where kids can meet otters, penguins, and sharks.

Visit the Jaw-dropping Barnegat Lighthouse

Although they’re no longer in use, many people still find lighthouses fascinating. If you’re one of them, Long Beach Island has a stunning specimen in the form of the Barnegat Lighthouse for you. It overlooks the Atlantic and offers a stunning, panoramic view of Barnegat Bay, Island Beach, and Long Beach Island.

Nearby, the Barnegat Lighthouse Interpretive Center is located, which houses the history of the lighthouse in various photographs. You can also visit the Barnegat Live Museum, where they have also kept several photographs and artifacts.

Visiting these museums with our car service Long Beach Island NJ is no issue. All you need to do is to contact us and book a vehicle. Our LBI NJ car service will be ready to take you to and from the museums whenever you want.

The Fantasy Island Park & Beach Haven 

If you have brought kids, the trip will be incomplete without visiting the Fantasy Island Amusement Park. With 18 rides and 12,000 sq. ft of arcade with thrilling attractions, your children are going to have a memorable experience. From bumper cars to giant wheels to an 80 ft lighthouse launch, which is designed to resemble the Barnegat Lighthouse, the park has everything.

Once you have experienced the park, you can visit Beach Haven, a small community running the New Jersey Maritime Museum and the Long Beach Island Museum. The first one displays NJ’s maritime history through artifacts and encourages maritime research. On the other hand, Long Beach Island displays the general history of the area.

The Sunny Beach State Park

If you want to kick back and have a relaxing day, you can soak up the sun at the Long Beach Island State Park. It brings you to nature in its purest form, with more than 400 species of plants, sand dunes, beaches, falcons, shorebirds, waterfowls, and other bird species. The park also has 8 trails, each one mile long, providing a tour through the nine plant communities.

Moreover, the park provides a perfect opportunity for adventurers to indulge in different water sports, such as paddle boarding, scuba diving, sailboarding, and whatnot.

Book our party bus or the car service Long Beach Island NJ, to experience this stunning park. Although it might be located a bit far from your hotel, we’ll ensure you arrive on time and leave without wasting a minute of your precious time.

The Harvey Cedars Borough 

Another relaxing spot on Long Beach Island is the Harvey Cedars Borough, with charming oceanfront houses. Just 30 minutes from it is Edwin B. Forsythe Refuge, a great spot for wildlife viewing. It also protects more than 47,000 acres of NJ coastal habitat, providing a transitory route for migratory birds and an exceptional hub for animal species, such as squirrels, white turkeys, whitetail deer, etc.

The Thundering Surf Water Park

If you want to cool off with your family, there is nothing better than the Thundering Surf Water Park. It is the perfect spot for families, as it provides a lot of water fun for both adults and kids. The Water Park has six different Serptine Tube Slides, a Lazy River throwing out a 2-ft wave every minute, a toddler area, a long Rainbow Ride, and much more.

You can visit this stunning Park by hiring our professional car service Long Beach Island NJ. No matter what time of the day you want to go, we will be ready to serve you.

Hire Us Today and Enjoy the Ride 

Why wait if you plan to visit Long Beach Island and experience its thriving restaurants and bars? Our car service Long Beach Island NJ, is just one click away from you.

You can visit our website and get a free quote right away. Moreover, you can contact us and discuss everything about our Long Beach Island NJ car rental in detail.

Wedding in Cape May NJ | Reasons for Popularity in 2023

Before you hold the hand of your beloved and walk down the aisle, it’s essential to decide the venue of your wedding. If you choose to have your wedding in Cape May, you’re guaranteed a fantastic experience. There are hundreds of Cape May wedding venues you can choose from and enjoy the special day with your loved ones.

There were 1,490 marriages in Cape May 2022; yours can be one such in this ongoing year. Besides an attractive venue, you should also arrange for swift and comfortable wedding transport for everyone. We at Exclusive Car and Limo Service can take care of that.

Why Choose Cape May for Marriage? 

Lavish Hotels 

When picking a wedding location, ensuring that your accommodation is luxurious is vital. After all, you’ll invite your beloved friends and family to the event and don’t want them to encounter any discomfort. Luckily, a wedding in Cape may ensure all of that, thanks to various luxurious hotels.

The Amenities

Hotels in Cape May bring all kinds of amenities one can dream of with the best possible locations. Carrara marble bathrooms, organic bath products, stunning kitchens, etc., provide a cozy environment where you settle in instantly.

You get delicious breakfasts right after waking up, helping you kickstart your day. Some hotels have organic farms that grow fruits, flowers, and vegetables of several varieties. So, the guests get meals cooked fresh out of the farm.

The luxury oceanfront hotels Cape May NJ serve snacks during the afternoon, which include cakes, pastries, doughnuts, tea, fruits, and whatnot. The nightlife is brightened by live jazz music, cozy bars, and stunning fireplaces.

Going in and out of the hotels for your wedding in Cape May should be no problem with our punctual and high-quality Cape May car rental. Our chauffeurs are always at your service, whether day or night.

The Lighthouse & Birdwatching 

Cape May is one of New Jersey’s best-kept secrets, right where the land meets the ocean. From local wineries to wildlife viewing, there is nothing that a wedding in Cape May doesn’t offer.

The iconic lighthouse can provide stunning views of Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean if you can climb steeply. So, your Cape May beach wedding will be a thrilling experience for everyone.

Cape May is also one of National Geographic’s top 10 bird-watching destinations, making it a heaven for bird lovers. All you need are binoculars, and you’ll see several types of warblers and predators, such as hawks, owls, and eagles, roaming the vast skies. The place is also home to a burgeoning vine scene where you can try European-style cabs, pinot noir, and pinot grigio.

Our NJ wedding car service is ready to take you to all of these places whenever you want. The chauffeurs working for us know all the routes perfectly and ensure that you reach your destination comfortably during your wedding in Cape May.

Amazing Venues 

Once you have decided that Cape May is your wedding location, the next step is to find a great wedding venue. Luckily, there are tens of Cape May wedding venues to choose from. You can have both the reception and ceremony at the same venue or choose different venues for both.

Moreover, the venues for a wedding in Cape May provide a lot of flexibility. Whether you want a traditional wedding or a fun party, you’ll be provided exceptional services. Similarly, you can have your wedding during the day or night, and these wedding venues provide services at your preferred times.

All you need to do is to communicate your preferences to the venue staff, and they’ll take care of everything. Make sure you inform them about the food items you want to serve the guests.

For traveling to and from the wedding venue, you can hire our Cape May NJ wedding car service. With our modern limousine fleet, you can enjoy comfortable and luxurious rides at incredible prices.

A Historic Experience 

Many of your guests might be traveling from places located very far from Cape May. It is crucial that you provide them with a memorable experience, much more than just attending your wedding. Fortunately, Cape May is a place where they can perform many activities besides attending the wedding to create beautiful memories.

Cape May is America’s oldest seaside resort, which means there’s a lot of history to explore for everyone. Painted Victorian homes adorn the historic downtown, which you can explore through guided walking. This Victorian architecture will surely make for great wedding clicks for the couple as well as their guests.

Many of these homes have been converted into alluring bed and breakfasts. In fact, many couples like to hold their wedding in Cape May in these quaint homes, enjoying their cozy environments.

A Beach Wedding 

Although there are many traditional wedding venues in Cape May, you don’t have to go that route. Those who love beaches can go for a fun beach wedding instead, and Cape May provides ample opportunity for that.

However, there are a few things you must keep in mind before arranging your wedding at a Cape May beach:

  • Book a time slot in advance for the ceremony.
  • The maximum time for a ceremony is 4 hours, including setup and cleaning.
  • Since it’s public land, you can expect other people to be around during your ceremony; until o unless you have special arraignments.
  • Usually, a maximum of 100 chairs and people are allowed in the venue.

Cape May provides more than 20 locations for beach weddings, so you have a lot of choices. The City also charges fees for occupying any public land for the ceremony, which isn’t refundable.

You can book our party bus to drive everyone to the beach wedding. With its spacious interior, amazing LED lighting, and high-quality sound system, you are guaranteed to thrill everyone.

A Thriving Wedding Industry 

Since Cape May is a popular wedding destination, it has a thriving wedding industry, having experienced vendors, photographers, florists, caterers, and other professionals. They know everything about making a Cape May wedding successful, so you can hire their services and make your special day truly memorable.

Hire Us for Your Special Day 

If your wedding in Cape May is around the corner, hire Exclusive Limo and Car Service to truly bring your festivities to life. Our professional chauffeurs are experienced and thoroughly understand the Cape May area. We have everything from luxurious vehicles for the couple to party buses for your friends and family.

So, contact us today at 6096865466 or 8334555466 to book your vehicle. You can also fill out the form on our website for an instant free quote.

Any questions or queries? We’d be happy to hear from you.

Special Occasion Limousines for Every Event in 2022

Special occasion limousines are amongst the best vehicles because they have the appearance and the amenities you need for a luxurious travel experience. Whether it is a wedding or a prom, a bachelor party, or a birthday party, there is no occasion that a limousine cannot complete.

No wonder the limousine service has experienced a growth of 12% in 2022. In this article, we’ll discuss all the important occasions on which you can hire a limousine and transform your traveling experience.

The Wedding Day

Arguably, there is nothing more special than your wedding day, making it the best occasion to hire a luxurious limo. When you decide to spend the rest of your life with your loved one, it is important to leave the reception in style. And what better way is there to do it than in a limo?

You leave the arena with your beloved, and everyone wishes you well for the rest of your life. While the chauffeur drives, you focus on your spouse and enjoy the beautiful journey. Since there is a unique sound system in limos, you can also play romantic music that will accompany you.

The Prom Night

Prom night is the biggest highlight of your teenage life. It is a memorable occasion that you spend with your family and best friends, and wish everyone the best of luck for their lives ahead. Having special occasion limousines at your service on your prom day is the best thing you can do to make it more memorable.

Limos have been the go-to vehicles for teenage prom night celebrations for decades. Because of their long shape, they can accommodate many so that you can stay inside with your friends for hours. No matter how many parties you have arranged that night, your limo chauffeur will take you everywhere without hesitation.

Bachelorette Party

If wedding days are unique, a bachelorette party also has a spot in our lives. Usually, it is arranged by a bridesmaid, but there are no hard and fast rules, as the bride can also arrange it. You can plan this ultimate festivity occasion without worrying about who will drive, as a professional chauffeur will accompany you wherever you go.

Hire special occasion limousines with all the amenities, such as soft drinks, pleasing lights, an excellent sound system, and enough space for everyone. Let the alcohol flow freely, as you no longer have to worry about safe driving. Play your favorite songs, dance to them with the bride, and make the party special.


Although your birthday comes every year, it is still special and needs to be celebrated with full zeal by hiring special occasion limousines. You can employ it on your birthday or for a loved one on theirs to make them feel more special.

Luckily, special event limos have enough space to house everyone and still provide excellent amenities that can elevate your birthday experience. Enjoy the cake and other delicacies to your heart’s content.

Take amazing pictures of your friends and let the alcohol flow without worries. Dance to your favorite songs and make the birthday genuinely unforgettable. All of it is possible when you hire special occasion limousines.


If your birthdays and wedding are special, anniversaries are also a chance to strengthen your love. When you want to commemorate the date of your wedding, it deserves a luxurious treatment in the form of a limo service.

Visit the site where you first met your spouse in your limo and relive those special moments. Take them to your most beloved restaurant and have a delicious meal. While on your way back, visit your favorite spots that you have seen before to reignite your love.

Limousine services provide highly experienced and professional chauffeurs who handle all of it without breaking any sweat. You can play romantic music in the vehicle while holding hands and make your spouse feel truly special.


If you want to make your next concert truly special and want to turn heads at your arrival, nothing can do it better than a shiny event limo. If you have a date at the show, you can impress them immensely by hiring special occasion limousines.

Even if you don’t have a date, you can take your friends for a lifetime ride without worrying about finding a suitable parking space. You can arrive at the concert like a true rockstar with your friends. No need to ride a concert bus when you can come in special occasion limousines.

Graduation Day

Graduation is one of the most important days in one’s life, as you mark a new milestone, whether it is high school, college, or finishing your Ph.D. These milestones of one’s academic career should be celebrated after all the hard work that goes into achieving them. There is no better way to announce that you made it than hiring quality special occasion limousines.

If you are a parent, making this small investment for a particular day should be a no-brainer. It is a reward for all the hard work and long nights they have put in. Travel with your parents, grandparents, siblings, and close friends in spacious special event limousines and make your graduation day unforgettable.

Sealing a Business Deal 

Running a business is challenging, as one has to face many ups and downs. Sometimes you have to attend meetings that can make or break the future of your business. Such occasions deserve quality vehicles like limousines to impress your client.

Take them from the airport to the meeting place to show them they’re dealing with someone who cares about the comfort of their clients. Doing that will push them toward closing the deal and help your business grow.


Special occasions limousines can elevate your weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc., to another level. They have enough space to house many people at once and provide all the amenities you need, such as a great sound system, great lights, a bar, and whatnot.

If you have a special occasion, reach out to Executive Taxi and Car Service and book your favorite limousine delay from our incredible fleet. We are an all-occasion limo service providing quality limousines for your special days at unbeatable rates with many other benefits. Our drivers have an immense experience in their job and provide you with a ride full of comfort.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Limousine

Limousines have been around since the 1700s for luxurious travel. While the modern motorized limos didn’t show up till the 1900s, the older ones were pulled by horses. Hiring a limousine has become a norm today for different occasions such as proms, weddings, etc. No wonder their market size will stand at $4.6 billion in 2022.

However, you should keep a few things in mind before hiring them so that you get the best deal possible. Therefore, we’ll discuss some of the most important tips to consider before hiring a limousine in this article.

The Quality of Drivers

A safe and comfortable ride is one of the primary reasons for hiring a limousine. You want to avoid paying a hefty amount and then complaining about being uncomfortable during your ride. Therefore, hiring a limo service with highly trained and professional drivers who know their job ideally is crucial.

Here are some must-have qualities for professional limo drivers:

  • Should know their way through the city.
  • It should make you comfortable during your ride.
  • Must know traffic rules perfectly.
  • Should be punctual and pick up & drop you off on time.

The Size of Fleet 

Although you might hire just one limo, it is still crucial to look at the fleet of the company you’re dealing with. Reputable car companies usually have an extensive fleet which shows they have a strong business with a lot of demand. Moreover, having many vehicles means they have the necessary variety to cater to different customers.

You might not need a limo another person needs, so variety is crucial. You might need it for a wedding, while someone else might need it for a corporate event. Since the requirements are so different, a quality company should have something for everyone.

Reviews & Recommendations

Only hire a limo once you know what others say about that company. Luckily, the internet has made it much easier to understand this, as several websites feature reviews from hundreds of customers. Since 90% of customers rely on online reviews before buying something, you should also do so to have a better understanding of the limo company.

Online Reviews

A company that has satisfied its customers in the past will always have positive reviews. There might be some reviews where people mention their issues, but overall they’d be optimistic. You can use Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc., to check the reviews and know whether the limo service is worth hiring.

Personal Recommendations

Besides looking at internet reviews, you can also ask your friends and family about different limo companies. Usually, someone amongst them has used them in the past and can give you an accurate picture.

Competitive Pricing

Thanks to their increased demand, plenty of limo companies today compete with each other for customers. Therefore, they all try to offer competitive pricing to win over clients. Always consider how much to rent a limo for a day before contacting a company to know whether you can afford it or not.

Check the Amenities

A luxurious limo ride is incomplete without all the essential amenities that should come with it. Usually, reputable companies offer TV, minibars, luxury seats, etc., in their limo. Therefore, these limos are perfect for the party scene when traveling with your friends and family.

Your drinks won’t get warm as many of them have refrigerators too. Limos have great sound systems if you want to enjoy high-quality music.

Depending upon your needs and preferences, check whether the company provides all of these amenities in their limos. If they don’t offer them but charge less, make sure you look elsewhere, as paying extra for them is worth it.

Prepayment & Contract

Some companies work differently and ask you to enter a contract with them beforehand. Usually, these contracts have a component of prepayment which books the limo in your name. They also make you sign an agreement that elaborates on their policies.

Therefore, you should be careful to have complete company information to agree hastily. Usually, when you have signed the contract, you cannot get your money back if you change your mind. Also, look at their cancellation policy and check if you cancel even after signing the contract.


Hiring a limousine service with appropriate insurance should be a no-brainer. They should have their vehicles, drivers, and passengers insured to inspire customers’ confidence.

Hiring a limo service without appropriate insurance isn’t a wise decision. Make sure the company shows you proof of insurance before you pay them. Insurance is crucial because, in the case of an accident or any other mishap, you won’t be held responsible for it.

Customer Service

Try to have a personal experience with the company before hiring a limousine. One of the best ways to do it is to call their representative and check how cooperative and friendly they are. Ask as many questions as possible about the company and its services. It will not only help you judge their behavior but also help you understand more about the company.

If you want the experience to be even more personalized, you can visit their office and meet the staff in person. Customer service is an accurate reflection of the overall service of a company. If it’s not spot on, the company won’t provide you with a quality limo that makes the ride enjoyable.


Hiring a limousine is simple if you know what you’re looking for. Understanding the different components of limo hiring will help you make better decisions in the future. From the fleet size to customer reviews, ensure you check everything.

And if you want to hire a limousine from a reputable company, Exclusive Taxi & Car Service should be on top of your list. We offer high-quality limousines for airport transportation, weddings, proms, bachelor parties, and whatnot. Our rates are competitive, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Therefore, fill out this form and get a free instant quote or contact us at 6096865466 for further information.

Best Time to Rent a Car at Airport in 2023

Whether traveling from Alabama to Mexico or another country for a business tour, the conveyance is among the biggest challenges you will face in your new destination. Not renting a car earlier means you may have to wait in long queues to get transportation or spend some extra bucks to move around. That’s why many people tend to rent a car a bit earlier than their landing to stay away from this hassle. However, while doing so, many people get confused about the best time to rent a car at the airport and what benefits it brings.

So, to help you in this regard, we have compiled a detailed guide sharing the best time to pick up a rental car, when the time should be increased, and more. Let’s delve into the details!


What Time is Best to Rent a Car at the Airport?

There is no hard and fast rule about the best time to rent a car; however, it’s suggested to rent yours as soon as you get the date of your expected tour. Most people suggest booking four to six months prior to your arrival is the best. As car rental prices are available within six months, trying to rent a car much further can lessen your chance of getting the lowest rates.

The prices of car rentals are dynamic and keep changing with demand. Moreover, other factors can affect the price of rented cars. Considering these factors while booking can help you get the best time to rent a car at the airport. So, let’s discuss these:

  • Season

If you rent a car for a fancy tourist attraction to have a fun-filled vacation, you will come across skyrocketing car rental prices. So, the best time to rent a car for this is to book during the off-season or a few months before the peak season. This will save you a handful of bucks, preventing you from the discomfort that you may feel while waiting for your car at the airport.

  • Size of the Airport

Many people do not know this, but the size of the airport also affects the rates of car rental services. Small airports and cities have fewer rental car services, which results in soaring prices. In contrast, large cities with multiple vehicle rental companies have more competition, and you can easily find the best rate.

  • Type of Car

The best time to rent a car at the airport also depends upon the type of car you are choosing. For instance, if you are eyeing an exotic and expensive vehicle to pick you up, then you should definitely book the vehicle way before their demand increases. On the other hand, standard cars are readily available, and you don’t have to worry about their advance booking.

Tip: Despite the car type, it’s suggested to hire the rental car in advance to be on the safe side.


What’s the Best Car Rental Pickup Time to Have on Arrival?

To ensure you don’t miss your rented car and get to your destination quickly, you should leave some time between your landing time and the pick-up time. Leaving 45 to 60 minutes is a good idea as it keeps you stress-free while you get your luggage cleared. However, if you are only with hand luggage, then around 30 minutes will also do great.

In case you are late, the car rental company will not wait much for you, and they will leave with some other customer. So, to avoid this situation, you should always keep the time duration of around 40 minutes to one hour between your arrival and pick-up time. Moreover, arriving early keeps you safe as some car rental companies allow you to get into the car as soon as you arrive, irrespective of the time.


Different Reasons for Giving Late Pick-up Time

Here are the situations in which you should give some extra time for pickup:

  • If you’ve rented a car at a large airport, it takes time to reach the rental desk.
  • If you are arriving during peak season and there are long queues that take a maximum of your time.
  • When you have checked your luggage, it takes time to reach the carousel.
  • In case you are traveling with children and need to get some comfort time at the airport before starting the next journey.


Benefits of Renting the Car at the Airport

Now that you know the best time to rent a car, along with all the factors that affect car pricing, it’s time to discuss some of the primary benefits of renting a car at the airport.

  • Freedom to Explore

The first benefit of renting a car at the airport is the freedom to explore the new location. With a rented car, you can visit all the tourist attractions and remote areas where taxis don’t go. Moreover, you get a chance to soothe your eyes with all the architectural masterpieces without compromising on comfort.

  • Safety

All the vehicles of rental companies are regularly checked and get necessary maintenance. Hence, you don’t have to worry about any technical malfunctioning while roaming around the city. Moreover, these rental cars are insured and have smart GPS technology, airbags, cameras, etc. These things ensure you a smooth and safe road experience!

  • Cost-Effective

As airport car rental companies are gaining immense popularity, everyone in this business is trying to get potential clients. For this purpose, they offer competitive rates and discounts. You will find hiring a car at an airport more budget-friendly than traveling in public transport or a taxi.



The best time to rent a car at the airport is four to six months before the final arrival. However, if you have an urgent tour, the best time to rent a car before trip is two to three days. Early reservations save you time and money and give you complete liberty to roam the new destination. If you are wondering which car rental service to choose for your tour, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service are at your service. We have the best drivers, and our vehicles are also up-to-date.

Our customer service is excellent, and we get you from point A to B quickly and efficiently. What’s the best part? We are affordable and always trying our best to cater to the needs of our customers. So, don’t wait and get a free quote from us now!



Is It Better to Book a Rental Car Online or at the Airport?

Booking rental cars online is the best solution as it allows you to explore different offers and deals that can save you money. This isn’t possible with booking at the airport.


Is It Better to Book a Car Rental Ahead of Time?

Yes, the best time to rent a car is to make the booking ahead of time as it’s money-saving. For instance, if you have a tour coming up within the next 4 to 6 months, you should book the car rental right when you get to know about it. Even booking two to three days can save you a few bucks.


What is the Best Time to Pick Up a Rental Car?

The exact pick-up and the best time to rent a car is 45 to 60 minutes before your arrival. Leaving this much time saves you from the unexpected issues that your delayed arrival may cause.


Is It Better to Rent a Car Ahead of Time or at the Airport?

The best time to rent a car is ahead of time because it’s cheaper and saves you from the hassle of finding the best vehicle at the airport. Early reservations also help you get competitive rates and multiple offers.

Top 7 Things to do on a Layover at Newark Airport

Do you want to cherish your hours layover in Newark? This article is about making your trip exciting by providing various options to relish every moment. A long stopover can be boring or frustrating if not spent productively. Suppose you have a long stay before your next flight. What things to do on a layover at Newark airport? This international airport offers you plenty of choices to have an exhilarating experience both within terminals and nearby. A short trip outside the airport fills you with a lasting feeling of joy and bliss. Let’s get into this.

Best things to do on a layover at Newark airport

Newark is a central spot of culture and entertainment for passengers. You will find fascinating places, delicious meals, and art options there. So, if you have five hours left in your departure, what to do at Newark airport for 5 hours? You can opt for the following options to make your travel memorable.

Grab your favorite meal

Newark airport is a foodie’s paradise. It offers plenty of food options at almost every terminal. There are many cafes, sit-down restaurants, kiosks, and other eating spots. You can get every type of dish at these spots per your preference. For instance, if you want to have steaks, pizzas, or pasta, you can get into Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse in terminal C. This terminal offers you a diversity of seafood, soups, cheese plates, shawarma, sandwiches, and many more. The other terminals also offer delicious food.

You can also visit the places to eat near Newark airport. For this purpose, you need to book exclusive car and taxi services to have a prompt riding experience. From the airport, you can go to Casa Vasca for Spanish food. Other nearby restaurants include Don Pepe’s, Marcus B&P, Casa D’Paco, Krug’s Tavern, Adega Grill, and many more.

Do some shopping

During your layover at Newark, you can cherish retail therapy. If you are a shopping person, you can head into various shops and have some browsing. There are duty-free shops, designer boutiques, bookseller stores, and many other spots. If you want to purchase gifts or souvenirs, you can get into Hudson News. Moreover, if you want to have a thrilling experience, you can explore the Metropolitan Museum of art’s shop. It offers you a break from the usual airport shops.

The quantity of shops is pretty high. The airport offers you convenience stores, goods shops, stores where you can find travel stuff, and many more.

Pamper yourself and relax at the spa

Taking care of yourself is also significant during a layover before the next flight. Terminal C offers D-Parture spas at two locations. You can pamper yourself with a chair massage or release your exhaustion through the eye or head massage.

Additionally, if you want your nails done, there is a separate section for manicures and pedicures as well. If you have a long stay, you can take airport car services and travel to nearby spas for a better experience. For instance, you can book an exclusive taxi to travel to your desired beauty spas to give yourself a treat. There are many spots near Newark airport where you can take services like The Green Spa and Wellness center, Up spa, Heaven spa, and many more.

Visit nearby places

One of the top things to do near Newark Liberty Intl airport is to visit the close by places. Visiting fascinating places is a source of fun and entertainment. You can refresh yourself at Branch Brooke Park, which is full of cherry blossoms. You can reach there in almost 18 minutes via Exclusive private car services.

One of the top things to do on a layover at Newark airport is to go to the Newark Museum of art. It offers you a planetarium and a catchy sculpture garden. In addition, if you are a book lover, you must visit Newark public library via exclusive car. You will get a chance to have a closer glance at the literature and architecture. Other things to do near Newark airport include visiting Penn station, the ironbound district, the new jersey performing art section, and more.

Enjoy Amenities at the Lounge

Wondering about the top things to kill hours layover in Newark?

Access to the airport lounge is one of the best ways to do that. You can cherish exceptional services and hospitality in these lounges. It doesn’t matter if you belong to which class of the plane. You can pre-book online or get inside through a lounge membership card.

You can get food, internet, newspaper, magazines, TV viewing areas, telephone services, and many other amenities. So, it is one of the ideal things to do on a layover at Newark airport.

Connect to WIFI and watch shows

At Newark, you can get unlimited free WIFI facilities. So, if you have missed episodes of your favorite shows, you can watch them online and have some fun. You can also connect with your family and friends through internet services.

Moreover, you can also share your airport pictures with your loved ones through your social media accounts. So, if you feel bored during your stopover, it is one of the top things to do during your hours layover in Newark.

Have a Nap

If you get tired, you can get some eyes shut during your stay at the airport. Newark terminal B offers free armrest seating where you can nap. You can also find a quiet room to get some rest.

Additionally, you can take the luxurious services if you prefer a hotel. Most of the hotels are close at hand. You can book exclusive airport cars that take you promptly and efficiently as possible.


In short, if you’re looking for the best things to do on a layover at Newark airport, you are at the right place. You can visit the places to eat near Newark airport. Similarly, you can shop, visit cultural spots and parks and have fun. You can also cherish amenities at the lounge and pamper yourself. You can visit nearby spas to give yourself special treatment. So, how could you travel to nearby spas, restaurants, and parks? You can connect with exclusive car and taxi services. We offer prompt rides to the airport, limo services, and private car services at affordable rates.

In addition to airport transportation, we also offer car services for weddings, special events, birthdays, prom, bachelor parties, and more. So, what makes you wait so long? Book your first ride with us!

Advantages of Choosing Wedding Limo NJ in 2023

There is no more special occasion than a marriage, and everyone wants to arrive at the ceremony in their wedding limo NJ to add a touch of luxury and class to it. Riding a premium limousine at your wedding elevates your status and makes you feel special. Many people focus on their dress and other arrangements but must remember to rent a high-quality vehicle for them at their wedding.

The size of the limousine services industry stood at $59.8 billion in 2021, depicting strong demand. So, let’s discuss what benefits hiring a wedding limo in NJ will bring to you in 2023.

wedding limo NJ

A Touch of Class & Elegance

What’s more refined and elegant than riding a luxurious limousine at your wedding? Marriage doesn’t happen every day, so you need to have an aura of exclusivity on this special occasion.

Being spacious and comfortable, you can enjoy some beautiful moments with your partner in the limo before entering the marriage ceremony. When you step out of it with your significant other, everyone will have their attention set on you. So, make sure you hire a quality wedding limo NJ service that can provide you with a luxurious vehicle.

Makes for Great Pictures

You must have seen people posing with luxury cars on the internet now and then. Well, you can do that too, and marriage presents you with a perfect opportunity. Everyone wants to create a memorable album for their wedding, and a luxurious limousine can be the ideal addition.

No longer do brides and grooms want highly staged photos outdoors. They want something more refined and unique, and picking the right wedding limo NJ service can help them achieve that perfectly. Use your limousine as a backdrop for your stunning wedding photos and impress your audience on Instagram.

An Audio Visual Treat

Renting a limousine for your wedding also provides a fantastic audio-visual experience. Long limousines usually have extensive LED lighting, bars, and booths. Limousines are known as modern carriages because of these amenities.

The sound system in these high-end vehicles is genuinely exceptional. All limousines have high-quality amplifiers or woofers that take the audio experience of the rider to the next level. No wonder you’ll feel as if you’re at a party while traveling inside a limo. Therefore, it is an apt addition to your wedding as music is essential to the festivities.

Affordable Luxury

Although the words affordable and luxury don’t usually fit together in the same sentence, limousines are an exception. If you thought limousines were only for the super-rich, you were wrong. Hiring a high-quality limousine for your wedding is more affordable than you think.

Usually, people think they’re already spending lots of money on their wedding, so they must refrain from splurging more on a luxurious vehicle. However, they need to be corrected, as hiring a limousine costs little. Buying it might not be an option, but renting it from a wedding limo NJ service for a day or two certainly is.

Some limousines are large enough to host multiple people, making them great value-for-money options during weddings.

Room for More Passengers

Marriage celebrations are incomplete without loved ones, so why not have them with you? Luckily, NJ wedding limousine comes with ample capacity to host multiple people. Some models can accommodate up to 10 people so that you can bring your close family members and friends along.

Limousines have all the amenities you need to create a festive environment, such as lights, a bar, a sound system, etc. When you and your loved ones ride together towards the ceremony, you can sing and dance to enjoy the special day.

Unmatched Privacy

The special day of your wedding is to be spent with your loved ones and needs privacy and a stress-free environment. Whether you want it for you and your partner or want to ride with your family and friends, NJ wedding limousine is perfect for everything. You can sit inside them and enjoy the ride of your life with your loved ones in complete privacy and comfort.

A Stress-Free Experience

You have a lot on your mind on your wedding day, from preparations to welcoming guests and whatnot. Having to worry about transportation is to add to an already hectic routine unnecessarily. You worry about getting to the ceremony on time, returning home safely with your partner, cleaning the car, etc.

Instead, you can eliminate all these problems and headaches by hiring a high-quality wedding limo NJ service. They’ll take care of everything while you sit back and enjoy your special moments. Make sure you hire a reputable limo service committed to its customers so everything runs smoothly on your special day.

Good limo companies are punctual and have a strict schedule to get their clients to their desired destinations as soon as possible. Moreover, they are well aware of the routes, so you won’t have to stress over losing your way.

Guaranteed Security

Whether it’s a wedding day or not, having safe transport is a must. It is especially needed on the wedding day as you want everything to proceed smoothly and want to avoid mishaps. The bride and groom can enjoy the ride without worrying about anything and safely reach their destination.

Wedding limo NJ service has professional chauffeurs with years of experience, so they know how to transport their clients safely. They take extra care at weddings and ensure that the bride and groom face no discomfort.

Forget About Driving Yourself

Everyone wants to be part of the festivities at a wedding instead of performing duties as a driver. Luckily, hiring a wedding limo NJ service can help you do that, as they’ll provide you with a professional chauffeur who knows their way through the city. So, you’ll sit back and enjoy the festive moments while the driver from the new jersey wedding limo service navigates their way through the city.

Hire a Great Limo Service for Your Wedding

On your special day, hire a reputable wedding limo NJ service to take your celebrations to the next level. Exclusive Taxi and Car Service provides you with professional chauffeurs who have a deep understanding of the localities. Whether you want to hire it for the bride and groom only or wish to ferry guests, we will provide you with a stress-free and comfortable riding experience.

So, if you’re looking for the best wedding transportation services, hire Exclusive Taxi and Car Service today. Call us at 6096865466 or 8334555466. You can also fill out this form and get a free quote instantly.

Is Online Transportation Safe?

How to Choose the Right One? 

You might have spent months planning your new trip, but it’d be a mistake not to think about the quality and safety of online transportation. Whether you want a vehicle for work, tourism, or any other purpose, finding the right one is crucial to make your ride as convenient as possible.

Not all car rental services are equal, as they differ in the quality of vehicles, costs, customer care, etc. if you want to know whether online transportation is safe and how you can hire one that will serve you well, keep reading.

Online transportation

What is Online Transportation, and is it Safe?

Online transportation refers to a car rental service you book for various purposes such as tourism, business, etc. It is a huge industry that is projected to grow to $137.25 billion by 2029.

Before you open your phone or laptop and book online transportation, we must ensure it’s safe. If you hire a reputable car service, it will be safe and comfortable for you. Especially in the wake of the coronavirus, people have become much worrier about the safety of online transportation services.

Many car services let you book the vehicle online and make payments digitally, too, so there’s no contact with the driver. The rental car will arrive at your doorstep, so you don’t have to go anywhere, which makes everything much safer.

How to Choose the Right Transportation Service? 

Check Reputation

It may be better if an online transportation firm looks excellent on paper. No matter how big it seems on the internet, always check its local reviews to know if it’s worth your time. Usually, a car company will have different reviews based on other localities based on staffing, car supplies, etc.

The best way to check the reputation of an online transportation company is to visit third-party, independent websites to have an unbiased view. Visit local blogs and online forums for a detailed overview of the company.

Also, contact your family and friends to know if they have used that service before. Hiring a quality car service brings many benefits that should not be ignored, so always make the required effort to hire one.

Weigh Car Rental Prices

Another vital thing to consider before renting a car service is its price. Consider your budget and check if the renting service falls within it. Sometimes car companies require an early deposit, so consider that too.

Go for the option that falls within your budget, and try finding cheaper Online transportation. However, more affordable sometimes means a better deal. The same also goes for expensive rentals, as they might not be the best value for money.

Take your time and compare car companies, including rental prices, insurance, etc. Make sure the prices are transparent with no hidden fees. Companies offer different rental plans such as daily rental prices, long-term rental deals, kilometer deals, or hourly plans. However, you should always look out for unlimited mileage plans for maximum savings.

Experience their Customer Service

Good customer service is always essential to quality online transportation services from the beginning of the contract period to its end. Companies that care about their customers always ensure that it’s always a smooth experience for everyone.

Therefore, it’s wise to base your decision on something other than price. The best way to check a company’s customer care is to try it yourself. Contact them and find out how quickly they respond and how they communicate with you. Ask questions to check their understanding and patience with their customers.

It means terrible customer service if they take less time to respond or leave their job to an automated system without any human in sight.

Check their Car Rental Knowledge

Hire an online transportation service that knows what it’s doing and completely understands its cars and routes. They should be able to provide you with the best recommendations in their area and also help you pick the best car according to your needs. Moreover, they should know the local driving rules and help you avoid trouble.

Explore their Options  

Quality online transportation services always have a variety of options for their customers. As a customer, you should research everything, including your destination, to know what kind of vehicle you want. Once you know it, finding an exemplary car rental service will be much easier.

Car rental companies usually have all kinds of cars available such as Limousines, economy cars, full-size, compact, etc. A good way of knowing what car you want is to determine the number of passengers and the amount of luggage you carry.

A car rental company with many cars doesn’t mean it’s good. They should have the required knowledge about those vehicles and know which one suits a person well.

Location Matters

Make sure you’re hiring online transportation services from the same area you’re visiting, as it has several benefits. The most important use is that its staff will have immense knowledge of the locality, helping you easily navigate the whole area. No matter where you want to go, the team knows about all the restaurants, bars, clubs, hospitals, etc.

A firm based outside that particular might know, but it’s not guaranteed. Moreover, they might need to learn local driving rules and regulations, getting them in legal trouble.

Convenience Matters

Another essential thing to consider is how convenient the Online transportation company is for its customers. However, you need to know where to pick up your car and drop it off later. A good company will make it easier for you. For instance, if your flight gets late, they’ll give you the option to pick up your car a few days after your arrival instead of hitting the road straight away.

Hence, you can explore the city before hitting your road trip. Moreover, it’ll help you save a few bucks without worrying about finding a suitable parking space.

Get the Best Car Rental Service

You can find a quality car rental service based on these qualities and characteristics. Make sure the company has a good reputation and a deep understanding of the locality it operates. Moreover, it should not slap you with hidden charges and give you a safe, comfortable ride.

Luckily, all of these qualities can be found in Exclusive Taxi and Car Services. While you’re with us, you won’t have to worry about anything as we provide you with high-quality vehicles that are safe and secure.

Reach out to us at 6096865466 or 8334555466. You can also get a free instant quote by submitting this form.

How to Find Cheapest Car Rental New Jersey

Planning your next trip and want the Cheapest car rental New Jersey? It can sometimes indeed become painful, given the variety of rules and policies implemented by rental companies. Moreover, the costs of renting can also be prohibitive depending on the company and your financial status.

The car rental service is projected to reach $81.32 in 2022, indicating its high demand. Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips that can help you find the Cheapest car rental New Jersey.

Cheapest car rental New Jersey

Explore a Car Rental Aggregator Site

The first step is to visit a car rental aggregator site and explore different companies offering car rental services. You can use many sites to give you a ballpark figure of prices charged by different companies.

However, before you book a car using them, make sure you visit the sites of the actual companies too. Compare the rates, as in some cases; company websites might give you an affordable car rental in New Jersey, which is not guaranteed but trying your luck is a must.

Look for Employee & Alumni Discounts

Many people need to pay more attention to the fact that some companies offer car rental discounts to their employees. These discounts are part of the overall perks offered by quality companies.

Just ask your employer to know if you’re eligible for it. Usually, the HR department of your company will have all the information regarding this discount. If you still haven’t got any information, contact the car rental company.

Similarly, alum associations also give their members special car rental discounts. Explore any car rental discounts online based on your association with a school or other organizations.

Skip the Upgrades 

Car rental companies know their business well, so they always try to upsell their services as much as possible. They try to sell you GPS, Insurance, and other upgrades when renting a car, but you don’t need them.

However, people fear getting into an accident and damaging a rented car, which makes them pay for these upgrades. Usually, the insurance you already have covers you for car rentals.

When you contact a car rental company, they’ll try to sell you these upgrades. Being on the spot with a shortage of time, you might be tempted to buy them. However, always contact your insurance provider in such a scenario, and they’ll tell you if you’re covered for car rentals. If not, you can pay for the car rental insurance.

Never spend extra money on GPS, as any modern smartphone has a highly advanced and accurate GPS inside it. So why waste your precious cash on something that you already have?

Watch Out for Price Drops 

If you want to score a fantastic deal on your Cheapest car rental New Jersey, the ideal way is to wait for price drops. Renting a car isn’t like booking flights, as you can cancel the rental car as many times as you like without any penalties. For instance, if you have booked a car, but the rates drop next week, cancel it next week and rebook to save the difference.

That’s why it’s ideal to book Cheap Car Rentals in New Jersey as early as possible. If you have booked a car and its rates go down, you can always cancel it and rebook. However, if the rates go up, you have already booked it at a lower rate. So early booking gives you a win-win situation.

Book the Cheapest Economy Car 

If you don’t have a large family, it’s ideal to go for the Cheapest car rental New Jersey to save some bucks. The company will try to sell you upgrades multiple times but don’t fall for it. Sometimes economy cars aren’t available when you reach the rental counter, so you’ll get the upgraded car without paying.

However, even if that doesn’t happen and you get an economy car, it’s still a great deal.

Rent Away from the Airport

The convenience of picking up a car before leaving the airport is unmatched. However, that convenience usually comes at a hefty price that is entirely avoidable. Most of the time, renting a car at the airport is significantly more expensive than renting it from an office of the same company somewhere else.

That’s because airport locations are much busier than other locations. Always compare the Cheap Car Rentals in New Jersey and associated fees while factoring in the time and costs of going to the off-airport office to get the Cheapest car rental New Jersey. It is one of ways to avoid hefty amounts for airport car rental services.

Go for One Driver

Going on a long trip is exhausting, so understandably, you want to have another driver. However, doing it can also increase the rent by $12 per day.

If having a second driver is a must, ask the renting company to waive the additional fees. Usually, some companies automatically waive this fee if the second driver is your partner or spouse, giving you the Cheapest car rental New Jersey.

Explore Peer to Peer Car Rental Services 

When people want to rent a car, they often think of car rental companies that own hundreds of vehicles. However, other models today exist as peer-to-peer cheap car rental NJ services have emerged as excellent alternatives. Peer-to-peer car rental means you book a car from an individual instead of booking it from a company.

You can book a car and visit the owner to pick it up. Some owners might be willing to deliver it to you for an extra fee. This process is usually more convenient than traditional car renting from companies and is cheaper too.

Sign Up for a Loyalty Program

Many cheap car rental NJ companies offer loyalty programs in which you regularly book their cars and receive free upgrades, additional drivers, etc. Once you have earned enough points, you can also enjoy free rides, which take a while.

However, you can still stay loyal to one company after signing up for a loyalty program. Instead, try to remain loyal to the Cheapest car rental New Jersey. So, if another company is offering better deals, make sure you switch immediately.


Now that you have a detailed guide on how to find the Cheapest car rental New Jersey make sure your next ride will be headache free and convenient.

If you want a luxurious and affordable rental in New Jersey, look no further than Executive Taxi & Car Service. We offer airport car service, including pickups, a comfortable limo service, and a private car service.

Call us today for safe and affordable rides at 6096865466 or 8334555466. You can also get a free quote by filling out this form.

Homecoming Limo Service NJ

How to Make it Memorable 

Homecoming is one of those events that are filled with nostalgia and pride. You welcome the older community members and feel a sense of belonging that nothing else can replicate. It is an extraordinary occasion with its rich tradition and heartfelt celebrations. However, you require quality homecoming limo service to celebrate the occasion fully.

In this article, we’ll give you some fantastic ideas that can take your homecoming celebrations to another level and make them memorable for years.

The Court

Keeping the tradition of kings and queens alive, the idea of the homecoming court is to crown the king and queen of high school. Many high schools follow this tradition, and the most popular boy and girl are usually bestowed with titles.

However, it is not just popularity that decides who will be crowned. A modern twist is determining who has done the most for the community through volunteer work such as fundraising, tutoring other students, gaining a significant increase in GPA, etc.

The King & Queen should be brought to the venue by hiring a reputable homecoming limo service to honor them properly.

The Spirit Week 

Spirit Week is about celebrating different outfits to depict the unity between everyone. Students dress in various themes such as hippies, pro-sports teams, multicultural dresses, etc.

Make sure the dress themes you select are inclusive and let everyone have a share in celebrations. There are a lot of popular themes that aren’t really respectful towards genders, ethnic minorities, abilities, nationalities, etc. However, you can fix them quickly without going overboard.

For instance, Twin Day is a popular theme, but it can be isolating and exclusionary for many. Instead, you can go for Class Colors Day, where all classmates help each other dress up creatively and celebrate inclusively.

Inclusive Assembly Games

Just like inclusive dressing, assembly games should involve everyone instead of focusing only on the prominent kids. The student leaders should be lining the entrances and welcoming people in their limo for homecoming to create a cheerful environment.

They should also follow the rules when selecting students, especially for games with few players. Doing so ensures that the same students are picked sparingly and not repeatedly. Once a kid has participated in the game, their name can be removed for including others.

Choose games that can involve as many students as possible from each grade and join in the fun. For instance, some games allow students to participate from their seats too. They are no longer just cheering on the teams but actually participating in the games.

For example, you can show students trivia in which the whole class determines whether it’s right or wrong. Similarly, the entire class can act out something, and the student standing before everyone tells what they mean.

Arrange a Grand Alumni Tour

Alums give a significant part of their lives to their institutions, so they deserve a special welcome at the homecoming event. Although homecoming is an excellent opportunity to promote the school’s brand and enhance its reputation, alums usually attend the event for entirely different reasons.

They visit to rekindle old friendships and mentor connections and to relive the moments they have once experienced. Therefore, you must show your alums that they are welcome and arrange a grand campus tour.

Those most reputable alumni can be taken around the campus by hiring a homecoming limo service as it comes with lots of benefits. Students can line up on the sides to cheer them up while they tour the campus. It would undoubtedly be a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Create Unique Events

Only some people want to attend a football game during homecoming, so you can arrange alternatives for alums to keep them entertained. In fact, some of these events could provide them with a reason to attend in the first place.

Many things can be done to replace a football match, such as parades, bonfires, concerts, banquets, marching bands, etc., and you can use a homecoming limousine rental for transporting everyone.

Discuss Participation Solutions 

Make sure you brainstorm how you can make as many people participate in the celebrations as possible. For instance, student leaders can hire a homecoming limo service to carpool students for a volleyball game.

Moreover, practices can be held for class skits on the weekend instead of sports practices need to gain more participation. You can also create a closet for students to donate their dresses, shoes, etc., or any other formal wear that is still in good condition.

There can also be an activity night which is free to attend for all students. For instance, you can ask for canned food donations, and many will happily contribute.

Set Up Creative Booths

You’ll need to set up creative and unique booths to attract alums. There should at least be one booth for kids as they love to be creative and build different crafts.

You can get some college students studying childhood education to work with these kids as they understand their needs better than anyone else.

For the senior alums, you can set up unique booths to acquaint them with the school’s visionary initiatives. They should be informed about the strong alum ties and the competence of leaders so that the initiatives appeal more to them.

The students and staff hosting these booths should be well-trained to answer all the questions. Booths act as conversation points, so make sure they are exciting and appealing.


Homecoming is a special occasion with a rich history because it allows the alums to mingle with the current students and inspire them for a bright and promising future. By planning beforehand, you can arrange different events for the occasion to be as cheerful and enthralling as possible.

Make sure the transportation issue is well addressed in your planning by renting a homecoming limo service. It will provide comfortable and luxurious conveyance at affordable rates for everyone and take celebrations to the next level.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service can offer you the most luxurious homecoming limo service at unbeatable prices. We have an experienced group of drivers who have been in the business for years and are well aware of local routes. We offer stress-free and comfortable transport for your homecoming events.

So, contact us at 6096865466 or 8334555466. You can also fill out this form to get a free quote for our homecoming limo service NJ.