Top 7 Things to do on a Layover at Newark Airport

Top 7 Things to do on a Layover at Newark Airport

Do you want to cherish your hours layover in Newark? This article is about making your trip exciting by providing various options to relish every moment. A long stopover can be boring or frustrating if not spent productively. Suppose you have a long stay before your next flight. What things to do on a layover at Newark airport? This international airport offers you plenty of choices to have an exhilarating experience both within terminals and nearby. A short trip outside the airport fills you with a lasting feeling of joy and bliss. Let’s get into this.

Best things to do on a layover at Newark airport

Newark is a central spot of culture and entertainment for passengers. You will find fascinating places, delicious meals, and art options there. So, if you have five hours left in your departure, what to do at Newark airport for 5 hours? You can opt for the following options to make your travel memorable.

Grab your favorite meal

Newark airport is a foodie’s paradise. It offers plenty of food options at almost every terminal. There are many cafes, sit-down restaurants, kiosks, and other eating spots. You can get every type of dish at these spots per your preference. For instance, if you want to have steaks, pizzas, or pasta, you can get into Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse in terminal C. This terminal offers you a diversity of seafood, soups, cheese plates, shawarma, sandwiches, and many more. The other terminals also offer delicious food.

You can also visit the places to eat near Newark airport. For this purpose, you need to book exclusive car and taxi services to have a prompt riding experience. From the airport, you can go to Casa Vasca for Spanish food. Other nearby restaurants include Don Pepe’s, Marcus B&P, Casa D’Paco, Krug’s Tavern, Adega Grill, and many more.

Do some shopping

During your layover at Newark, you can cherish retail therapy. If you are a shopping person, you can head into various shops and have some browsing. There are duty-free shops, designer boutiques, bookseller stores, and many other spots. If you want to purchase gifts or souvenirs, you can get into Hudson News. Moreover, if you want to have a thrilling experience, you can explore the Metropolitan Museum of art’s shop. It offers you a break from the usual airport shops.

The quantity of shops is pretty high. The airport offers you convenience stores, goods shops, stores where you can find travel stuff, and many more.

Pamper yourself and relax at the spa

Taking care of yourself is also significant during a layover before the next flight. Terminal C offers D-Parture spas at two locations. You can pamper yourself with a chair massage or release your exhaustion through the eye or head massage.

Additionally, if you want your nails done, there is a separate section for manicures and pedicures as well. If you have a long stay, you can take airport car services and travel to nearby spas for a better experience. For instance, you can book an exclusive taxi to travel to your desired beauty spas to give yourself a treat. There are many spots near Newark airport where you can take services like The Green Spa and Wellness center, Up spa, Heaven spa, and many more.

Visit nearby places

One of the top things to do near Newark Liberty Intl airport is to visit the close by places. Visiting fascinating places is a source of fun and entertainment. You can refresh yourself at Branch Brooke Park, which is full of cherry blossoms. You can reach there in almost 18 minutes via Exclusive private car services.

One of the top things to do on a layover at Newark airport is to go to the Newark Museum of art. It offers you a planetarium and a catchy sculpture garden. In addition, if you are a book lover, you must visit Newark public library via exclusive car. You will get a chance to have a closer glance at the literature and architecture. Other things to do near Newark airport include visiting Penn station, the ironbound district, the new jersey performing art section, and more.

Enjoy Amenities at the Lounge

Wondering about the top things to kill hours layover in Newark?

Access to the airport lounge is one of the best ways to do that. You can cherish exceptional services and hospitality in these lounges. It doesn’t matter if you belong to which class of the plane. You can pre-book online or get inside through a lounge membership card.

You can get food, internet, newspaper, magazines, TV viewing areas, telephone services, and many other amenities. So, it is one of the ideal things to do on a layover at Newark airport.

Connect to WIFI and watch shows

At Newark, you can get unlimited free WIFI facilities. So, if you have missed episodes of your favorite shows, you can watch them online and have some fun. You can also connect with your family and friends through internet services.

Moreover, you can also share your airport pictures with your loved ones through your social media accounts. So, if you feel bored during your stopover, it is one of the top things to do during your hours layover in Newark.

Have a Nap

If you get tired, you can get some eyes shut during your stay at the airport. Newark terminal B offers free armrest seating where you can nap. You can also find a quiet room to get some rest.

Additionally, you can take the luxurious services if you prefer a hotel. Most of the hotels are close at hand. You can book exclusive airport cars that take you promptly and efficiently as possible.


In short, if you’re looking for the best things to do on a layover at Newark airport, you are at the right place. You can visit the places to eat near Newark airport. Similarly, you can shop, visit cultural spots and parks and have fun. You can also cherish amenities at the lounge and pamper yourself. You can visit nearby spas to give yourself special treatment. So, how could you travel to nearby spas, restaurants, and parks? You can connect with exclusive car and taxi services. We offer prompt rides to the airport, limo services, and private car services at affordable rates.

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