Homecoming Limo Service NJ

Homecoming Limo Service NJ

How to Make it Memorable 

Homecoming is one of those events that are filled with nostalgia and pride. You welcome the older community members and feel a sense of belonging that nothing else can replicate. It is an extraordinary occasion with its rich tradition and heartfelt celebrations. However, you require quality homecoming limo service to celebrate the occasion fully.

In this article, we’ll give you some fantastic ideas that can take your homecoming celebrations to another level and make them memorable for years.

The Court

Keeping the tradition of kings and queens alive, the idea of the homecoming court is to crown the king and queen of high school. Many high schools follow this tradition, and the most popular boy and girl are usually bestowed with titles.

However, it is not just popularity that decides who will be crowned. A modern twist is determining who has done the most for the community through volunteer work such as fundraising, tutoring other students, gaining a significant increase in GPA, etc.

The King & Queen should be brought to the venue by hiring a reputable homecoming limo service to honor them properly.

The Spirit Week 

Spirit Week is about celebrating different outfits to depict the unity between everyone. Students dress in various themes such as hippies, pro-sports teams, multicultural dresses, etc.

Make sure the dress themes you select are inclusive and let everyone have a share in celebrations. There are a lot of popular themes that aren’t really respectful towards genders, ethnic minorities, abilities, nationalities, etc. However, you can fix them quickly without going overboard.

For instance, Twin Day is a popular theme, but it can be isolating and exclusionary for many. Instead, you can go for Class Colors Day, where all classmates help each other dress up creatively and celebrate inclusively.

Inclusive Assembly Games

Just like inclusive dressing, assembly games should involve everyone instead of focusing only on the prominent kids. The student leaders should be lining the entrances and welcoming people in their limo for homecoming to create a cheerful environment.

They should also follow the rules when selecting students, especially for games with few players. Doing so ensures that the same students are picked sparingly and not repeatedly. Once a kid has participated in the game, their name can be removed for including others.

Choose games that can involve as many students as possible from each grade and join in the fun. For instance, some games allow students to participate from their seats too. They are no longer just cheering on the teams but actually participating in the games.

For example, you can show students trivia in which the whole class determines whether it’s right or wrong. Similarly, the entire class can act out something, and the student standing before everyone tells what they mean.

Arrange a Grand Alumni Tour

Alums give a significant part of their lives to their institutions, so they deserve a special welcome at the homecoming event. Although homecoming is an excellent opportunity to promote the school’s brand and enhance its reputation, alums usually attend the event for entirely different reasons.

They visit to rekindle old friendships and mentor connections and to relive the moments they have once experienced. Therefore, you must show your alums that they are welcome and arrange a grand campus tour.

Those most reputable alumni can be taken around the campus by hiring a homecoming limo service as it comes with lots of benefits. Students can line up on the sides to cheer them up while they tour the campus. It would undoubtedly be a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Create Unique Events

Only some people want to attend a football game during homecoming, so you can arrange alternatives for alums to keep them entertained. In fact, some of these events could provide them with a reason to attend in the first place.

Many things can be done to replace a football match, such as parades, bonfires, concerts, banquets, marching bands, etc., and you can use a homecoming limousine rental for transporting everyone.

Discuss Participation Solutions 

Make sure you brainstorm how you can make as many people participate in the celebrations as possible. For instance, student leaders can hire a homecoming limo service to carpool students for a volleyball game.

Moreover, practices can be held for class skits on the weekend instead of sports practices need to gain more participation. You can also create a closet for students to donate their dresses, shoes, etc., or any other formal wear that is still in good condition.

There can also be an activity night which is free to attend for all students. For instance, you can ask for canned food donations, and many will happily contribute.

Set Up Creative Booths

You’ll need to set up creative and unique booths to attract alums. There should at least be one booth for kids as they love to be creative and build different crafts.

You can get some college students studying childhood education to work with these kids as they understand their needs better than anyone else.

For the senior alums, you can set up unique booths to acquaint them with the school’s visionary initiatives. They should be informed about the strong alum ties and the competence of leaders so that the initiatives appeal more to them.

The students and staff hosting these booths should be well-trained to answer all the questions. Booths act as conversation points, so make sure they are exciting and appealing.


Homecoming is a special occasion with a rich history because it allows the alums to mingle with the current students and inspire them for a bright and promising future. By planning beforehand, you can arrange different events for the occasion to be as cheerful and enthralling as possible.

Make sure the transportation issue is well addressed in your planning by renting a homecoming limo service. It will provide comfortable and luxurious conveyance at affordable rates for everyone and take celebrations to the next level.

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