What to do and see in Ocean County NJ

Ocean County is a county in the United States, New Jersey. It is located along the Jersey Shore, on the south-central side of the state of New Jersey. The administrative center of Ocean County in Toms River and since the year 1990, the place is one of the fastest developing areas in New Jersey. It is the seventh-largest county in New Jersey and the total area of Ocean County is 2371 kilometer square and the total population is 612894.  It is a coastal lowland area and is drained by the Toms River and Forked rivers. A county is a rich place in terms of natural beauty and it contains many lakes, wildlife areas, fun and recreational areas including a few beaches and Barnegat lighthouse state parks. The county also has a forested area that has a shortleaf pine with a strand of oaks. The ocean was named ocean county due to its closeness with the Atlantic and it was created in 1850. The county is filled with dozens of shore activities like boating to enjoy in the amusement parks.

If you want to visit or discover the ocean county, you will be needing a means of transport, especially if you are from another city or another country. In this case, you can trust the reliable and professional services of the ocean county limo service. If you are at the airport then airport transportation from Ocean County would be there to pick you up and drop you at the destination of your choice. You can have a great time over there. Some activities and things are recommended to be seen and done whenever you visit the ocean county, and they are discussed below in this article.

Cattus Island County Park

Also known as Cattus Island, the cattus island county park is a 530 acres recreational park located in the Toms River. This is an unspoiled beauty of nature and the main site of tourist attraction in Ocean County. This magnificent place has natural surroundings with a wide diversity of wildlife. It has six miles of trails and butterflies fly from one place to another. This environmentally sensitive park is home to the Cooper Environmental center, and no matter you are a kid or an old person, the park provides amusement and enjoyment to people of all ages. The place has a great collection of fish and reptiles and many programs and presentations that are run by the highly professional staff and are always free of cost. The place is also a center providing educational programs and presentations to students for research on different aquatic animals. The area is surrounded by the salt marshes.

Ocean county library

The great ocean county library is the heart of the community and focuses on growth and change. Committed to the excellence of local people and visitors, the residents use this library to get a wide variety of books present over here. It was founded in the year 1952 and is government property. It provides people with reference materials and books related to research and education and also gives people free internet access. It is located at 101-Washington Street Toms River, New Jersey, United States. The library serves 32 out of 33 municipalities of ocean county. The library is managed by Susan Quinn nowadays.

Castle Park II

Castle Park II is located in Oak and North Bay avenues, Toms River New Jersey. It is a place for kids as well as old ones. Kids can enjoy and explore a lot of things over here. The place is safe and completely fenced. The park has several picnic places and bathrooms are also available inside the building. It is visited by a lot of people every year to enjoy. So if you ever got a chance to visit ocean county it is the place you should never miss.

Ocean county historical museum

If you are curious about knowing the history of Ocean County then you should visit this place. This place has been collecting artifacts and other things and preserving them to tell and preserve the national heritage of the ocean county. It also offers different visits for students who want to research history and cultural heritage. The museum was built in several stages because many renovations and improvements were done in the latter stages but the construction was started in 1820. The final structure of this museum and research center was completed in 1990. The museum is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 1-3 pm, so if you want to visit it you have to reach on time. The school or college trips to the museum are also organized through a proper schedule.

Bounce about

This is a place in Toms River New Jersey and your entire family especially little kids can enjoy it a lot over here. You can play laser tag in the famous laser tag zone, you can play basketball, dodgeball, volleyball and can bounce around too. The famous laser tag zone is a 2 stories high area and designed amazingly. They have the new and latest equipment which will bring the game to life. A laser tag party offers you two games of laser tag and in addition to this, you can enjoy twenty minutes in the sports arena while playing dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, Frisbee, soccer, and badminton. The package also gives you invitations, fine paper products, two pizza slices per kid, bottles of soda, and a gift hamper for the guests.

Route 37 watersports

Route 37 watersports are the number one Waverunner and boat rental location on Jersey’s shore. After renting a boat from here you will enjoy the best amenities, services, and watersports at very reasonable prices. You can rent boats and jet skis at this place. This place will provide you and your kids with everything you need to enjoy, have some fun in the sun and have a splash in the cold water. The pontoon boats over here are very popular among all. So if you want to have an amazing experience of watersports and fishing, then this place is for you.