Avoid these wedding transportation mistakes

Wedding day is a big day for all of us. It is an important day which we want to be perfect and everything to be smooth. Many things need to occur smoothly. We have to do multiple tasks at one time and manage all the things to be perfectly organized. This day is all about planning and replanning things. All of us are concerned about a few things that are the bride’s dress, the wedding destination, the list of guests, and other preparations. If you think that you are all done here, then hold up! You are forgetting something very important. Yes! The transportation. The wedding transportation is the most important thing that most of us leave, and we think to do it at the end, but then it gets very late.

You have many wedding transportation options to hire for your big day. You can hire limo rentals such as a first-class black limousine, a classic traditional vintage car, a Rolls Royce, a dashing supercharged sports car, or a party bus. Any company which offers limo for weddings has various options in their list for you. If you are attending someone else’s wedding you can hire NJ wedding transportation too. But sometimes we make a big mistake by leaving transport booking at the end. This is one of the major wedding transportation mistakes done by most of us. And in the end, we are standing in front of our house realizing what a big blunder we had done. Then there is another problem too, you think that your guests will bring their cars but in the end, some of them do not bring or in the other case, there is no parking space. This article contains a list of wedding transportation mistakes that you should avoid to enjoy your big day fully.

Booking a small vehicle

It is a normal thing that we want to save money even on our wedding day but sometimes saving money can lead to discomfort. Make sure that this habit of yours should not affect your comfort. If you have enough space in the vehicle you will have enough room to move around and socialize with your wedding party and enjoy it. A small space in the vehicle would be a major problem for the bride, especially if she is wearing a heavy dress, a delicate one or a dress having long length, she would be unable to fit it in the car and when she reaches the destination the wedding dress would not look good. If the bride is having a sister or mother along with her, then they can’t adjust in a small vehicle.

Less research

In the end, when we have no option, we choose the limo for a wedding that appears first on our list.  This is because we are in a state of hurry, but it is recommended that you should do some research before hiring a limo for a wedding. You need to see and check out the types of vehicles, different wedding packages offered by the company and the most important thing is the prices. Before spending a decent amount of money make sure that your choice would not lead you to a disaster in the end. Check out whether the company charges their customers for an hour, for a trip, or one day. And what services is the company offering in a certain package.

Not viewing vehicle before hiring

Who would want to travel in a broken, unmaintained, and unclean vehicle on their wedding day? Of course, no one! No matter how busy you are in planning your wedding, it is very important to check out the vehicle you are hiring from a particular wedding transportation company. Do not trust only the photos of the vehicle given on a company’s website, go and check out whether the vehicle is in a good condition or not. Make sure that the vehicle is properly maintained, clean, sanitized, and has enough space for accommodating the members. This will help you to avoid a lot of stress in the end and if you don’t do this then you are opening yourself up to a lot of risks.

Booking at the last minute

This is the most common mistake that we make while hiring wedding transportation. If you are going to get married in the spring season, in April, May, or June, or if you are going to get married during a national holiday such as Christmas, then you must do an early booking of the wedding transportation. Because in this season the best vehicles are already booked due to important events such as holidays, prom nights, or bachelor parties. Generally, it is recommended that you should book a vehicle five or six months before the wedding date. This would give you many benefits. You would be able to hire the vehicle of your choice, for example, Mercedes Benz, a classic BMW, the vintage Rolls Royce, or the energetic Ferrari. In addition to this, you would be charged a fair amount of money, while in case if you book at the end time you would not get the vehicle of your choice and would be charged more than double the amount for hiring a vehicle.

Going with an inexperienced driver

On your wedding day, imagine if your driver forgets the way to your wedding destination and you are lost, or reach late at your wedding, this will be very awkward. Make sure that the limo rentals you are hiring provide you a well-mannered, well-experienced, and professional driver who will take you to the wedding venue on time. Services like NJ wedding transportation hire professional drivers who have undergone years of training and driving is more than a job to them, it’s a career and a passion for them. The experienced drivers know all the roads, routes, and heavy traffic hours. They are well aware of the shortest routes that lead to your destination. So you would not be worried and will enjoy a stress-free journey to the wedding.  But if you travel with an inexperienced person then you would be stressed even on your big day, so be careful!