Philadelphia international airport

The great Philadelphia international airport or PHL is nowadays the major airport that serves the 7th largest metropolitan area in the region of the United States. Back in the 1940s, the airport was used by just 14000 passengers but now every year the airport is utilized by more than 31 million travelers, who travel from this airport. The airport is located almost seven miles from downtown Philadelphia and the airport can be easily accessed by using any kind of transport. You can use the Philadelphia airport transportation to reach there. If you are living in New Jersey or the area near it then a good option for you is to hire a car service to Philadelphia airport from New Jersey, if you are not comfortable that way, then hiring the Philly airport limo is the best option for you to get to the airport. The Philadelphia international airport operates approximately 81000 passengers daily. According to a 2018 study it operates 26 major airlines and also serves as a hub for Frontier airlines. To more than 140 destinations the airport offers more than 500 daily departures.

The giant airport is stretched over an area of approximately 2583 acres and provides easy access to many tourist sites, cultural hubs, restaurants and hotels, and business centers. The airport does not sustain local tax dollars and is self-sustaining. The airport is currently the largest economic engine in the area and it generates almost $15. Billion to the economy and is a place that employs 96000 people annually. The airport is also well known for its excellent transportation links, the two interstates I-95 and I-76 and route 291 also pass through the airport. The Philadelphia international airport provides a parking space for more than 20,000 vehicles on the ground. The parking lots are located on the opposite sides of terminals and are at short distances. If you are a budget conscious person then there is a parking lot outside the airport and you can get there by a convenient shuttle service.

A short history of the airport

In 1927 the first airplane landed at the airport 1927, back then the airport had only one runway. At the end of the 1930s, some sort of construction work was done in the airport and in 1940 the airport achieved the status of national airport. Five years after this first international airplane landed over here and the airport was named the Philadelphia international airport. In the year 1953, some more improvement was done to the airport and a terminal was added, then in the following year’s airport was improved as the expansion was done with time to accommodate the growing number of passengers. The airport offers different facilities such as free internet connection and a fun and gaming zone for kids so that they do not get bored. It not just provides enjoyment facilities to kids but also the young passengers and they can discover interesting and amazing facts about aviation over here. The Philadelphia international airport offers around one hundred and fifty fashion stores, shops, restaurants, and bars where you can roam around and have world-class delicious and mouthwatering foods.

Airlines operated from the airport

The airport serves as a hub for frontier airlines. And the list of airlines that operate at the airport includes American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, United Airlines, Delta, Air Canada, Alaska, and a few other airlines. The most popular destinations from the airport are Atlanta, Orlando, Charlotte, and Chicago, San Juan, Fort Lauderdale, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Boston, and a few others. American Airlines has an important network of different flights from the region of Philadelphia to Europe and the Caribbean. Qatar Airways is the only airline currently operating non-stop from Philadelphia to the Middle–East. The longest flight being operated from the Philadelphia international airport is a 6774 mile or 10. 902 km long route to Doha. Operated by Qatar Airways this flight takes approximately 12 hours and thirty-five minutes to reach the destination.

Terminals of airport

The Philadelphia international airport consists of about seven terminals and they are A-west, A-East, B, C, D, E, and F. All the terminals are connected in a line so that the passengers can easily walk from the terminal A-west to the F terminal if they need to travel in case. All the terminals are designed in a manner so that they can be accessed from the road to the pick and drop and other kinds of transportation. The purpose of all these terminals is to ensure a good flow of passenger traffic.

Terminal A-west

This terminal has 13 gates which are numbered A14-A26 and are situated on the second level. Level 3 which is the international arrivals area is shared with the A-east terminal. The Terminal A-west operates a few domestic flights but it’s a major terminal for international airlines such as American Airlines, British Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Terminal A-east

The terminal has almost 11 gates which are numbers A2-A24 and also A6-A13 along with a few shops, cafes, and restaurants. There is an American Airlines Admirals club near gate A4.

Terminals B and C

Terminals B and C are for the operation of domestic and international flights and the American Airlines is the sole occupant of these terminals. The second concourse B has 15 gates and they are numbered s B1-B11 and B13-B16. The C concourse also comprises 15 gates and they are numbered C17-C31.

Terminal D

The flights that operate from this terminal go to the United States and Canada. It has almost sixteen gates and they are numbered D1-D16 along with a variety of cafes.

Terminal E

The airlines such as Frontier and JetBlue operate from here and it has seventeen gates and they are numbered from E1-E7. There are a wide range of restaurants too.

Terminal F

This terminal has approximately 39 gates and they are numbered F1-F39. This has one security check post and also two concourses. In addition to this, there are many café, restaurants, and shops located in this terminal for refreshment.