Car Service NJ to NYC, or vice versa

Car Service NJ to NYC, or vice versa

You finally took the plunge. You booked that visit the Jersey Shore. That 141 mile stretch of pristine sandy beaches, heavenly eateries and crowds of people having a good time. A veritable vacation paradise. Now you’re set to go back home. Only one problem; your flight departs from New York. Wide coverage area No problem. […]

Why You Need a Limousine for Your Wedding

As the years go by, one of the days you’ll look back most fondly on is your wedding day. Or at least you should, because everything ought to be perfect. And one of the biggest factors in wedding planning that can impede perfection is the need to secure safe and reliable transportation for you and […]

Indulge yourself in a tour of the Cape May, NJ Wineries

An integral part of tourism has always been the food and beverage culture of the traveler’s holiday destination. Who has ever visited Italy and not eaten pizza? Paella in Spain or Moussaka in Greece? Until the latter part of the 20th Century, gastronomic tourism had the ascendancy. Nowadays enotourism, or vinitourism, is the new “you […]

Car Service in Toms River, New Jersey

When travelers step into the terminal at New Jersey’s Newark Airport, one of the first things they may think of is how they are going to get from the airport to their destination. Fortunately for the traveler, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is in the business of providing a clean and comfortable ride all around […]

Best Reasons to Rent a Limo

Need to get somewhere? Are you tired of driving and want to relax on your journey? Nowadays, due to the increasing connectivity and use of technology, most popular options for short distance road transportation are ride sharing services, taxis and public transportation, due to their unique benefits. Ride sharing services are becoming increasingly popular every […]

Why You Should Rent A Taxi To Visit These Places In Jersey Shore

When it comes to family enjoyment, Jersey Shore has much to offer. But driving to and from home and to each of the attractions can be stressful, time-consuming, and bothersome. The best way to see the sights of Jersey Shore is to rent a taxi. Here we’re going to explore some of Jersey Shore’s most […]

Top 5 Reasons To Use A Limo Service This Summer

What typically takes place during the summer? Concerts, sports games, visits to the big city, trips to wineries, weekend getaways, weddings… You name it! Aside from summer, what do these events have in common? Each and every one of them should be enjoyed to the fullest. What can put a damper on your enjoyment? How […]


Weddings are the event that needs to go smoothly without any hassles. There is already too much going on at the day of the wedding that you do not afford anything going down the wrong path that is why it is crucial to plan and make sure everything is on track. One of the major […]


Are you a first-timer in choosing a limo rental and you looking for a Limo Rental company which is licensed, reputable as well as pocket-friendly? Also, are you confused about what to look for in a Limo rental before choosing the service for your event? If that is the case then we have some suggestions […]


NYC is a big city which is always hustling and bustling with people who are in a rush to get to places. Everyone is rushing to public transports or driving their cars crazily. Half of the time people are stuck in the traffic which makes them get later than usual. Even the subways are bustling […]