Why You Should Rent A Taxi To Visit These Places In Jersey Shore

Why You Should Rent A Taxi To Visit These Places In Jersey Shore

When it comes to family enjoyment, Jersey Shore has much to offer. But driving to and from home and to each of the attractions can be stressful, time-consuming, and bothersome. The best way to see the sights of Jersey Shore is to rent a taxi.

Here we’re going to explore some of Jersey Shore’s most beloved places to visit and why you should hire someone else to do the driving. We’ll discuss Atlantic City, Ashbury Park, Long Branch, and more.

Let’s talk about your ride first …

Best Reasons to Hire a Taxi

No matter how much you may like to drive – and you may actually not enjoy driving as much as some people do – it’s always nice when you can sit back and leave the stress and worry to someone else behind the wheel. When driving your private vehicle, traveling can be worrisome for any number of reasons. You can kiss each and every one of those reasons goodbye when you hire a taxi. You don’t have to think about how to get through traffic, paying tolls, hunting down a parking spot, or fuel. It’s simply more convenient and far more enjoyable when, to get from point A to point B and back again, you hire a taxi.

Parking is at a premium during summer in Jersey Shore. So, that is already reason enough to give serious consideration to that taxi!

Now let’s look around Jersey Shore for a while.

Atlantic City in Southern New Jersey

For young and old alike, Atlantic City is an undeniable hotspot. Choose from great restaurants and concerts to casinos and beaches – and everything in between. Even when you’re not on the beach there’s lots for kids to do. Check out the Steel Pier boardwalk rides or visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Ashbury Park

When it comes to thirtysomethings, twentysomethings, and their families, the cool spot to be is Ashbury Park. The Bamboozle Festival and others are held here, and you can feast on the treats and fun offered by Ashbury Splash Park and North East Food Trucks Park. Be sure to visit Silver Ball Museum Arcade if you love pinball machines.

There’s Lots to Do At Long Branch

With a waterfront property, plenty of beaches, and restaurants and shops galore, there is no place like Pier Village. Check out hotspots like Rocky Mount Chocolate Factory and McLoone’s Pier House.

Cape May – For the Old School In You

If you hold a special place in your heart for historic settings and an old-fashioned vibe, then the quaint downtown area and historic Victorian buildings of Cape May will set your soul on fire. Want to make it an adult getaway? Look into some of the B&Bs.

Need to Rent a Taxi?

When it comes to renting a taxi, booking a car service, or needing a limousine, in the New York/New Jersey area, Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is a top-rated, dependable source for transportation. Don’t put yourself through the hassle of driving your own vehicle to see the sights in Jersey Shore when the trip can be made far less stressful and more enjoyable by renting a taxi.

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about the vehicles and transportation options we have to offer.


The end of the year is near and it being just a few days away everyone is gearing up for Christmas and New year so are the people of Seaside heights and the people who are down there for vacations.

Seaside Heights is a borough in Ocean County, New Jersey having a boardwalk and a seashore that is flocked by the people especially in summers. It becomes a go-to place for a number of people throughout the year for the fun and entertaining activities that it offers.

There are quaint apartments as well which the beachfront and a long list of bars that are open till the morning making the nightlife one of the best and to be a part of. It is also known as the resort community with the beach and the amusement park connected to the boardwalk.

Since Seaside Heights is bustling with nightlife this quality makes it a perfect spot to spend your New Year Night and what more to ask for when the bars are open all night!

Check out the following bars for the best New Year Night Party!

Beachcomber’s New Year Party:

Located at 100 Ocean Terrace, Beachcomber is a bar and a grill that features the hottest bartender in the market throughout the year. The bar also offers live band performances. New Year Party at the Beachcomber is the most famous and the hippest in town.

The location is popular all year round but is filled and booked all out for the New Year Party. The tickets are already available for 40$ and it includes Cold and Hot Buffets along with free champagne at Mid-Night.

You can also get your hands on the Four hours Open Bar and the live performance by The Flying Mueller Brother who is the people favorite. So grab your tickets before they are sold out and get ready to have a time of your life.

New Year’s Eve at Hemingway’s Café:

Forgoing all out on your New Year night check out the New Year Party at the Hemingway Café which offers you more than ever. From having an open bar to a huge balloon drop including party favors this is the party you need to be at. They also offer you champagne at Mid Night for the toast.

You can also get your hands on their A la Carte Menu which will be available in the barroom along with the free flow of drinks all night.

The music will be taken over by Jerry Demeo and Milky Mike.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the ticket of the party you want to be at and pick out the outfit for your fun night. Make this the night where you party all night making memories.

For reaching your destination safely and getting back home in the late hour of the night book a taxi from Exclusive Taxi and Car service beforehand so that you are set for the night.


The holiday season is here and its time when everyone is all ready to go all out. Cherry Hill, NJ is a township that has it all from having malls to other several places.

It is one of the most populous townships and is a part of Camden County, New Jersey.  It is an edge city making it an ideal location since it connects with several other destinations that might interest you. Moreover, Cherry Hill offers you parks and open spaces to relax as well.

With the holiday season here, Cherry Hill to have a number of events planned for the community and the people who are planning to visit. With several shops offering discounts and offs along with having sales there are other activities you can take advantage of.


Organized by South Jersey MOM magazine, Holiday Expo is put up for the people who want to get their Christmas shopping done while enjoying their time out. There are sure to be numerous vendors with a vast range of gifts to choose from for your loved ones and for yourself as well. The prices are said to be on the lower side so that you have no issue when it comes to going overboard.

Also, there is said to be food vendors with snacks that will warm you up in this winter season and leave with your tummy full and satisfied.

The Expo will take place at Cherry Hill Mall on December 7th on a Saturday from 12 PM – 4 PM.

Make sure to be there or be square.


It’s all about the light when it comes to holiday season therefore as soon as it gets dark on December 9th head down to Carman Tilelli Community Center on Mercer Street to be present there for the Lighting Ceremony.

To kick off the festival season the community is set to come together at the Lighting Ceremony where there are sure to be performances by a number of people and groups. Camden County Bell Choir will be performing Holiday songs along with Cherry Hill West Chamber Singers.

Other than there will be Cherry Hill East String Quartet, Cherry Hill East Brass Quintet, and African American Culture Clubs to keep you entertained and spread the holiday joy.

And the best part; Santa’s Special Appearance! Santa is said to appear during some time of the lighting ceremony. Moreover, you can get your hands on the refreshment that will be served during the event.

To get to any of the mentioned events, hire Exclusive Taxi and Car Service as your holiday travel partner and get to all the places you want to enjoy the festivities. No matter what the location is Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will surely get you there on time and safely while keeping your comfort their main priority.

You can rent a car or just order for a taxi and it will be at your door at the time you requested it to be present.


New York City is one of the major cities in the USA where everyone wants to go at least once. It is a center of activity and is a hub of pretty much everything you can think of. It is literally the most populous city, being most densely populated with people around every corner.

It has arts, culture, businesses, shops, malls and even street artist, no matter where you look you are sure to find something worth your interest along with meeting thousands of new people. It is also known as the world’s capital of media, culture, and finance.

Due to being densely populated it has a diversity unparalleled to any other city of the world while also housing multiple billionaires of the world.

The life for New Yorkers is fast-paced with major happenings over a minute and to keep up with the fast life one needs to travel quickly too. Reaching and getting around to places on time is crucial since once even a second is lost it doesn’t come back and for any smart New Yorker time is actually money.

To get around New York there are multiple ways all very different from the other when it comes to comfort, affordability, and access. Most of the New Yorkers get their way around the city through public transport which consists of:

  • Subway
  • Buses
  • Taxi
  • Car
  • Tram
  • Bike
  • Ferry
  • Helicopter

Subways are the most convenient and used methods of transport used by thousands of people every day due to it being easy, quick, cheap and affordable. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly and runs 24/7. To access the subways all you will need will be a metro card. Also, the stations are very near to various destination therefore it makes access all the easier.

The buses being the next best option for a more scenic choice if you want to look at the monuments and continue to travel environmental friendly with the introduction of the Hybrid Electric Buses. They are also accessed by the Metro card. Many of the buses run 24/7 but some don’t therefore always make sure on the schedule present at the bus stand.

Another option to get around New York is; Bike. The most environmentally friendly while being beneficial to your health bike is the cheapest means of transport for any New Yorker. There are bike lanes all around NY making it a bike-friendly city.

Ferry and Tram both are another affordable means of transportation which makes the commute for groups of people easy while allowing them to view NY with a whole different perspective.

Last but not least; Cars and Taxi are available 24/7 at any point in NY. Travel companies like Exclusive Taxi and Car service are there for the benefit of people who want to travel quick and comfortable while not interacting with hordes of people. You can even order a taxi for yourself ahead of time from Exclusive Taxi and Car service so that you are not running late for your appointment.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service offers New Yorkers service which is one of the finest and affordable while keeping in mind their comfort and NY’s traffic. From having the best cars and taxi’s to trained professionals driver Exclusive Taxi and Car service has it all.


Freehold is one of the townships of Monmouth County, New Jersey. It is a growing township attracting people from around the area.
Freehold Raceway is the star of the Freehold which has the best horses and gives the opportunity to numerous horse lovers to see horse racing. It has one of the most high-end malls which is the second-largest malls in the state.
Freehold, when come to places to grab a bite, has a pretty free-range since it offers pretty much all types of restaurants which serve cuisines from all over the world. Some of the try worthy restaurant in Freehold are:
618 located on 618 Park Ave is a rustic restaurant with a modern touch. It has a bar, restaurant, and banquet all in one place making it a great place to grab a quick bite or to organize an event. The menu comprises a variety of cuisines some of them vary according to seasons along with having gluten-free options as well. They have wheelchair access along with their own parking.
618 has also been featured as one of the best restaurants in NY.
Solo Trattoria:
For grabbing some Italian choose Solo Trattoria who offers you the ultimate Italian experience with their finger-licking cuisine. The atmosphere at the restaurant is welcoming and the dishes with a variety of menu will leave you salivating for more and a private room for events. It stays open till late and offers a large collection of wine as well. Moreover, the produce they use is 100% organic.
P.F Chang’s:
Are you in the mood for some Asian? P.F Chang’s is one of the restaurants which has the best Asian cuisine which they create in the traditional Wok and make everything from scratch every single day. All the vegetables and seafood that are used are fresh, making their dishes a must-have. You need to try the sushi along with other dishes like dim sum and a variety of entrées they offer.
Mexican food calls you at Escondidos where you get pretty much any Mexican dish you can think of in an upbeat and fun environment. They also offer a variety of drinks you can choose from. Their featured dish is guacamole which comes in 3 various flavors along with other appetizers. Here you can customize your own combo meals as well.
Little Bit Of Cuba Dos:
You don’t easily get Cuban food that is why to try some out check out a little bit of Cuba dos where they welcome you in a modern atmosphere which authentic cuisine. Their Lechon Asado Tradicional is the signature dish.
Some other must-try places that you can visit are:
• Café 360
• Court Jester
• Tre Pizza
• D’Floret Restaurant
• Anjelica’s Restaurant
• Sweet Lew’s Café
• G.Y.R.O
• The Bagel Nook
So many places to try out and so little time? Why not hire Exclusive Taxi and Car service to take you around at every single you want to try so that you can reach everywhere on time and try all that these restaurants in Freehold, NJ have to offer.