A township in Ocean County which is known as the 13th largest municipality of New Jersey is what Bricks is known as. The town offers a variety and diversity of activities and places to be at making it a perfect tourist spot since it has it all within itself.

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If you are wondering what to when you are in town, then stress not. We have a list of activities and places you can be at with family, friends and even if you want to go alone.


Before anything, be at the place that Brick is known the most for. Its pristine beaches are like a siren to the people who are looking to relax and chill. You can enjoy beach parties, surf, swim, sunbathing, and even have bonfires. 


There is a number of group activities organized by the community which will help you reach out to your creative side, and you can take out your frustrations and stresses while doing so. You can meet new people, learn something new, be creative, all the while being open to newer and more pleasurable things and activities in life.

One of the activity is a Shore Paint Party, which gives you access to a variety of paints and scenic views you can put down on your canvas. There is even a guide who is always ready to help you out.

Along with that, there are surfing activities which you can be a part of that will enable you to show your sills or maybe learn a new skill. This way you get to be in the water while being out in the sun. The surfing activity is organized by the Coastline Adventures Surfing School which has the teachers who are well experienced as well as experts when it comes to surfing.


Golf is a fun activity to do when you are on vacation, especially if it’s mini-golf. Brick’s Golfatron is an indoor golf center with 18 holes and even some arcade games. This place is even booked for parties and gatherings as well.


Other than the wide range of activities offered in Brick, New Jersey, there is a number of restaurants that you can try. These restaurants are highly recommended by the community and also by the people who have tried it over their stay.

Some of the most popular eateries that you can try are:

  • The Ark Pub and Eatery: Here you can enjoy food and alcohol at one place. Their menu is extensive with delectable items.
  • The Shipwreck: They offer you the best seafood in town, which is always fresh and finger-licking to eat.
  • Charlie’s of Bay Head: This is an upscale restaurant and dining therefore if you are looking for someplace fancy then this is the place to be at.
  • Atlantic Farms: You can enjoy your food while being around animals. They offer a vegetarian menu so that you do not feel guilty.

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