Check out Freedom Park in Medford, New Jersey

Medford is one of the townships that make up the New Jersey that you know about. It is a township which comes under Burlington County.

It is famous for its diversity and abundance of parks Medford has to offer. The community and the people of Medford celebrate and enjoy nature throughout the year and that is why the parks are the places to be at whenever you are visiting Medford.

In their parks, you will be able to enjoy the Medford life at its best while also meeting a number of people that are residing there.

The said parks of Medford have a variety of activities for kids, adults and animals alike. Some parks have trials, rinks, swing set and partition or sections marked and designated for pets and picnics.

Having a number of parks makes it a perfect location to have a picnic basket with you at all times so that you can have impromptu picnics with your friends and family.

One of the parks housed by Medford, New Jersey is Freedom Park.

Freedom Park is a favorite park among the locals due to its one specific quality. That specific quality is that Freedom Park allows you to bring your pets especially dogs with you.

Commonly it is known as the Freedom Dog park since the locals love bringing their dogs here. On the weeks Freedom Park is crowded with dogs and children running around, playing and having fun.

It is a perfect place to have your dog mingling and socializing with others since at Freedom Park they have a leash off policy so that your loyal pet can run around freely and let loose.

Your dog can even take a dip in the stream that is present on the park ground while cooling off and splashing the water all around. The stream is not deep or harmful for dogs so you will not have to worry about their safety.

Freedom Park is all about providing entertainment and relaxation to humans and dogs alike so that both species can have their fun.

Since dogs can be quite a handful, the park has set separate portions if you want to be away from the hyperactive dogs. In these portions, there is a skating rink so that you can brush up your skating skills, along with a number of swings which children can enjoy.

The swings are absolutely safe and environmental friendly since the park is all about promoting nature.

Other than that there are fields to play soccer, have a volleyball match, throw around your Frisbee and even trails for walking and jogging which the management suggest that you be careful about since they are strictly against anything that might aggravate or disturb the dogs.

Along with the mentioned variety of activities there even is a skateboard park where teenagers and kids alike are all set to show off their skills, have fun while learning something new about skateboarding.

Recently the management of Freedom Park has renovated the Playground so if they are able to keep up the standards while providing everything for your kids and pets entertainment.

All year round Freedom Park is well kept and clean so that you do not face any hygiene issues and your kids and pets remain healthy while having fun.

Along with that, there is a number of events organized in the Freedom Park as well which include a number of fundraisers for various dog shelters in town along with other charities as well. They even offer the youth and the community to volunteer for the greater good so that they learn to be empathetic and down to earth while caring about the animals and nature around them.

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