Travel Guide for Asbury Park

Asbury Park, New Jersey, is a small town that is nowadays gaining popularity.

It plays a perfect role as the center of all cultural activities due to its musical and artistic historical background. All the activity that takes place around the town has not only been entertaining the locals but is now gaining attention from all over the world. The impromptu musical performances and any community events play a major role in bringing all the people together.

One can easily take a walk around the town at any time of the day and hear music from around places or just feast their eyes on the stunning sky and breathtaking sceneries. No matter who you are the community will welcome you with open arms making sure you fit right in.

Its beach location gives you the freedom to walk around in swimsuits and not be judged about it. Also, there is a number of beach activities happening at all times of the day which you can indulge in and make the max of it.

If you aren’t yet convinced then following are some reason as to why you need to visit Asbury, New Jersey.


As mentioned there is a lot of history when it comes to Asbury, therefore, you can easily look into some of the guided tours they have and band together as a group for a fun filled time. During these tours, you can get up close to all that the town has to offer.


Due to its small-town nature, many artists reside in Asbury making it the hot spot for the art scene and all kinds of festivals related to music, arts, and even films. If you are a fan then you need to attend these festivals and soaks in the environment. They make your experience even more enjoyable.


The beach is one of the star attractions of the town which makes it the go-to place. It even features a park right at the beach having numerous water activities along with land activities and rides as well. You get access to live performances, bars, and diversity of restaurants and food stalls.

The boardwalk is the heart of everything that makes Asbury the rising star. There are numerous places which you can visit like casinos, clubs, dining places, theater, and numerous art all around. Many musicians are performing and showing off their specialty.  Another feature of the boardwalk is the ‘Splash Park’; which is a perfect family hangout spot. It has attractions like spray jets, giant watering cans and much more to wash off the sand and the saltiness from the beach. Along with that, you have a mini-golf course as well.


If you are now planning on traveling to Asbury Park, New Jersey and have questions about to get there then don’t stress it since you can choose any means of transportation depending from where you are coming. From Planes to Trains and even Cars and Buses all can take you right to Asbury, New Jersey.


According to us the perfect time to plan your trip to Asbury, New Jersey would be sometime in October. Since during this time, the weather is perfect and the town is getting all ready to celebrate and go all out for Halloween. You also get great deals and discounts on the hotel rooms and there are lesser crowds as well.

For going around places and finding your way around town all you need to is book a ride or rent a car from Exclusive Taxi and Car Services and make your life easy.