Check out the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

Stone Harbor is a small town in New Jersey which attracts you with its charm of being equipped with everything from having shopping malls, restaurants and numerous places to check out. You even get to be at scenic beaches, plan bonfires, get to party on yachts and boats. Along with that, you get access to all of the water activities you can imagine. Stone Harbor becomes the perfect place to have a fun-filled summer without the crowds.

Stone Harbor houses the Wetlands Institute, situated in the Middle Township, is a non-profit organization run by sponsors and donations. It aims to protect and maintain all types of wetlands ecology. Wetlands Institute dates back to 1969 and is still intact protecting the wetlands life and biodiversity.

Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor, covers a huge area of up to 6000 acres where it hosts researches, festivals, tours, educational trips and much more.

It is a perfect place to take your kids for fun activities while getting information about numerous wonderful creatures.

Before visiting we suggest you look for their timings online since they vary during various times of the year.

This year, Wetlands Institute is celebrating its silver jubilee which makes it more special. Why not visit a place which has been protecting and preserving our ecosystem and playing an important role in maintaining wetlands ecology?

For the celebration, Wetlands Institute has organized events that take place over the span of a couple of months. They have planned and put together diversity of fun-filled activities like nature walks, egg hunts, multiple themed festivals, and whatnot. They started off since April and plan to take the celebrations well into June.

The best part is that during all this time the entry and admission are free. On normal days the admission is paid.

You get a guide who explains you the wildlife to great detail and can answer any questions that you might have. They even take their time allowing you to take numerous pictures and look around. The guides have a pocket full of fun facts which would definitely leave you intrigued.

Other than that there is a number of other things that might capture your attention. Wetlands Institute has a Boardwalk. This elevated and 720-foot long boardwalk allows the visitors to get up close with the ecology and the species that reside there. They have easy and closer access for the observation without harming anyone.

Along with that Wetlands Institute has an observation tower as well. This tower is 40 foot long and gives the visitors a bird’s eye view of the lands. You can easily feast your eyes on acres of land stretched out right before your eyes. This allows you to observe various birds that might be around.

Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor, pays special attention to the Terrapins Turtles, therefore, you can spot them easily on the land. If you are lucky you can observe them digging holes, laying eggs or the process of egg hatching. Just try your best not to disturb them since they are very picky and sensitive about their eggs and where to lay them.

Also, you can check out the dock and try out the eco-cruises on the Skimmer or maybe kayak or paddleboards. For every activity, there are organized and guided tours as a caution to preserve the Wetlands ecology to the max.

They even have an aquarium which you can explore and learn about the exhibits. After that, you can head to the gift shop for souvenirs as memories.

For all the cool and fun activities we have just mentioned, it is our suggestion that you wear the most comfortable shoes. Since you are not allowed to take your car further than the designated parking area, you will have to walk a lot. Wetlands Institute does cover thousands of acres so you can just imagine.

If you have any travel issues while you are in Stone Harbor, then make sure to book a ride from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service and we will make sure that you are at Wetlands Institute on time for your fun-filled learning and observation day.