Tips for Booking a Taxi Service Online and Taxi Booking Safety

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Do You Order Your Cabs Online?

When taxi booking online in Ocean County or any other area, there are several things to consider. Trusting an app or a website with your bank details can be a dangerous step for some people. Here at Exclusive Taxi and Car Service, we want to educate our existing and potential clients on the best practices for booking a Taxi Service online. That’s why we’ve collated the most useful safety tips for booking a taxi service for all of our readers:

Ensure the Website You’re Using is Secure:

Before typing your card details into a website, ensure that the site is secure. Look for a small padlock symbol in the address bar, or elsewhere in your browser. Alternatively, look for a web address starting with https:// (The s stands for ‘secure’). You’ll also need to check that the website is trustworthy.

Check the Business’s Reputation:

Online review websites such as and Tripadvisor can give you some honest feedback on other peoples experiences with a business. Before you book a taxi online, Google the name of the business that you are thinking of using, and check out the reviews that previous customers have left for them.

Call and Speak to an Operator if You’re Unsure:

If you doubt the legitimacy or authenticity of an online taxi service, call their telephone and talk to one of their operators in order to suss them out. People trust people, use your instincts to review whether or not you trust the operator enough to go through with making an online transaction.

Check the Driver’s I.D. and Credentials When They Arrive:

All legitimate taxis should have the driver’s ID prominently displayed and visible within the vehicle, so make sure that the picture provided resembles the driver. If the driver refuses to show their I.D, we recommend that you exit the vehicle and find another taxi firm to travel with.

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