Reasons To Choose Private Car Service Over Uber

Whether you need transportation to the airport, a business meeting, a wedding venue or any other event in New York or New Jersey, it’s important to choose the right transportation service, if you want to arrive at your destination on time and in style. In the past couple of years, Uber and other ride-sharing apps have been the choice transportation service for most people because they are seemingly convenient and reliable than traditional taxi cabs.

However, while Uber may be a great option in certain situations, such as when you suddenly need a ride, a private car service is a better and more reliable option for transporting from one destination to another. Outlined below are the differences between a private car service and Uber rides, and why the former is a better choice for you.


When using a private car service, the availability and dependability of your transportation are guaranteed. This is unlike Uber rides, in which you have to hope that a car would be available in your location when you need it. Thus, with a private car service, you can get to your location on time, stay out late and not have to worry if you will get a car back home, and more. Furthermore, although Uber is available in most cities around the world, there are still places where it does not operate. On the other hand, private car services can provide transportation for you anywhere including remote and rural areas. At Exclusive Taxi and Car Services, we provide taxi cab services to people throughout Ocean County, NJ, and other local areas.


A private car service provides luxury transportation that is much more comfortable than Uber rides. They often use luxury cars with posh seats, extra legroom, Wi-Fi, and more, for their transportation service, so you can enjoy your ride and arrive at your location in comfort and style. On the other hand, Uber rides do not provide this much comfort, and in fact, basic comfort is not guaranteed, as the available Uber ride may be old or have issues, such as bad air-conditioning.


Private car services provide guaranteed safety and security. With a private car service, you have a trusted professional driver, who has been thoroughly vetted during the car service recruitment process. Uber, on the other hand, is not as safe as the company claim it is. Uber drivers are more like contractors, and as much as there are a lot of good Uber drivers, there are also a few rotten eggs who can harm you. In recent times, some Uber drivers have been reported to perpetrate crimes ranging from sexual assault to robbery, and as at November 2018, not less than 37 Uber drivers had been convicted of the accused 103. Ultimately, Private car services are safer options for you than Uber.


For the comfort and safety a private car service provides, it is a very cost-effective option. Although it may seem like private car service costs more than riding in an Uber, you would pay less in the long run in certain situations, such as transporting to several locations at a time. Using an Uber is cheaper only when you have just a place or two to stop by. Also, there is surge pricing and prime time pricing when using Uber rides. That is, when there is a high demand for trips, Uber algorithm hikes the fair and in emergencies, this is both upsetting and unfair.

With these, it is apparent that hiring a private car service is better than an Uber ride in most situations. However, when getting a private car service, you should ensure that you hire a reliable company. Exclusive Taxi and Car Services provides safe, reliable, comfortable, and affordable private car services in New York and New Jersey.  For taxi booking online, whether you’re in Ocean County, NJ, or another local area, contact us today!