The Spas you need to try out in Brielle

In the hectic life that we face nowadays, we all need to wind down and take a break. Who doesn’t like to get pampered and relaxed while people around you do all the work for you?

That is why we suggest that you take a break from the long working hours and busy, hectic routine to check out the spas that are all for you in and around Brielle.

Brielle being the small town in New Jersey is a part of Monmouth County. It lies near the river Manasquan and gives you scenic views all throughout the year.

With these beautiful views and a relaxing day a spa you are sure to feel all our stress go away and you will feel considerably calmer and like a weight has been lifted.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will be happy to be a part of your pampering day so that you don’t have to drive around and spoil the Mani-pedi that you just got.

We have gathered some of the best spas that you can check out and head down to them right away.


Heading down to Massage Girt, we suggest that you first make an appointment to avoid any mishap or waiting. The spa opens bright and early in the morning at 8 am. They offer you services like body massages, facial treatments, Chemical peels, LED light treatments and numerous other extravagant services that you are looking for. You can contact them and get to know about their services in details. Along with that credit cards are accepted and you get free Wi-Fi. They have a specialist at hand which will take utmost care of you and you will feel all relaxed.


It is one of the best spas in town. With numerous customer reviews, SenseAbilites comes on the top of our priority list. Appointments are necessary since there is always a wait for their best services. Their services include scrubs, brightening/lip/hand/facial treatments, Body massages, and whatnot. The services are very diverse and will cater to all your needs you can go for expert advice as well when it comes to your skin. The staff is super friendly and makes sure that you are comfortable.


This spa offers you massages, skin care, and a whole day spa. It opens in the morning at 9 am providing you services all day. They also have all the services you need to have a full pampered day to yourself or with your friends. They even offer membership with benefits that you can avail. Their feature massage is the warm stone massage which is a customer favorite. People recommend it the most and you should try it as well.


You need appointments to be at Milagro since it is one of the most popular spas in the area. The staff caters to all your needs to perfection and is ready to help you out in any way possible. They are famous for their massages. Along with a spa they have a gym as well at which you can get a membership. They even offer you haircuts and a diversity of other services as well.


Staying true to their name, @ease massage has the best massage experts in town who know their work. Once you get a massage done all the tension will leave your body and you will feel ultimately relaxed. Everyone here is super professional and friendly.

Wherever place you need to get to, let Exclusive Taxi and Car Service take you there. Contact us today.