Check Out the Pirate Island Golf in Avalon, New Jersey

Avalon, New Jersey, is a part of Cape May county located on the Seven Mile Island. It is not as populated all around the year but crowds of people flock to Avalon during summer months due to the access of scenic beautiful beaches and all that it has to offer.

Due to its ideal location, Avalon is one of the best community to be a part of real estate prices as the most expensive. The rich crowd tends to vacation here making the best of all the activities they can get their hands on.

Avalon, New Jersey, offers a diversity of water activities with permission to take out sailboats, motorboats, and yachts as well. There are jet skis as well which you can rent. There is a variety of restaurants as well which offer fine dining to casual street food. You can shop and visit multiple venues and boutiques as well as a nightclub.

One of these places to visit is Pirate Island Golf. If you are into golf then this is the place you want to be at.

Pirate Island Golf is one of the best and most popular venues for golf. Over a period of 20 years, it has been nominated and recognized as the best Mini Golf course in New Jersey. Inaugurated in 1994 it has been running its business to the date and has expanded since then.  Their pirate theme is perfect since they are located at a place that has a shore which stretches for miles.

They have not only one location but three in total where they offer their golf course to everyone. No matter what age you are welcome at Pirate Island Golf to spend time and make memories. They have the finest entertainment for family and even groups of friends can make a plan and head down to the golf course. You can commence a friendly challenge to each other and make the most out of it.

The course has 18 holes all based on a certain theme. By going through this whole you are taken on a journey which keeps you entertained and amused with a diversity of attractions like pirate ships, bridges, waterfalls, caves and so much more. There are secret passages too that will hype up the curiosity keeping you intrigued. The holes are challenging enough to keep the players concentrated but not too hard that players especially children get frustrated.

It is the children’s favorite due to its theme and interactive course. The theme music fills the environment at all times making you feel that you are actually a part of a pirate journey.

The staff is super friendly and cordial as well. They are always ready to help and guide you. They even answer any questions you have and will be ready to help. Pirate Island Golf makes cleanliness their top priority keeping the course immaculate and dirt free.

If that’s not all, you can plan your birthday party at the Pirate Island Golf as well. If not yours then definitely of your children and their friends. They offer you various packages for the birthday party, customizing it according to your needs. There is a premade invitation template as well which you can download and send to your guests. You can get cake other snacks as well which will be according to the theme.

If you are in Avalon then you all need to visit Pirate Island Golf at least once and check it out. We assure you that you will have fun.

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