Whether you just arrived to the city which you picked for your annual vacation, or if you are in your home town going out for one of the hundred things you need to do that day, you will most likely require to get from point A to point B as fast and as reliable as you possibly can. And when you are in this situation, or a million others when you need quick transportation service, you will more than likely be calling a taxi service.

In the recent years, new innovative transportation methods such as ride-sharing services have become increasingly popular, especially in larger cities and among younger generations. However, the overall popularity of traditional taxi services is still incredibly high due to their proven track record of serving billions of customers over the last century. After all, why fix something if it is not broken, right? There are usually numerous taxicab companies in the area where your transportation needs lie and choosing the right one should be your main priority in order to have a great trip. We listed several key items to check off your list as you are selecting the best taxi service in the city.


When choosing a taxi service, convenience is the first thing that you should look for. After all, what good is a taxi company if they cannot get you from point A to point B at the time you want to travel because they are closed? Services such as hours of operation, vehicle frequency and schedule should be verified prior to booking your trip. This information can be easily found either by googling it, looking up the taxicab company website, or simply phoning the company itself and asking the right questions.

If you are a tourist and new to the city, you should also find out the waiting times for the vehicles to arrive before they can grab you and take you to your destination. When you only have several days at the city and every moment is precious, you do not want to end up waiting upwards of half an hour just for your vehicle to arrive.

License and Accreditation

In all countries around the globe, in order for a taxi company to operate, every vehicle must have the proper licensing. This is a quality and legal guarantee that the service you will receive is professional and has satisfied numerous regulatory standards in order to be able to operate. Furthermore, the taxicab operator must possess a valid driver’s license to certify they have the proper skills to operate the vehicle. However, you should not be making any special efforts to obtain information about the second one, as one of the legal requirements for taxi companies is to prove all their operators have a valid driver’s license.

One other thing that every taxi company must have which is related to licensing is insurance. You can probably find out this information quite easily for yourself, but since it is also a regulatory requirement, you do not have to worry too much about it. Having insurance guarantees that you, as a passenger, will be completely covered from any liabilities or damages to yourself (and others) as well as the vehicle.


Checking for price is definitely one of the most important (even the most important for a lot of us) aspects of taxi service you should be looking into. Companies usually have different pricing structures, such as day or night tariffs, maybe even rush hour time tariffs, which can all affect how much you pay for the service. Sometimes this price difference can alter significantly among companies and you can end up paying a substantially greater amount that you could have if you opted out for another company.

It is also quite important to seek promotions, as many taxi companies offer these. They can range anywhere from first-time customer promotions to group discounts which can end up to substantial savings, both for yourself and your friends. Obtaining all information related to pricing from most of the major taxi companies in the area should take more than a few minutes of your time, as it is usually easily accessible.

Safety and Reliability

The absolute guarantee that you do not have to worry about your safety when you are getting into a stranger’s car is something that obviously goes without saying, and is usually one of the main advantages taxi companies have over ride-sharing services. Being a registered professional company that has to hire and train drivers in order to get the ultimate customer satisfaction is something that should comfort you when choosing a taxi for your trip. However, it is never a bad idea to double check yourself for any safety and reliability issues that the company you are choosing might have by doing a quick search or asking some of your friends about their experiences with that particular company. Another great way to check for safety and reliability is by looking up the company’s review which we will talk about in the next point below.


Living in an increasingly globalized and digitalized world has its tremendous benefits on millions of activities that have been improved ever since we embarked on that journey on a global scale. One such benefit especially applicable to our topic here is being able to fairly easy look up review of any taxicab company you want within seconds; all you need is an internet connection. Searching for feedback from previous customers can give you a great insight into all aspects of the taxi company’s operations such as the level of service, professionalism, cleanliness, safety or any inconveniences encountered.

Although reviews can sometimes be misleading since usually only a small minority of customers leave one, you should still at least take a look at them in order to get better insights of the service you will be receiving. Armed with all this knowledge will definitely lead you to select the taxi service which is perfect for you.


Planning a perfect wedding is a tricky job. You have to take care of a long list of things without messing up any of them since your wedding day is one of the most significant and memorable days of your life which will surely remain with you all your life.

Getting married itself is a major milestone that deserves to be celebrated with everything that is the best. You want everything to be perfect and glamourous for your wedding so why not order a limo while you are at it.

The limo might seem like going the extra mile and adding to your expenses and budget but you only marry once so why not go all out and indulge a little in an extravagant ride all the while spoiling your significant other with the style, comfort, and luxury they deserve.

Hiring a limo for your wedding not only makes your day glamourous and memorable but it also adds sophistication, style and an awe element that you want for your wedding. If you are looking for more reasons as to why you should hire a Limo for your wedding then here are some:

No driving hassle:

If you opt for a limo on your wedding day then you will not have to worry about driving right after your big day or after your party. The limo will take you to your destination after the wedding without any problems and you will not have to drive at all.


A limo for your wedding ensures that you get to travel safely to all your locations without worrying about a thing. In a limo, you are sure not to get lost or worry about reaching your wedding on time since your limo driver will take care of all that for you.


Having a limo driving you around is extremely convenient since it can house more people and has more space for that wonderful bridal dress. You can have your groomsmen and bridesmaids with you in your limo and have a private party for yourself.


By hiring a limo for your wedding you will be able to have a set schedule and maintain it since the limo driver will make sure that you reach all your destinations on time ensuring that you do not miss out on anything at all.


The limo might sound expensive but in reality, they are cost-effective due to the large space it offers which can accommodate up to 12 people making it environment-friendly as well.


For a comfortable ride, Limo is the best option for the bridal party since with its spacey interior the bride’s dress can easily be accommodated without any issues or damages.

If you are now convinced that you need a limo for your wedding then reach out to Exclusive Taxi and Car service which has a fleet of limos you can choose from for your big day with reasonable prices and well-maintained cars.


Winters are all about getting cozy and sipping on warm drinks and snacks which will fill you up with warmth. People run to cozy, small aesthetic cafés for their warm fix. Even for getting cute winter pictures they prefer cafes rather than outside.

That is why one of the most famous townships of Ocean County, Toms River is a hub of numerous shops, restaurants, parks, and cafés where every year several people flock to and try out the extensive and yummy menu variety the cafes offer.

Toms River is a suburb of New York City, therefore, a number of people tend to visit it to take a break from the hustle-bustle.

Therefore if you are visiting Toms River and are in search of cafes then look no further since we have selected some of the best Cafés of Toms River to visit this winter.

Cool Beans Coffee House:

Coffee is a staple and has become the go-to drink for a number of people who require caffeine for their day. You can get your hands on the best coffee in town at Cool beans coffee house along with many other warm drinks and an extensive menu they have to offer. They even have dairy-free options along with some of the yummiest cold drinks as well along with the finger-licking small plate desserts.

Revolutionary Lounge and Café:

Take your taste buds for a ride and try out this Indie Coffee house which showcases art from the local artist on its walls to bring out the beauty along with having funky mugs and other cutlery. They have an all-day breakfast menu which you can take advantage of at any time of the day.

C&G’s Country Café:

For a hearty filling and yummiest breakfast on a cold winter morning head down to C&G’s Country Café which is a local favorite for their breakfast which is as big as it gets. You get a plate full of food which leaves you content and full of warmness. Their menu comprises of healthy options which you can choose from along with warm drinks as well.

Enzo’s Caffe Italia:

Taking the tastes up a notch why not try an Italian restaurant and café where you can eat all the kinds of pasta and pizzas along with a long list of other comfort food and snacks which you will absolutely love. The service is quick and efficient with staff being super friendly.

Choose any of the cafés you want to spend your winter days at and book a cab or rent a car from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service and do away with your travel worries or searching for means of getting around in winters.

4 of the Worst Cities for Thanksgiving Travel in America

The end-of-year holidays are notoriously awful when it comes to long-distance travel. Many of us engage in the time-honored tradition of traveling across the country to spend time with family in other states for Thanksgiving and Christmas, even when the trip itself is often nothing but a source of dread and stress for us. Of course, not all destinations and metropolitan areas in the US are equal when it comes to vehicular traffic. The following are some of the infamously worst cities in the country when it comes to congested holiday traffic.

1. Los Angeles – Unsurprisingly, LA can probably be crowned as the absolute worst city to travel in, and not just for the holiday season, but practically all year round. When we think of LA we might think of Hollywood, celebrities, and sunny beaches, but those who reside there will probably think of the molasses-like flow of cars as far as the eye can see. Traffic is often cited as one of the top reasons why Americans would not consider moving to LA. The endless river of cars is its own special sort of torture for residents and holiday travelers alike. The holiday volume, along with the extremely stagnant flow of traffic, can turn a 30-minute drive into hours of crawling at a snail’s pace.

2. Philadelphia – Interestingly enough, traffic data collected by Google in 2014 suggests that Philadelphia has worse holiday traffic than NYC, making it the worst in the northeast. Perhaps it’s the notoriously confusing Philly street layout or simply that the city is a central hub for travel up and down the east coast; still, holiday travel in Philadelphia can be an absolute pain in a car. Philly is one of America’s oldest cities, so it’s design was never meant to accommodate the highway and street traffic of current times, and parking can be especially bad. Those going to or coming from Philly might do well to consider alternative services for transportation to the Philadelphia International Airport to or from Mercer County, NJ, or surrounding counties in the area to save themselves the stress and hazard.

3. Washington D.C. – Being the capital of the country doesn’t make it easy for those going to, from, or through this city. Washington is one of the fastest-growing cities in America and the work commute traffic alone shows it. This city is, essentially, the crossroads of the east coast for those driving north and south, and the holiday auto traffic only makes it worse. Though possibly not as bad as the gridlock of the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas traffic can end up being worse than nearly any other metropolitan area in the country.

4. New York City – New York City is the largest city in the country, and with that comes another terrible case of regular congested traffic. The densely populated urban center has been the ill of many commuters and travelers alike, and once again, holiday traffic trends make a frustrating experience into a straight-up nightmare. Then there’s also the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, which attracts holiday tourists from all over the country and beyond, putting even more stress on already backed up streets and highways. Even when traveling to airports outside of the city proper, gridlock and slow crawls can be a major problem. With ridesharing services being especially unreliable in high-demand, high-volume locations, it’s probably better to schedule car services to or from Newark airport from Burlington County or other nearby areas in the tri-state area.

If you are traveling to or from New Jersey or the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, then Exclusive Taxi & Care Service can assist with your holiday travel needs to make sure your trip is punctual, reliable, and stress-free. Exclusive Taxi & Care Services offers airport shuttling services through taxis or limos to and from Newark, Philadelphia, Trenton-Mercer, and Atlantic City airports. To learn more, just contact us!