Do you enjoy the suburban life rather than the hustle and bustle of the city? If so, then why not check out Howell, NJ? Howell’s location near New York makes it an ideal place to find that balance in life, between peace and quiet and plenty of fun things to do.

Howell, NJ, is its own township in Monmouth County and features plenty of natural beauty, including wildlife for residents and tourists to enjoy. There is even a lake which is open for fishing. The township sponsors several programs for the preservation of wildlife, as well.

The soothing atmosphere of Howell, NJ, makes it a perfect place to relax and take a break from the stresses of life. If you’re looking for places to visit when you are in Howell, then we have some suggestions for you. 

Echo Lake 

Echo Lake is not just a lake, but also a park. Alfred C. Sauer Park is attached to the lake and has picnic tables, grills, a pavilion and a dock. The pavilion can be rented for events, and you can also fish, kayak or take a hike on the nature trail. 

Calgo Gardens 

A perfect spot for a nature buff, Calgo Gardens is a nursery showcasing beautiful plants and lush landscaping, along with colorful pottery. The grounds also feature a butterfly garden, which can be explored by vistors who wish to transform their own garden into a picturesque landscape. One can also visit Tulip Tree Café, an outdoor eatery offering fresh, locally grown produce. All the dishes are homemade, fresh and finger-licking good.


Had enough of nature? Then check out a place full of pulse-pounding excitement: the ClimbZone. It is a family entertainment venue with 68 themed climbing attractions. ClimbZone offers several climbing walls that are safe for both adults and children. Attractions like Giant Beanstalk, Mount Rushmore and the Empire State Building attract most of the crowds. You can even organize and plan parties at ClimbZone, where families and their friends can let loose and have loads of fun. 

Manasquan Reservoir Environmental Center 

Learning about the wildlife around you can be fun, and visitors to Manasquan Reservoir have the opportunity to learn more about the ecology of wetlands and their various habitats. The reservoir offers interactive exhibits and fun activities that educate visitors about the importance of water and its wildlife.   

These are just some of the best places to visit in Howell, NJ. You can check them all out by ordering or renting a car from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service. Contact us to arrange transportation for your next outing, and we will be happy to help you out.