Brick, known as one of the safest cities in the United States, is a culmination of the mainland along with islands, which come together to be known as Brick Township. It is a part of Ocean County, New Jersey and receives several tourists year-round.

It is for the tourists and the residents that the community of Brick, New Jersey come together and organize multiple events and festivals over the year.

This summer, the Roman Catholic Church of Epiphany is set to welcome the residents of Brick, New Jersey and the tourists to its 19th Annual Italian Feast Festival, where all kinds of Italian cuisine are available.

It is free to all festival-goers, which means that there is no admission fee no matter what your age is. You can come and enjoy yourself while you fill your stomach with all sorts of delectable Italian cuisine.

The Italian festival is children friendly, so do not forget to bring the little ones along, since there will be a lot to keep you and the kids entertained along with tempting cuisines. 

The church promises that the festival will showcase all sorts of Italian delicacies which will leave you wanting more and more. Other than that, they offer a variety of entertainment which will make your day fun-filled.

The other activities they promise are:   

  • Games and arcade: There will be several games where you can try your luck and even win gifts. You can show off your skills and have a friendly competition with your friends.
  • Carnival rides: All the rides that you will find at any common fair will be present at the festival for adults and kids. You can even get yourself Pay One Price Wrist band for unlimited rides so that you don’t have to buy multiple passes for the rides.
  • More Vendors: Along with food vendors, there will be other vendors selling handmade jewelry, face painting, and other trinkets that you can buy.
  • Shows: You can also enjoy various small shows taking place around the festival like puppet shows.
  • Open gardens: Relax at the beer and wine garden while children are off on the rides or just roaming around the festival. You can grab your favorite drink and pair it with the finger-licking Italian cuisine.

The festival will take place  from August 15th to 18th, right on the church grounds.  Large crowds are always expected on weekends due to the free admittance, along with free parking and also due to the ample amount of food.

The timings of the festival are from 5 pm to 10 at night, which means hours of fun and entertainment.

So what are you waiting for? Plan the day out with your friends and family with the promise of lip-smacking Italian food.

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