All the events you can be a part of in Middletown, New Jersey

Snuggled amidst numerous townships of Monmouth County, right next to Long Beach is the Middletown Township.

Middletown has one of that slow-paced life where you can be yourself and give yourself a break from all the hectic life that you may have. It offers you vast open spaces and easy direct access to the pristine sandy impeccable beaches with wild and tame horses roaming around. You can fish and avail all the water activities that you can think of.

The town has a very different vibe which takes you back in time while having everything present in the town fully updated and modern to keep up with the times. The architecture ages to old times while it is maintained to the best of the ability.

Middletown attracts people with its scenic landscape, open places, aesthetic beaches and a variety of houses and estates to buy if anyone is interested. It has easy commute options so that people can travel easily to their work in the city without facing any issue.

Despite Middletown being a slow-paced township it plans and organizes a number of events for the residents and tourists who are willing to explore this hidden gem of a township. The community come together and put up events for entertainment, for the sake of awareness or just as a reason to come together.

Some of the upcoming events that you can be a part of if you are a resident or just visiting Middletown are:


Calling all the music lovers!

If you love and enjoy music then this event is a must attend for you. In the said event you get to attend free concerts of a number of artists who can be local as well as renowned popular ones as well. Some bands’ debut themselves as well in the series of the concert. For all the performer their audience is crucial that is why everyone should try to be the part of the concerts since they are being performed for you.

Also what’s not to love? You have music, the starry night sky, and a peaceful relaxing sea breeze. What can go wrong? You can plan a friends’ hangout or just take your date with you to make the most of it.

All the concerts will be performed at the Middletown Arts Center on alternate Tuesdays i.e. 6th and 20th August. The performance will be starting from 7 pm to 9 pm.


It’s summer and who doesn’t love a fun-packed beach party? Ideal beach party is organized by the community at the Ideal beach on Thursday, 29th August 2019, in Middletown where the entrance is free. It is a family event where you can go with your friends as well. The event will feature a diversity of games, music and even have a dance area which will be controlled by the beats of the DJ who will be responsible for the music.

The party continues well into the evening which is why you can enjoy the sunset and even arrange a bonfire.


This event is a continuation of the beach party. When the sun sets down a movie set up is put up so that people can relax and enjoy the movie. Just remember to bring out your blankets and chairs for the movie night at Ideal Beach on 29th August 2019 along with extra snacks and drinks so that you are all set for the movie night.

To be at any of these events you can just order a taxi from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service since these events offer free parking space so that you will face no issues.